The Adventures of Luke Starkiller
                                   as taken from the
                                "Journal of the Whills"
                                   George Lucas
                                     (Saga I)
                                 S T A R  W A R S
          Revised Fourth Draft
          March 15,1976                           Lucasfilm Ltd.
          FADE IN ...
          A long, long time ago in a galaxy
          far, far away an incredible 
          adventure took place ...
          FADE OUT ...
          FADE IN
1         EXT. SPACE                                                             1
          A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the MAIN 
          TITLE.  War drums echo through the heavens, as a ROLLUP
          slowly crawls into infinity ...
                    It is a period of civil wars in the 
                    galaxy.  A brave alliance of under-
                    ground freedom fighters has challenged 
                    the tyranny and oppression of the awe-
                    some GALACTIC EMPIRE.
                    Striking from a fortress hidden among 
                    the billion stars of the galaxy, rebel 
                    spaceships have won their first victory 
                    in a battle with the powerful Imperial 
                    starfleet.  The EMPIRE fears that another 
                    defeat could bring a thousand more solar 
                    systems into the rebellion, and Imperial 
                    control over the galaxy would be lost 
                    To crush the rebellion once and for all, 
                    the EMPIRE is constructing a sinister 
                    new battle station.  Powerful enough to 
                    destroy an entire planet, its completion 
                    spells certain doom for the champions of 
          The awesome yellow planet of Tatooine emerges from a total
          eclipse.  A tiny silver spacecraft races into view, followed
          by a giant Imperial starship.  Hundreds of deadly laser
          bolts streak from the Imperial warship, causing the main
          solar fin of the Rebel craft to disintegrate.  The smoldering
          rebel ship is quickly overtaken by the Imperial craft.
2         INT. REBEL SPACEFIGHTER - MAIN PASSAGEWAY                              2
          An explosion rocks the ship as two robots, ARTOO DETOO (R2-D2)
          and SEE THREEPIO (C-3PO) struggle to make their way through
          the shaking bouncing passageway.  Both robots are old and
          battered.  Artoo is a short claw-armed tripod.  His face is
          a mass of computer lights, surrounding a radar eye.  Threepio,
          on the other hand, is a tall slender robot of human proportions.
          He has a gleaming bronze-like metallic surface of an "Art Deco"
                    Did you hear that?  They've shut down the
                    main reactor.  We'll be destroyed for sure.
                    This is madness!!
          The little dwarf robot makes a series of electronic sounds
          that only another robot could understand.  Rebel troops
          rush past the robots and take up position in the main
          passageway.  Tension mounts as loud metallic footsteps and
          the scraping screams of heavy equipment are heard moving
          around on the outside of the hull of the ship.
                    There is no escape for the Captain
                    this time ...
          Suddenly, a tremendous blast opens up a hole in the main
          passageway and a score of fearsome stormtroopers make their
          way into the smoking corridor.  In a few moments the entire
          passageway blazes with laser fire.  The deadly bolts ricochet
          in wild random patterns creating huge explosions.  Stormtroopers
          scatter and duck behind storage lockers.  Laser bolts hit
          several rebel soldiers who scream and stagger through the
          smoke, holding shattered arms and faces.
          An explosion hits near the robots and the lanky Threepio
          becomes entangled in the mass of dangling wires, which
          spark and pop every time he attempts to move.  Artoo waddles
          to his friends aid.
                    Help me!  I think something is melting ...
                    This is all your fault!  I should have 
                    known better than to trust the logic of
                    a half-sized thermocapsulary dehousing
                    assister ...
          Artoo counters with an angry rebuttal as the battle rages
          around the two hapless robots.
3         EXT. TATOOINE - DESERT WASTELAND - DAY                                 3
          A death-white wasteland stretches from horizon to horizon.
          The tremendous heat of two huge twin suns settles on a lone
          figure, LUKE STARKILLER, a farm boy with heroic aspirations
          who looks much younger than his twenty years.  His shaggy
          hair and baggy tunic give him the air of a simple, but
          lovable lad with a prize-winning smile.
          A light wind whips at him as he adjusts several valves on
          a large battered moisture vaporator which sticks out of the
          desert floor much like an oil pipe with valves.  He is aided 
          by a beat-up tread-robot with six claw arms.  The little robot
          appears to be barely functioning and moves with jerky motions.
          A bright sparkle in the morning sky catches Luke's eye and
          he instinctively grabs a pair of electrobinoculars from his
          utility belt.
          He stands transfigured for a few moments studying the heavens,
          then dashes toward his dented, crudely repaired landspeeder
          (auto-like transport that travels a few feet above the ground
          on a magnetic field).  He motions for the tiny robot to follow
                    Hurry up!  Come with me!  What are you
                    waiting for?!  Get it in gear!
          The robot scoots around in a tight circle, stops short and
          smoke begins to pour out of every joint.  Luke throws his
          arms up in disgust.  Exasperated, the young farm boy jumps
          into his landspeeder leaving the smoldering robot to hum
A3        INT. REBEL STARFIGHTER - MAIN HALLWAY                                 A3
          The awesome, seven-foot tall DARK LORD OF THE SITH makes his
          way into the blinding light of the main passageway.  This is
          DARTH VADER, right hand of the Emperor.  His face is obscured
          by his flowing black robes and grotesque breath mask which
          stands out next to the fascist white armored suits of the 
          Imperial stormtroopers.  Everyone instinctively backs away 
          from the imposing warrior and a deathly quiet sweeps through 
          the Rebel troops.  Several of the rebel troops break and run 
          in a frenzied panic.
4         INT. REBEL SPACEFIGHTER - SUB HALLWAY                                  4
          Threepio stands in a smoky hallway, somewhat bewildered.
          Artoo is nowhere in sight.  The pitiful screams of the
          doomed rebel soldiers can be heard in the distance.
                    R-2!  R-2-D-2 where are you?
          A familiar clanking sound attracts 3-PO's attention and he
          spots little Artoo at the end of the hallway in a smoke-filled
          alcove.  Kneeling in front of Artoo, a beautiful young girl,
          surreal and out of place (almost a dream half hidden in the
          smoke), finishes adjusting something on his computer face
          then watches as the little robot joins his companion.  Threepio
          takes only momentary notice of the girl and then she is gone.
                    Where have you been?  They're heading
                    in this direction.  What are you going
                    to do?  We'll be sent to the spice
                    mines of Kessel or smashes into who-
                    know-what!  Wait, where are you going?
          Artoo scoots past his bronze friend and races down the sub-
          hallway.  Threepio chases after him.
5         OMITTED                                             OMITTED            5
6         INT. REBEL SPACEFIGHTER - COCKPIT CORRIDOR                             6
          The evil Darth Vader stands among the broken and twisted
          bodies of his foes.  He grabs a wounded rebel officer by
          the neck and holds him high above the ground.  An Imperial
          officer rushes up to the Dark Lord.
                                   IMPERIAL OFFICER
                    The information retrieval system has been
                    wiped clean.
          Vader squeezes the neck of the rebel trooper, who struggles
          in vain.
                    Where is the data you intercepted?  What
                    have you done with those information tapes?
                                   REBEL OFFICER
                    We intercepted no information!  This is a
                    consular ship ... didn't you see our
                    markings!  We're on a diplomatic mission ...
                    (Angry)  Where are those tapes?
                                   REBEL OFFICER
                    Only ... only the commander knows ...
                    This ship carries the crest of Alderaan.
                    Is any of the royal family on board?  Who
                    were you carrying?
          The rebel refuses to speak but eventually cries out as the Dark
          Lord begins to squeeze the officer's throat, creating a gruesome
          snapping and choking, until the soldier goes limp.  Vader tosses
          the dead soldier against the wall and turns to his troops.
                    Start tearing this ship apart piece by
                    piece until you have those tapes.  Find
                    the passengers of this vessel.  I want
                    them alive.
          The stormtroopers scurry into the sub-hallway
A6        INT. REBEL SPACEFIGHTER - LIFEPOD BAY                                 A6
          Artoo stops before the small hatch of an emergency lifepod.
          He snaps the seal on the main latch and a red warning light 
          begins to flash.  The stubby astro-robot works his way into 
          the cramped four-man pod.
                    Hey, you're not permitted in there.  
                    It's restricted.  You'll be deactivated 
                    for sure.  Now come out before someone
                    sees you.  Come on!
          Artoo whistles something at his reluctant friend regarding the
          mission he is about to perform.
                    Mission!?!  What mission?  What are you
                    talking about?  You've short-circuited ...
                    no more adventures.  I'm not getting in 
          Artoo isn't happy with Threepio's stubbornness and he beeps 
          and twangs angrily.  
                    Don't call me a mindless philosopher,
                    you overweight glob of grease ...
          A new explosion, this time very close, sends dust and debris 
          through the narrow sub-hallway.  Flames lick at Threepio and 
          after a flurry of electronic swearing from Artoo, the lanky 
          robot jumps into the lifepod.
                    I'm going to regret this.
          The safety door snaps shut and with the thunder of exploding 
          latches, the tiny lifepod ejects from the disabled starfighter.
B6        INT. IMPERIAL STARDESTROYER - COCKPIT                                 B6
          On the main viewscreen, the lifepod carrying the two terrified
          robots speeds away from the stricken rebel spacecraft.  In the
          foreground a huge mechanical arm lifts a computer panel out of
          a cabinet.
                                   CHIEF PILOT
                    There goes another one.
                    Hold your fire.  There are no life forms.
                    It must have short-circuited.  Don't waste
                    your power ...
C6        INT. REBEL SPACEFIGHTER - NARROW SUB-HALLWAY                          C6
          The lovely young girl (about sixteen years old) huddles in a 
          small alcove as the stormtroopers search through the ship.  She 
          is PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA, a member of the Alderaan Senate.  The 
          fear in her eyes slowly gives way to anger as the muted crushing 
          sounds of the approaching stormtroopers grow louder.  One of the 
          troopers spots her and radios to the others.
                    Set for stun ...
          Leia steps from her hiding place and blasts two troopers with 
          her laser pistol.  She starts to run but is felled by a 
          paralyzing ray.  The troopers inspect her inert body.
                    She'll be all right.  Report to
                    Lord Vader.
7         EXT. SKY OVER TATOOINE - LIFEPOD                                       7
          The reddish-yellow mass of Tatooine seems to engulf the tiny
          lifepod containing the two robots.  The starships grow smaller
          as the pod descends toward the planet.
A7        INT. LIFEPOD                                                          A7
          Artoo and Threepio look out at the receding starships.
                    That's funny.  The damage doesn't look
                    as bad from out here.  Are you sure 
                    this thing is safe?
8         EXT. ANCHORHEAD SETTLEMENT - POWER STATION - DAY                       8
          Heat waves radiate from the dozen or so bleached white buildings.
          Luke pilots his landspeeder through the dusty empty street of the
          tiny settlement.  An old WOMAN runs to get out of the way of the
          speeding vehicle, shaking her fist at Luke as he flies past.
                    I've told you kids to slow down!
          Luke pulls up behind a low concrete service station that is all
          but covered by the shifting desert sands.
9         INT. POWER STATION - DAY                                               9
          Luke bursts into the power station, waking THE FIXER, a rugged
          mechanic and CAMIE, a sexy disheveled girl who has been asleep
          on his lap.  They grumble as he races through the office, yelling
                    Did I hear a young noise blast through
                    It was just Wormie on another rampage.
          Luke bounces into a small room behind the office where DEAK and
          WINDY, two tough boys about the same age as Luke, are playing a
          computer pool-like game with BIGGS, a burly, handsome boy a few
          years older than the rest.  His flashy city attire is a sharp
          contrast to the loose-fitting tunics of the farm boys.  A robot
          repairs some equipment in the background.
                    Shape it up you guys! ... Biggs?
          Luke's surprise at the appearance of Biggs gives way to great
          joy and emotion.  They give each other a great bear hug.
                    I didn't know you were back!  When
                    did you get in?
                    Just now, I wanted to surprise you, hot
                    shot.  I thought you'd be here ...
                    certainly didn't expect you to be out 
                    working.  (He laughs).
                    The academy didn't change you much ...
                    but you're back so soon?  Hey, what
                    happened, didn't you get your commission?
          Biggs has an air of cool that seems slightly phony.
                    Of course I got it.  Signed aboard THE
                    RAND ECLIPTIC last week.  First mate
                    Biggs Darklighter at your service ...
                    (he salutes) ... I just came back to
                    say good-bye to all you unfortunate
                    landlocked simpletons.
          Everyone laughs.  The dazzling spectacle of his dashing
          friend is almost too much, but suddenly he snaps out of it.
                    I almost forgot.  There's a battle
                    going on!  Right here in our system.
                    Come and look!
                    Not again!  Forget it.
10        EXT. ANCHORHEAD SETTLEMENT - POWER STATION - DAY                      10
          The group stumbles out into the stifling desert sun.  Camie
          and The Fixer complain and are forced to shade their eyes.
          Luke has his binoculars out scanning the heavens.
                    There they are!
          Biggs take the binoculars from Luke as the other strain to
          see something with the naked eye.  Through the binoculars
          Biggs sees two small silver specks.
                    That's no battle, hot shot ... they're
                    just sitting there!  Probably a freighter-
                    tanker refueling.
                    But there was a lot of firing earlier ...
          Camie grabs the binoculars away banging them against the
          building in the process.  Luke grabs them.
                    Hey, easy with those ...
                    Don't worry about it, Wormie.
          Fixer gives Luke a hard look and the young farm boy shrugs
          his shoulders in resignation.
                    I keep telling you, the rebellion is
                    a long way from here.  I doubt if the
                    Empire would even fight to keep this
                    system.  Believe me Luke, this planet
                    is a big hunk of nothing ...
          Luke agrees, although it's obvious he isn't sure why.  The
          group stumbles back into the power station, grumbling about
          Luke's ineptitude.
11        INT. REBEL SPACEFIGHTER - HALLWAY                                     11
          Princess Leia is led down a low-ceilinged hallway by a
          squad of armored stormtroopers.  Her hands are bound and
          she is brutally shoved when she is unable to keep up with
          the briskly marching troops.  They stop in a smoking
          hallway as Darth Vader emerges from the shadows.  The
          sinister Dark Lord stares hard at the frail young senator,
          but she doesn't move.
                    Lord Vader, I should have known.  Only
                    you could be so bold.  The Imperial senate
                    will not sit still for this, when they hear
                    you've attacked a diplomatic ...
                    Don't play games with me Your Highness.
                    You weren't on any mercy mission this time.
                    You passed directly through a restricted 
                    system.  Several transmissions were beamed
                    to this ship by spies, who are now unfortunately
                    dead.  I want to know what happened to the data
                    they sent you.
                    I don't know what you're talking about.
                    I'm a member of the imperial senate on a
                    diplomatic mission to ...
                    You're a part of the Rebel Alliance ... and a
                    traitor.  Take her away.
          Leia is marched away down the hallway and into the smoldering
          hole blasted in the side of the ship.  An Imperial commander
          turns to Vader.
                    Holding her is dangerous.  If word
                    of this gets out, there will be much
                    unrest in the senate.  It will generate
                    sympathy for the rebellion ...
                    She should be destroyed.
                    My duty is to find that hidden fortress of
                    theirs.  We have traced the rebel spies to 
                    her now she is my only link to discovering the
                    location of their secret base and I intend to
                    use it.
                    She'll die before she gives you any
                    Leave that to me.  Send a distress signal.
                    Call it a meteorite storm.  Then inform her father
                    and the senate that all aboard were killed.
          The troopers approach Vader and the commander.  They stop
          and snap to attention.
                    The data tapes are not board this ship.
                    No transmissions were made.  A malfunctioning
                    repair pod was jettisoned during the fighting,
                    but we've confirmed that there were no life
                    form aboard ...
                    They must have put the tapes in the
                    repair pod.  Send a detachment down to
                    retrieve them be subtle.  Don't attract
                    attention ... vaporize this ship.  Don't
                    leave anything.
          Vader turns to the commander.
                    The data on those tapes could prove to be
                    most damaging.  I want that stolen data
                    destroyed at all costs.  See to it personally,
                    Commander.  There will be no one to save them
          The commander gives the Dark Lord a short bow and exits.
12-13     OMITTED                                             OMITTED        12-13
14        EXT. TATOOINE - EDGE OF THE DUNE SEA                                  14
          JUNDLAND or "No Man's Land" where the rugged desert mesas
          meet the foreboding dune sea.  The two helpless astro-robots
          kick up clouds of dust as they leave the lifepod and clumsily
          work their way across the desert coastline.  The lifepod
          rests half buried in the sand in the distance.
                    What a forsaken place this is.
                    We seem to be made to suffer.  It's
                    our lot in life.  I've got to rest before
                    I fall apart.  My joints are almost frozen.
          Suddenly Artoo makes a sharp right turn and starts off in
          the direction of the rocky desert mesas.  Threepio stops
          and yells at him.
                    Where do you think you're going!?
          A stream of electronic noises pour forth from the small
                    Well, I'm not going that way.  It's 
                    too rocky.  This way is much easier.
                    What makes you think there are any
                    settlements that way?
          Artoo counters with a long whistle.
                    Don't get technical with me.  I've
                    had just about enough of you.  Go that
                    way, go on!  You'll be malfunctioning 
                    within a day, you nearsighted scrap
          He shoves Artoo and the tiny robot tumbles down a
          small dune.  Threepio starts off in the direction of
          the vast dune sea as little Artoo struggles to his
                    ... and don't let me catch you 
                    following me, begging for help ...
                    because you won't get it!
          Artoo's reply is a rather rude sound.  He turns and trudges
          off in the direction of the towering mesas.
15        EXT. TATOOINE - DUNE SEA                                              15
          Threepio, hot and tired, struggles up over the ridge of
          a dune, past the bleached bones of a dinosaur-like beast,
          only to find more dunes which seem to go on for endless
          miles.  He looks back in the direction of the now distant
          rock mesas.
                    You little malfunctioning twerp.
                    This is all your fault.  You tricked
                    me into going this way but you'll do
                    no better.
          He sits in a huff of anger and frustration, knocking the
          sand from his joints.  His plight seems hopeless, when
          a glint of reflected light in the distance reveals an
          object moving toward him.  The bronze android waves
          frantically and yells at the approaching transport.
                    Hello!  Over here!  This way.
16        EXT. POWER STATION - DAY                                              16
          Luke and Biggs are walking and drinking a malt brew.
          Fixer and the others can be heard working inside.
                    (Very animated) ... so I cut off my
                    power, shut down the afterburners and
                    came in low on Deak's trail.  I was so
                    close I thought I was going to fry my
                    instruments.  As it was I busted up the
                    Skyhopper pretty bad.  Uncle Owen was
                    pretty upset.  He grounded me for the
                    rest of the season.  You should have 
                    been there ... it was fantastic.
                    You ought to take it a little easy
                    Luke.  You may be the hottest bushpilot
                    this side of Mos Eisley, but those little
                    skyhoppers are dangerous.  Keep it up,
                    and one day whammo!  you're going to be nothing
                    more than a dark spot on the down side of
                    a canyon wall.
                    Look whose talking.  Now that you've
                    been around those giant starships you're
                    beginning to sound like my uncle.  You've
                    gotten soft in the city ...
                    I've missed you kid.
                    Well, things haven't been the same since
                    you left Biggs.  It's been so ... quiet.
          Biggs looks around then leans close to Luke.
                    Luke, I didn't come back just to say
                    good-bye ... I shouldn't tell you this
                    but you're the only one I can trust ...
                    and if I don't come back, I want somebody
                    to know.
          Luke's eyes are wide with Biggs' seriousness and loyalty.
                    What are you talking about?
                    I made some friends at the Academy ...
                    ... when our frigate goes to one of
                    the central systems, we're going to
                    jump ship and join the Alliance ...
          Luke is amazed and stunned almost speechless.
                    Join the rebellion?!  Are you kidding!
                    Quiet down will ya!  You got a mouth
                    bigger than a meteor crater!
                    I'm sorry.  I'm quiet.
                    Listen how quiet I am.  You can
                    barely hear me ...
          Biggs shakes his head angrily and then continues.
                    My friend has a friend on Bestine who
                    might help us make contact.
                    You're crazy!  You could wander around
                    forever trying to find them.
                    I know it's a long shot, but if I don't
                    find them I'll do what I can on my own ...
                    It's what we always talked about.  Luke,
                    I'm not going to wait for the Empire to
                    draft me into service.  The rebellion is
                    spreading and I want to be on the right
                    side - the side I believe in.
                    And I'm stuck here ...
                    I thought you were going to the academy
                    next term.  You'll get your chance to get
                    off this rock.
                    Not likely!  I had to cancel my
                    application.  There has been a lot
                    of unrest among the sandpeople since
                    you left ... they've even raided 
                    the outskirts of Anchorhead.
                    Your uncle could hold off a whole
                    colony of sandpeople with one blaster.
                    I know, but he's got enough vaporators
                    going to make the place pay off.  He needs
                    me for just one more season.  I can't leave
                    him now.
                    I feel for you Luke, you're going to have to
                    learn what seems to be important form what
                    really is important.  What good is all your
                    Uncles work if its taken over by the Empire ...
                    You know they're starting to nationalize 
                    commerce in the central systems .. it won't be 
                    long before your Uncle is merely a tenant, 
                    slaving for the greater glory of the Empire.
                    It couldn't happen here.  You said it 
                    yourself, the Empire won't bother with this 
                    Things always change.
                    I wish I was going ...  Are you going to 
                    be around long? 
                    No, I'm leaving in the morning ...
                    Then I guess I won't see you.
                    Maybe someday .. I'll keep a lookout.
                    Well, I'll be at the Academy next 
                    season .. after that who knows,  
                    I won't be drafted into the Imperial 
                    Starfleet that's for sure ... take care 
                    of yourself, you'll always be the best 
                    friend I've got.
                    So long, Luke.
          Biggs turns away from his old friend and heads back towards 
          the power station.
17        EXT. TATOOINE - ROCK CANYON - SUNSET                                  17
          The gargantuan rock formations are shrouded in a strange 
          foreboding mist and the ominous sounds of unearthly 
          creatures fill the air.  Artoo moves cautiously through 
          the creepy rock canyon, inadvertently making a loud clicking 
          noise as he goes.  He hears a distant, hard, metallic sound 
          and stops for a moment.  Convinced he is alone, he continues 
          on his way.  
          In the distance, a pebble tumbles down the steep canyon 
          wall and a small dark figure darts into the shadows.  A little 
          further up the canyon a slight flicker of light reveals a 
          pair of eyes in the dark recesses only a few feet from the 
          narrow path.  
          The unsuspecting robot waddles along the rugged trail until 
          suddenly out of nowhere, a powerful magnetic ray shoots out 
          of the rocks and engulfs him in an eerie glow.  He manages 
          one short electronic squeak before he topples over onto his 
          back.  His bright computer lights flicker off, then on, 
          then off again.  Out of the rocks scurry three MEN, no 
          taller than Artoo.  They holster strange and complex weapons 
          as they cautiously approach the robot.  They wear grubby 
          cloaks and their faces are shrouded so that only their 
          glowing yellow eyes can be seen.  They hiss and make odd 
          guttural sounds as they heave the heavy robot to their 
          shoulders and carry him off down the trail. 
18        EXT. TATOOINE - ROCK CANYON - SANDCRAWLER - SUNSET                    18
          The eight JAWAS carry Artoo out of the canyon to a huge 
          tank-like vehicle the size of a four-story house.  They 
          weld a small disk on the side of Artoo and then put him 
          under a large tube on the side of the vehicle and the little 
          robot is sucked into the giant machine.  
          The filthy little Jawas scurry like rats up small ladders 
          and enter the main cabin of the behemoth transport.
19        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            19
20        INT. SANDCRAWLER - PRISON AREA                                        20
          Artoo enters a wide room with a four-foot ceiling.  In 
          the middle of the scrap heap sit a dozen or so robots of 
          various shapes and sizes.  Some are engaged in electronic 
          conversation, while others simply mill about.  A voice 
          of recognition calls out from the gloom.
                    Artoo Detoo!  It's you!  It's you!
          A battered Threepio scrambles up to Artoo and embraces 
          him.  He also has a small disc attached to his chest.
21        EXT. TATOOINE - ROCK CANYON - SANDCRAWLER - SUNSET                    21
          The enormous sandcrawler lumbers off toward the magnificent 
          twin suns which are slowly setting over a distant mountain 
22        INT. DEATH STAR CONFERENCE OFFICE                                     22
          Eight Imperial Senators and Generals sit around a black
          conference table.  Six Imperial stormtroopers stand guard
          around the room.  A younger, slimy, looking general,
          Commander Tagge is speaking.
                    I tell you he's gone too far.  This
                    Sith Lord sent by the Emperor will be our
                    undoing.  Until this battle station is fully 
                    operational we are vulnerable.  The rebel 
                    Alliance is too well equipped.  They are more 
                    dangerous than you realize.
          The wounded Admiral Motti twists nervously in his chair.
                    Dangerous to your starfleet commander, 
                    not to this Battle Station!  I think Lord
                    Vader knows what he's doing.  The rebellion
                    will continue only as long as those cowards
                    have a sanctuary ...
                    I think the construction of this
                    station has more to do with Governor
                    Tarkin's bid for recognition than any
                    prudent military strategy.  The rebellion
                    will continue to gain support in the 
                    Imperial senate as long as ...
          Suddenly all heads turn as Commander Tagge's speech 
          is cut short and the entrance of the Grand Moff Tarkin, 
          governor of the Imperial outland regions.  He is followed 
          by his powerful henchman the Sith Lord, Darth Vader.  All 
          of the generals stand and bow before the thin, evil looking 
          Governor as he takes his place at the head of the table.  
          The Dark Lord stands behind him.
                    The Imperial Senate will no longer 
                    be of any concern to us ... I have just 
                    received word that the Emperor has dissolved 
                    the Council permanently!  The last remnants 
                    of the old republic have finally been swept 
                    Impossible.  How will the Emperor maintain 
                    control without the bureaucracy?
                    The regional governors now have direct 
                    control over their territories.  Fear will 
                    keep the local systems in line ...  Fear 
                    of this battle station.
                    And what of the Rebellion?  If the Rebels 
                    have obtained a complete technical readout 
                    of this battle station it is possible - 
                    however unlikely - that they might find a 
                    weakness and exploit it.
                    The technical data you're referring to 
                    will soon be back in our hands.
                    Any attack made against this station by the
                    rebels would be a useless gesture .. no matter 
                    what technical datas they've obtained.  This 
                    battle station is now the ultimate power in the 
                    universe.  I suggest we use it!
          Vader stirs slightly and a cup mysteriously floats into 
          his hand.
                    Don't be too proud of this 
                    technological terror you have created.  
                    The ability to destroy a planet, or whole
                    system is insignificant next to the 
                    cosmic Force.
                    Don't try to frighten us with your 
                    sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader.  Your sad 
                    devotion to that ancient religion has not 
                    helped you conjure up those stolen data 
                    tapes... or given you clairvoyance enough 
                    to find the rebel's hidden fortress.  I have
                    to laugh .. ah ...
          Suddenly Motti chokes and starts to turn blue under Vader's spell.
                    I find your lack of faith disturbing.
                    Enough of this!  Vader, release him.  
                    This bickering is pointless.  Lord Vader 
                    will provide us with the location of the 
                    rebel fortress by the time this station is 
                    operational.  We will then crush this 
                    rebellion with one swift stroke.
                    As the Emperor wills it, so it shall be.
23-24     OMITTED                                             OMITTED        23-24
25        INT. SANDCRAWLER - PRISON AREA                                        25
          Threepio and Artoo noisily bounce along inside the cramped
          prison chamber.  Artoo appears to be shut off.
                    Will this never end?
          Suddenly the trembling and bouncing of the sandcrawler stops,
          creating quite a commotion among the mechanical men.  Threepio
          shakes Artoo and his computer lights pop on.
                    Wake up!  Wake up!  We've stopped!!
                    We're doomed!  Do you think they'll
                    melt us down?
          At the far end of the long chamber a hatch opens filling 
          the chamber with blinding white light.  A dozen or so 
          Jawas make their way through the odd assortment of 
          robots.  Artoo and Threepio are among the chosen and are
          herded outside with several other unfortunates.
26        EXT. TATOOINE - LAR'S HOMESTEAD - SALT FLAT - AFTERNOON               26
          Five battered robots, including Artoo and Threepio
          are lined up in front of the enormous sandcrawler which
          is parked beside a small homestead consisting of three
          large holes in the ground, surrounded by several tall
          moisture vaporators and one small adobe block house.
          The Jawas scurry around fussing over the robots, 
          straightening them up or brushing some dust from a 
          dented metallic elbow.  The shrouded little creatures 
          smell horribly, attracting small insects to the dark 
          areas when their mouths and nostrils should be.
          Out of the shadows of a dingy side-building limps OWEN 
          LARS, a large burly man in his mid-fifties.  His reddish 
          eyes are sunken in a dust covered face.  As the farmer 
          carefully inspects each of the robots, he is closely 
          followed by his slump-shouldered nephew, Luke Starkiller.  
          One of the vile little Jawas walks ahead of the farmer 
          spouting an animated sales pitch in a queer unintelligible 
          A voice calls out from one of the huge holes that form the 
          homestead.  Luke goes over to the edge and sees his 
          Aunt Beru standing in the main courtyard.
                    Luke, tell Owen that if he gets a 
                    translator, to be sure it speaks "Bocce".
                    It looks like we don't have much 
                    of a choice but I'll remind him.
          Owen picks out a small astro-robot similar to Artoo and it
          waddles along behind the group.  The limping farmer stops
          in front of Threepio and studies him carefully.
                    Do you function in etiquette and protocol?
                    Do I know protocol.  Why it's my primary
                    function .. I am well versed in the customs
                    and ...
                    I don't need a protocol droid.
                    I don't blame you, sir ... not in 
                    an environment such as this - that's 
                    why I've also been programmed for 
                    over thirty secondary functions that ...
                    I need a droid that knows something about 
                    the binary languages of moisture vaporators.
                    Vaporators!  Sir .. My first job was 
                    programming binary load lifters .. very 
                    similar in most respects to your ...
                    vaporators.  You could say ...
                    Do you speak "Bocce?"
                    Of course, sir.  It's like a second 
                    language for me .. I'm as fluent in Bocce ...
                    Shut up! 
                              (turning to Jawa) 
                    I'll take this one.
                    Shutting up, sir.
                    Luke, take them to the garage.
                    I want you to have both of them 
                    cleaned up by dinner.
                    But I was going into Toshi Station to 
                    pick up some power converters ...
                    You can waste time with your friends 
                    after you've finished your chores.  
                    Now get to it!
          As the Jawas start to lead the three remaining robots
          back into the sandcrawler, Artoo lets out a pathetic
          little beep and starts after his old friend Threepio
          but is restrained by a slimy Jawa who zaps him with a 
          control box.  Owen is negotiating with the head Jawa.  
          Luke and the two robots start for the garage when a 
          plate pops off the head of the R-2 unit throwing parts 
          all over the ground.
                    Uncle Owen, this R-2 unit has a bad
                    motivator, look!
          He adjusts the R-2 unit's head plate and it sparks 
                                   OWEN (to head Jawa)
                    What are you trying to push on us?
          The Jawa goes into a loud spiel.  Meanwhile, Artoo has 
          sneaked out of line and is moving up and down trying to 
          attract attention.  He lets out with a low whistle.  
          Threepio taps Luke on the shoulder.
                    If I might say so sir, but that R-2 unit is 
                    in top condition .. a real bargain.
                                   LUKE (to Uncle)
                    What about that one?
          Owen argues with the Jawas for a few moments, then with a
          little reluctance the scruffy dwarf trades the damaged astro-
          robot for Artoo Detoo.  Owen pays off the whining Jawa as 
          Luke and the two robots trudge off toward a grimy homestead 
                    Don't forget this!  Why I 
                    stick my neck out for you is beyond 
                    my capacity ..
27        INT. LARS HOMESTEAD - GARAGE AREA - LATE AFTERNOON                    27
          The garage is cluttered and worn, but a friendly peaceful 
          atmosphere permeates the low gray chamber.  In the center
          of the room Threepio lowers himself into a large tub filled 
          with warm oil.  Near the battered landspeeder little 
          Artoo rests on a large battery with a cord attached to his 
                    Thanks the maker!  This is going to
                    feel sooo good.  I've got such a bad 
                    case of dust contamination I can barely 
          Artoo beeps a muffled reply.  Luke seems to be lost 
          in thought as he runs his hand over the damaged fin 
          of a small two-man "sky-hopper" spaceship resting in 
          a low hangar off the garage.  Finally Luke's 
          frustrations get the better of him and he slams a wrench 
          across the workbench.
                    It just isn't fair!  Biggs is 
                    right, I'll never get out of here!
                    I beg your pardon sir, but is there 
                    anything I might do to help? 
          Luke glances at the battered robot and a bit of his anger
          drains and a tiny smile creeps across his face.
                    Not unless you can alter time ... speed 
                    up the harvest .. or teleport me off this 
                    Uh - I don't think so, sir.  I'm only 
                    a droid and not very knowledgeable about 
                    such things ... not on this planet anyway.  
                    As a matter of fact, sir, I'm not even sure 
                    which planet I'm on.
                    If there's a bright center to this universe, 
                    you're on the planet that's the farthest 
                    from it.
                    I see, sir.
                    You can call me Luke.
                    Yes, Sir Luke.
                    Just Luke.
                    Oh.  I am See-Threepio, Human Cyborg 
                    relations and this is my counterpart, 
                    Artoo Detoo.
          Luke unplugs Artoo and begins to scrape several connectors 
          on the robot's head with a chrome pick.  Threepio climbs 
          out of the oil tub and begins wiping oil from his 
          bronze body.
                    There's a lot of carbon scoring here.  
                    It looks like you both have seen a lot 
                    of action ...
                    Indeed sir, sometimes I'm amazed we're 
                    in as good shape as we are, what with 
                    the rebellion and all.
          Luke sparks to life at the mention of rebellion.
                    You know of the rebellion?  Against 
                    the Empire?
                    That's how we came to be in your 
                    service, if you take my meaning ...
                    Tell me where you've been.  Were 
                    you been in many battles?
                    Several, I think.  There is not 
                    much to tell.  I'm not much more than an interpreter 
                    and not very good at telling stories, 
                    not at making them interesting anyways ...
          Luke struggles to remove a small metal fragment from 
          Artoo's neck joint.  He uses a larger pick.
                    Well, my little friend, you've got 
                    something jammed in here real good ...  
                    were you on a star-cruiser or a ...
          The fragment breaks loose with a snap, sending Luke tumbling 
          head over heels.  He sits up and sees a small (12 inch) 3-D
          hologram of Leia Organa, the rebel senator, being projected 
          from the face of little Artoo.  The image is a rainbow of 
          colors as it flickers and jiggles in the dimly lit garage.  
          Luke's mouth hangs open in awe.
                    ... Obi-wan Kenobi ... help me!
                    You're my only ho ...
                    What's this?
          Artoo looks around and sheepishly beeps an answer for Threepio 
          to translate.  Leia continues to repeat the sentence fragment 
          over and over.
                    What is what?!?  He asked you a 
                    question ...
                            (pointing at Leia)
                    What is that?
          Artoo beeps his surprise as he pretends to just notice the 
          hologram and whistles his reply.
                    He says it's nothing, sir.  Merely 
                    a malfunction.  Old data, pay it 
                    no mind.
          Luke becomes intrigued by the beautiful young girl.
                    Who is she? ...  She's beautiful.
                    I'm afraid I'm not quite sure sir!  
                    I think she was a passenger on our 
                    last voyage.  A person of some 
                    importance I believe.  Our captain 
                    was attache to ...
                    Is there any more to this recording?
          Luke reaches for Artoo but he lets out several frantic squeaks 
          and a whistle.
                    Behave yourself, Artoo.  You're going 
                    to get us into trouble.  It's all right.
                    He's out master now.  You can trust him.
          Artoo whistles and beeps a long message to Threepio.
                    He says he is the property of Obi-wan 
                    Kenobi, a resident of these parts.  
                    And it is a private message for him.
                    Quite frankly sir, I don't know what 
                    he's talking about ... our last master 
                    was Captain Antilles, but with all
                    we've been through, I'm afraid he's 
                    become a bit eccentric.
                    Obi-wan Kenobi?  I wonder if he means 
                    old Ben Kenobi?
                    I begging your pardon sir, but do you 
                    know him?
                    I don't know anyone named Obi-wan, but 
                    old Ben lives out beyond the dune sea.
                    He's sort of a strange old hermit.  Uncle
                    Owen says he's a sorcerer.  He comes
                    around here once in awhile, to trade
                    things.  I've hardly even talked to him
                    though.  My uncle usually runs him off
                    ... but he doesn't have any droid ...
                    at least I don't think he does ...
          Luke's gazes at the beautiful young princess for a few moments. 
                    I wonder who she is ...  she must be
                    important.  It sounds to me like she's 
                    in trouble.  Maybe the message is
                    important ... I should hear the rest 
                    of it.
          Luke reaches for little Artoo and the little Artoo squeaks a
          blue streak.
                    He says the restraining bolt has short 
                    circuited his recording system ... he 
                    suggests that if you remove the restraining
                    bolt, he might be able to repeat the entire 
          Luke looks longingly at the lovely little princess and hasn't 
          really heard what Threepio has been saying.
                    What ... of yes ... well I guess you're 
                    too small to run away on me if I take 
                    this off ... I wonder what she's be
                    sending a message to old Ben for?
          Luke takes a wedged bar and pops the restraining bolt off 
          R-2's side.  The princess immediately disappears ...
                    There now ... wait, where did she go?  
                    Make her come back.  Play back the 
                    entire message ...
          Artoo beeps an innocent reply.  Threepio sits up in embarrassment.
                    What message?  The one you just played 
                    for us.  The one you're carrying inside 
                    your rusty innards!  I'm sorry sir, but
                    he appears to have picked up a slight
                    flutter ... perhaps ...
          A women's voice calls out from another room.
                                   AUNT BERU
                    Luke!  Luke, come to dinner.
          Luke stands up and shakes his head at the malfunctioning robot.
                    OK, I'm coming Aunt Beru ... Oh well,
                    see what you can do with him.  I'll
                    be right back.
          Luke tosses Artoo's retraining bolt on the work bench and
          hurries out of the room.
                    You better consider playing that
                    recording for him.  (Artoo beeps)
                    No, I don't think he likes you at
                    all.  (Artoo beeps)  No, I don't 
                    like you either.
28        INT. LAR'S HOMESTEAD - KITCHEN - LATE AFTERNOON                       28
          Luke's Aunt Beru, a warm motherly woman, fills a pitcher
          with blue milk from a refrigerated container in the well
          used kitchen.  She puts the pitcher on a tray with some
          bowls of food and starts for the dining area.
A28       INT. LAR'S HOMESTEAD - LIVING AREA - LATE AFTERNOON                  A28
          Luke sits with his Uncle Owen before a table covered with
          steaming bowls of food as Aunt Beru carries in the pitcher
          of blue milk.
                    I think that R-2 unit might have
                    been stolen.
                    What makes you think that?
                    I stumbled on a recording while I was
                    cleaning him ... the droid claims to 
                    be the property of someone called
                    Obi-wan Kenobi.
          Owen is greatly alarmed at the mention of this name, but
          manages to control himself.
                    I thought he might have meant old Ben.
                    The name is similar ... do you know 
                    who he's talking about?
                    It's a name from another time, that
                    can only mean trouble ...
                    Is he related to old Ben.  I didn't
                    think he had ...
          Owen breaks loose with a fit of uncontrolled anger.
                    You stay away form that old wizard, do
                    you hear me!  I've told you he's a crazy
                    old man.  He's dangerous and full of
                    mischief ... and best left well alone.
                    That droid has nothing to do with him.
                    Tomorrow I want you to take the R-2 unit
                    into Anchorhead and have its memory
                    flushed.  That will be the end of it.  I
                    don't care where the droid came from, it
                    belongs to us now.
                    But what if this Obi-wan comes looking
                    for the droid?
                    He won't, I don't think he exists anymore.
                    He died at the same time as your father.
                    Now forget about it.
                    Did he know my father?
                    I said forget about it.  Your only concern 
                    is getting the new droids ready for 
                    tomorrow.  The last of our savings is 
                    tied up in those two.  In the morning 
                    I want you to have them working with
                    the condensing units on the south
                    Yes sir ...  you know I think those 
                    droids are going to work out fine.  
                    In fact ... I uh ... I was also 
                    thinking about our agreement about 
                    me staying on another season.  Well, 
                    if those new droids work out, I 
                    want to transmit my application to 
                    the academy this year.
          Owen's face becomes a scowl, although he tries to suppress it.
                    You mean next term, before the harvest?
                    You got more than enough droids.
                    Droids can't replace you Luke, you know
                    that.  The harvest is when I need you 
                    the most.  It's just one more season.
          Luke continues to toy with his food, not looking at his uncle.
                    For the first time, we've got a fortune
                    beyond belief coming into our hands.  We'll
                    make enough this harvest to hire some extra
                    hands then you can go to the academy ... I
                    need you here Luke.  You understand that
                    don't you?
                    But it's another year ...
                    The time will pass before you know it.
          Luke pushes his half-eaten plate of food aside and stands.
                    That's what you said last year when
                    Biggs and Tank left.
                    Where are you going?
                    It looks like I'm going nowhere.  I
                    have to finish cleaning those droids.
          Resigned to his fate, Luke paddles out of the room.  Owen
          mechanically finishes his dinner.
                    Owen, we can't keep him here forever.
                    Most of his friends are gone.  It
                    means so much to him.
                    I'll make it up to him.  Next year ...
                    I promise.
                    Luke's just not a farmer, Owen.  He's
                    got too much of his father in him.
                    That's what I'm afraid of.
29        EXT. TATOOINE - LAR'S HOMESTEAD - ENTRY AREA - SALT FLAT              29
          The giant twin suns of Tatooine slowly disappear behind a distant
          dune range.  Luke stands watching them for a few moments, then
          reluctantly enters the domed entrance to the homestead.
A29       INT. GARAGE AREA - LAR'S HOMESTEAD                                   A29
          Luke enters the garage to discover the robots nowhere in
          sight.  He takes a small control box from his utility belt.
          (Similar to the one the Jawa's were carrying).  He activates
          the box which creates a low hum and Threepio pops up from
          behind the skyhopper spaceship letting out a short yell.
                    What are you hiding back there for?
          Threepio stumbles forward but Artoo is still nowhere in sight.
                    It wasn't my fault sir.  Please don't
                    deactivate me.  I told him not to go
                    but he's faulty, malfunctioning ...
                    kept babbling on about his mission.
                    Oh no ...
          Luke races out of the garage followed by Threepio.
          Luke rushes out of the small domed entry to the homestead
          and searches the darkening horizon for the small tri-ped
          astro-robot.  Threepio struggles out of the homestead and 
          on to the salt flat as Luke scans the landscape with his 
                    That Artoo unit has always been a problem.
                    These astro droids are getting too much
                    for me.  Even I can't understand their
                    logic at times.
                    Well, he's nowhere in sight.  Blast it,
                    how could I be so stupid.  Uncle Owen's
                    going to kill me.
                    Beggin' your pardon sir, but can't we
                    go after him?
                    Not at night.  It's too dangerous with
                    all the sandpeople around.  We'll have
                    to wait until morning.
          Owen yells up from the homestead plaza.
                    Luke!  Luke are you finished with those
                    droids yet?  I'm turning the power down
                    for the night.
                    Alright, I'll be there in a few minutes.
          He turns and takes one final look across the dim horizon.
                    Boy, am I in for it.  That little droid
                    is going to get me into a lot of trouble.
                    Oh, he excels at that sir.
30-31     OMITTED                                             OMITTED        30-31
32        INT. PLAZA LAR'S HOMESTEAD - MORNING                                  32
          Morning slowly creeps into the sparse but sparkling oasis
          of the open courtyard.  The idyll is broken by the yelling
          of Uncle Owen, his voice echoing throughout the homestead.
                    Luke!  Luke.  Where could he be
                    loafing now?
A32       INT. LAR'S HOMESTEAD - KITCHEN AREA - MORNING                        A32
          The interior of the kitchen is a warm glow as Beru prepares
          the morning breakfast.  Owen enters in a huff.
                    Have you seen Luke this morning?
                    He said he had some things to do
                    before he started today, so he left
                    Did he take the new droids with him?
                    I think so.
                    He's better have those condensing
                    units on the south ridge repaired by
                    midday or there'll be hell to pay.
B32       EXT. TATOOINE - EDGE OF THE DUNE SEA                                 B32
          Four Imperial Stormtroopers mill about in front of the half
          buried lifepod which brought Artoo and Threepio to Tatooine.
          A trooper yells to an officer some distance away.
                    This is the one.  But there are no data
                    tapes here, sir.
          A second trooper, standing next to the officer picks
          a small bit of metal out of the sand and give it to the
33        EXT. DESERT WASTELAND - LUKE'S SPEEDER - DAY                          33
          The rock and sand of the desert floor are a blur
          as Threepio pilots the sleek landspeeder gracefully
          across the vast wasteland.
          Luke adjusts something in the motor compartment.
                                   LUKE (yelling)
                    How's that?
          Threepio signals that it is fine and Luke turns back into
          the wind-whipped cockpit and pops the canopy shut.
                    Old Ben Kenobi lives out in this
                    direction somewhere, but I don't see
                    how that R-2 unit could have come this
                    far.  We must have missed him.  Uncle 
                    Owen isn't going to take this very well.
                    Sir, would it help if you told him
                    it was my fault.
                    Sure.  He needs you.  He'd
                    probably only deactivate you for
                    a day or so ...
                    Deactivate!  Well on the other hand
                    if you hadn't removed his restraining
                    bolt ...
                    Wait, there's something dead on the
                    scanner.  It looks like our droid ...
                    hit the accelerator.
35        EXT. TATOOINE - ROCK MESA - DUNE SEA - COASTLINE - DAY                35
          From high on a rock mesa, the tiny landspeeder can be seen
          gliding across the desert floor.  Suddenly in the foreground
          two weather-beaten sandpeople shrouded in their grimy desert
          cloaks peer over the edge of the rock mesa.  One of the 
          marginally human creatures raises a long ominous laser
          rifle and points it at the speeder but the second creature
          grabs the gun before it can be fired.
          The sandpeople or Tusken raiders as they're sometimes called
          speak in a coarse barbaric language as they get into an
          animated argument.  The second Tusken seems to get in the
          final word and the nomads scurry over the rocky terrain.
36        EXT. TATOOINE - ROCK MESA CANYON                                      36
          The Tusken raiders approach two large BANTHAS standing tied
          to a rock.  The monstrous bear-like creatures are as large
          as elephants, with huge red eyes, tremendous looped horns
          and long furry dinosaur-like tails.  The raiders mount
          saddles strapped to the huge creatures' shaggy backs and
          ride off down the rugged bluff.
37        EXT. ROCK CANYON FLOOR - TATOOINE                                     37
          The speeder is parked on the floor of a massive canyon.  Luke
          with his long laser rifle slung over his shoulder stands before
          little Artoo.
                    Just where do you think you're going?
          The little droid whistles a feeble reply, as Threepio poses
          menacingly behind the little runaway.
                    Master Luke here is your rightful owner.
                    We'll have no more of this Obi-wan Kenobi
                    gibberish ... and don't talk to me of your
                    mission.  You're fortunate he doesn't blast
                    you into a million pieces right here.
                    Well, come on.  It's getting late.  I only
                    hope we can get back before Uncle Owen
                    really blows up.
                    If you don't mind my saying so sir, I think
                    you should deactivate the little fugitive
                    until you've gotten him back to your workshop.
                    No he's not going to try anything.
          Suddenly the little robot jumps to life with a mass of frantic
          whistles and screams.
                    What is it?  What's wrong with him now?
                    Oh my ... sir, he says there are several
                    creatures approaching from the southeast.
          Luke swings his rifle into position and looks to the south.
                    Sandpeople!  Or worse!  I've never been
                    out this far before.  The wild things
                    out here are said to be weird and savage.
38        EXT. TATOOINE - CANYON RIDGE - DAY                                    38
          Luke carefully makes his way to the top of a rock ridge and
          scans the canyon with his electrobinoculars.  He spots the
          two riderless Banthas.  Threepio struggles up behind the
          young adventurer.
                    There are two Banthas down there but
                    I don't see any ... wait a second,
                    they're sandpeople all right.  I see one
                    of them.
          Luke watches the distant Tusken Raider through his electro-
          binoculars.  Suddenly something huge moves in front of his 
          field of view.  Before Luke or Threepio can react, a large 
          gruesome Tusken Raider looms over them.  Threepio is startled 
          and backs away, right off the side of the cliff.  He can be 
          heard for several moments as he clangs, bangs and rattles 
          down the side of the mountain.
          The towering creature brings down his curved, double pointed 
          "Gaderffii" - the dreaded axe blade that has struck terror 
          in the heart of the local settlers.  But Luke manages to 
          block the blow with his laser rifle, which is smashed to pieces.  
          The terrified farm boy scrambles backward until he is forced 
          to the edge of a deep crevice.  The sinister raider stands 
          over him with his weapon raised and lets out a horrible 
          shrieking laugh.
39        EXT. TATOOINE - ROCK CANYON FLOOR - DAY                               39
          Artoo forces himself into the shadows of a small alcove in 
          the rocks as the vicious sandpeople walk past carrying the 
          inert Luke Starkiller, who is dropped in a heap before the 
          speeder.  The raiders ransack the speeder, throwing parts 
          and supplies in all directions.  Suddenly they stop.  Then 
          everything is quiet for a few moments.   A great howling moan 
          is heard echoing throughout the canyon which sends the sand-
          people fleeing in terror.
          Artoo moves even tighter into the shadows as the slight 
          swishing sound that frightened off the sandpeople grows 
          even closer, until a shabby old desert rat of a man appears 
          and leans over Luke.  His ancient leathery face, cracked 
          and weathered by exotic climates is set off by dark, 
          penetrating eyes and a scraggly white beard.  BEN KENOBI 
          squints his eyes as he scrutinizes the unconscious farm 
          boy.  Artoo makes a slight sound and Ben turns and looks 
          right at him.
                    Hello there!  Come here my little
                    friend.  Don't be afraid.
          Artoo waddles over to where Luke lies crumpled in a heap
          and begins to whistle and beep his concern.  Ben puts his
          hand on Luke's forehead and he begins to come to.
                    Don't worry, he'll be all right.
                    What happened?
                    Rest easy son, you've had a busy 
                    day.  You're fortunate you're still
                    in one piece.
                    Ben?  Ben Kenobi am I glad to see you!
                    The Jundland wastes are not to be 
                    traveled lightly.  Tell me young Luke,
                    what brings you out this far?
                    This little droid!  I think he's
                    searching for his former master ...
                    I've never seen such devotion in a 
                    droid before ... there seems to be
                    no stopping him.  He claims to be
                    the property of someone called Obi-wan
                    Kenobi.  Is he a relative of yours?
                    Do you know who he's talking about?
          Ben ponders this for a moment, scratching his scruffy beard.
                    Obi-wan Kenobi ... Obi-wan.  Now
                    that's a name I haven't heard in a
                    long time ... a long time.  Most
                    curious ...
                    I think my Uncle knew him.  He said
                    he was dead...
                    Oh, he's not dead, not yet ... not yet.
                    You know him!
                    Of course, of course I know him, he's
                    me!  I haven't gone by the name Obi-wan
                    since before you were born.
                    Then this droid does belong to you.
                    Can't seem to remember ever owning a droid.
                    Most interesting ... most interesting.
          He suddenly looks up at the overhanging cliffs.
                                   BEN (cont'd)
                    I think it's best we get inside.  The
                    sandpeople are easily startled but they
                    will soon return in greater numbers.
          Luke sits up and rubs his head.  Artoo lets out a pathetic
          beep causing Luke to remember something.  He looks around.
                    ... Threepio!
40        EXT. TATOOINE - SAND PIT - ROCK MESA - DAY                            40
          Little Artoo stands at the edge of a large sand pit and
          begins to chatter away in electronic whistles and beeps.
          Luke and Ben stand over a very dented and tangled
          Threepio lying half buried in the sand.  One of his arms
          has broken off.
          Luke tries to revive the inert robot by shaking him and
          then flips a hidden switch on his back several times
          until finally the mechanical man's systems turn on.
                    Where am I?  Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
                    I must have taken a bad step ...
                    Can you stand?  We've got to get out
                    of here before the sandpeople return.
                    I don't think I can make it.  You go
                    on Master Luke.  It doesn't make sense
                    for you to risk yourself on my account.
                    I'm done for.
                    No, you're not.  What kind of talk is
          Luke and Ben help the battered robot to his feet.  Little
          Artoo watches from the top of the pit.  Ben glances
          around suspiciously.  Sensing something, he stands up
          and sniffs the air.
                    Quickly son, they're on the move.
41        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            41
42        INT. CAVE DWELLING - MAIN LIVING AREA                                 42
          The small, spartan hovel, is cluttered with desert junk,
          but still manages to radiate an air of time worn comfort
          and security.  Luke is in one corner repairing Threepio's
          arm, as old Ben fiddles with Artoo.
                    Now let's see if we can't figure out
                    what you are my little friend and where
                    you came from.
                    I saw part of a message he ...
          Luke is cut short, as the recorded image of the beautiful
          young rebel princess is projected from R-2's face.
                    Yes, I seem to have found it.
          Luke stops his work as the lovely girl's image flickers before
          his eyes.
                                   PRINCESS LEIA
                    General Obi-wan Kenobi, I present myself
                    in the name of the royal family of Alderaan,
                    and the Alliance to restore the Republic I
                    break your solitude at the bidding of my
                    father Bail Antillies, Viceroy and Chairman
                    of the Alderaan system.  Years ago 
                    Commander you served the Republic in the 
                    Clone Wars.  Now he begs you to aid us again
                    in our most desperate hours.  He would have
                    you join him on our home planet Alderaan.
                    You must go to him!  I regret I am unable 
                    to present my father's request to you in
                    person ... my mission to return with you has
                    failed, information vital to the survival
                    of the Alliance has been placed in this droid ...
                    my father will know how to retrieve it.  I
                    plead with you to see this R-2 unit safely
                    delivered to Alderaan.  You must help me, you
                    are my last hope.
          There is a little static and the transmission is cut short
          Old Ben leans back and scratches his head.  He silently puffs
          on a tarnished chrome water pipe.  Luke has stars in his
                    She is so .... terrific.  Commander??
                    You fought in The Clone Wars??
                    Oh yes ... I was once a Jedi knight ... like
                    your father.
                    Jedi knight??  My father didn't fight in the
                    wars.  He was a navigator .... on a spice
                    Oh so your Uncle told you .. He didn't
                    agree with your father's ideals, thought
                    he should have stayed here and not gotten
                    involved.  He was always afraid your
                    father's adventures might influence you ..
                    I wish I'd known him ...
                    He was the best starpilot in the
                    galaxy and a clever warrior ... he
                    was a good friend.  I understand you've
                    become quite a good pilot yourself ...
                    in many ways you're much like your father.
          Ben gets up and goes to a chest, where he rummages around.
                                   BEN (cont'd)
                    Which reminds me, I have something
                    here for you.  When you were old enough,
                    your father wanted you to have this.  I tried
                    to give it to you but your uncle wouldn't
                    allow it.  He believed you might follow old
                    Obi-wan on some idealistic crusade as your
                    father did.
          Luke finishes repairing Threepio and starts to fit the
          restraining bolt back on, Threepio looks at him nervously,
          Luke thinks about the bolt for a moment then puts it on
          the table.  Ben shuffles up and presents Luke with a short
          handle with several electronic gadgets attached to it.
                    Sir, if you'll not be needing me, I think
                    I'll shut down for a while.
                    Sure, go ahead.
                                 (to BEN)
                    What is it?
                    Your father's light saber.  At one time
                    they were widely used ... I believe
                    they still are in some parts of the galaxy ..
          Luke pushes a button on the handle and a long laser beam
          shoots out about four feet, flickers there.
                                   BEN (cont'd)
                    This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight ...
                    not as clumsy or random as a blaster.
                    An elegant weapon ... for a more civilized
                              (He begins to remember)
                    For over a thousand generations
                    Jedi Knights were the most powerful, most
                    respected force in the galaxy ... the
                    guardians of peace and justice in the old
                    republic.  That was when the galactic senate
                    ruled the galaxy before the dark times, before the empire.
          Luke hasn't really been listening.
                    How did my father die?
                    He was betrayed and murdered ... by
                    a young Jedi, Darth Vader.  A boy I
                    was training, one of my brightest disciples,
                    one of my greatest failures ... He used
                    the power of the force for evil - to help
                    the empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi
                    knights, now the Jedi are all but extinct.
                    Vader was seduced by the dark side of the
                    force and it consumed him.
                    The force??
                    The force is ... let's just say the
                    force is something a Jedi deals with.
                    It is an energy field created by living
                    things - it surrounds us - it binds the
                    galaxy together - it directs our actions.
                    Knowledge of the force is what gives a
                    Jedi his power.  You must learn the ways
                    of the force if you are to come with me to
                    Alderaan!??  I'm not going to Alderaan.
                    I've got to get back home!  It's late,
                    I'm in for it as it is ... you can take
                    the droid ... I'll think of something
                    to tell my uncle ... I hope ...
                    I need your help, Luke.  I'm afraid
                    I'm getting too old for this sort of thing ..
                    I can't get involved, I've got work to do.
                    I mean I don't like the empire ... I hate
                    it ... but there is nothing I can do about it
                    right now ... it's all such a long way from
                    That's your uncle talking.
                    Oh, my uncle.  How am I going 
                    to explain all this.
                    Remember, the Force is with all men,
                    it binds them together.  The suffering of
                    one is the suffering of all.
                    I can take you as far as Anchorhead.
                    You can get transport there to the
                    spaceport at Mod Eisley or wherever you're
                    You must do what you feel.
                    Right now I don't feel too good ...
A42       INT. DEATH STAR - PRISON CELL CORRIDOR                               A42
          Two stormtroopers open an electronic cell door and allow
          several Imperial guards to enter.  Princess Leia's
          face is filled with defiance which slowly gives way to
          fear as a giant black torture robot enters, followed by
          Darth Vader.
                    Now your highness we will discuss
                    the location of the hidden rebel
          The door slides shut, the long cell block hallway
          appears peaceful.  The muffled sounds of the rebel
          princess are barely heard.
B42       EXT. MESA CANYON - SANDCRAWLER - DAY                                 B42
          The speeder stops before what remains of the huge Jawa
          sandcrawler.  Luke and Ben walk among the smoldering
          rubble and scattered bodies.
                    Looks like the sandpeople did it alright.
                    There's Bantha tracks and part of those
                    gaffi sticks.  But we never heard of them 
                    hitting something this big.
          Ben is crouching in the sand studying the tracks.
                    They didn't.  But we were meant to
                    think so, look at these tracks.  Whoever
                    left here rode side by side.  Sandpeople
                    always ride in a single file to hide
                    their number.  Look at these blast points.
                    Sandpeople are not this accurate.  Only
                    Imperial stormtroopers are this precise.
                    These are the same Jawas who sold us
                    Artoo and Threepio.  Why would Imperial
                    troops be slaughtering Jawas?
          Luke looks back at the speeder where Artoo and Threepio are
          inspecting the dead Jawas.
                    If they tracked the robots to the
                    Jawas they may have learned who they
                    sold them to.  That will lead them back ...
          Luke reaches a sudden horrible realization and races for
          the speeder and jumps in.
                    Wait Luke, it's too dangerous.
          Luke races off leaving Ben and the two robots alone with the
          burning sandcrawler.
BA42      EXT. DESERT WASTELAND                                               BA42
          Luke races across the flat landscape.
C42       EXT. HOMESTEAD - SALT FLAT - TATOOINE                                C42
          The speeder roars up to the burning homestead.  Luke
          jumps out and runs to the smoking holes that were once
          his home.  Debris is scattered everywhere and it looks as
          if a great battle has taken place.
                    Aunt Beru!  Aunt Beru!  Uncle Owen!
          Luke stumbles around in a daze looking for his aunt and uncle.
          Suddenly he comes upon their smoldering remains.
D42       INT. MAIN CONTROL ROOM - DEATH STAR                                  D42
          Darth Vader and the regional Governor Moff Tarkin
          stand before a huge screen that shows a million stars.
          Admiral Motti and General Tagge are standing with
                    The final check out is completed
                    and all systems are operational.
                    What course shall we set?
                    She has a great deal of control.
                    Her resistance to the mind probe is
                    considerable.  It will still be
                    some time before we can extract any
                    useful information from her.
                    Perhaps she would respond to an
                    alternative form of persuasion.
                    What do you mean?
                    I think it is time we demonstrated
                    the full power of this station.
                    Set your course for Alderaan.
E42       EXT. MESA CANYON - SANDCRAWLER - DAY                                 E42
          There is a large bonfire of dead Jawas blazing in front
          of the sandcrawler as Ben and the robots finish burning
          the dead.  Luke drives up in the speeder and Ben walks
          over to him.
                    I share your sorrow, Luke.  There
                    is nothing you could have done, had
                    you been there, you'd now be dead and
                    the droids would be in the hands of the
                    Empire.  The Force is with you.
                    I'll take you to the spaceport at Mos Eisley.
                    I want to go with you to Alderaan.  There is
                    nothing here for me now ... I want to learn
                    the ways of the Force - I want to become a
                    Jedi like my father.
43-45     OMITTED                                             OMITTED        43-45
46        EXT. TATOOINE - WASTELAND - DAY                                       46
          The speeder zooms across the desert wasteland.
          The speeder stops on a bluff overlooking the spaceport
          at MOS EISLEY.  It is a haphazard array of low gray concrete
          structures and semidomes.  A harsh gale blows across the
          stark canyon floor.  Luke adjusts his goggles and walks to
          the edge of the craggy bluff where Ben is standing.
                    Well, there it is, Mos Eisley Spaceport.
                    You won't find a more wretched hive of
                    scum and villainy.  The Empire is on the
                    alert, so we must be very cautious.
          Ben looks over Luke who gives the old Jedi a determined
                    I'm ready for anything.
48        EXT. MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT - STREET - LATE AFTERNOON                   48
          The speeder is stopped on a crowded street by several 
          combat hardened stormtroopers who look over the two robots.
          A trooper questions Luke.
                    How long have you had these droids?
                    Three of four seasons.
                    They're up for sale, if you want them.
                    Did you come from the south?
                    Ahh .. No, no .. We live in the west ...
                    near Bestine.
                    Let me see your identification ...
          Luke becomes very nervous as he fumbles to find his I.D.
          Ben speaks to the trooper in a very controlled voice.
                    You don't need to see his
                    I don't need to see your
                    These aren't the Droids you're
                    looking for.
                    These aren't the Droids we're
                    looking for.
                    He can go about his business.
                    You can go about your business.
          Luke looks relieved but astonished.
                                   BEN (to Luke)
                    Move along.
                    Move along.
49        EXT. MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT - CANTINA - DAY                             49
          The speeder pulls up in front of a rundown blockhouse
          cantina on the outskirts of the spaceport.  Various
          strange forms of transport, including several
          unusual beasts of burden are parked outside the bar.
          A Jawa runs up and begins to fondle the speeder.
          Luke shoos the vile little creature away.
                    I can't abide those Jawas.
                    Disgusting creatures.
                                   LUKE (to Ben)
                    I can't understand how we got by those
                    troops, I thought we were dead.
                    The Force is a strong influence
                    on the mind ... it's a powerful
                    ally but as you come to know the
                    force, you will discover it can also
                    be a danger..
                    Do you really think we can find a
                    pilot who will take us to Alderaan?
                    Most of the good freighter pilots
                    frequent here but watch you step,
                    this place can be a little rough.
50        INT. MOS EISLEY CANTINA - DAY                                         50
          The young adventurer and his two mechanical servants
          follow Ben Kenobi into the smoke-filled cantina.
          The murky, moldy den is filled with a startling array
          of weird and exotic alien creatures and monsters, laughing
          at the long metallic bar.  At first the sight is
          horrifying.  One-eyed, thousand-eyed, slimy, furry,
          scaly tentacles and claws huddle over drinks.  Ben and
          Luke move to an empty spot at the bar near a group of
          repulsive but human Corellian pirates.  A huge rough-looking
          BARTENDER comes over to Luke and the robots.
                    We don't serve "their kind" in here.
          Luke still recovering from the shock of seeing so many
          outlandish creatures doesn't quite catch the Bartender's
                    Your "droids" will have to wait outside.
                    We don't serve 'em here.
          Luke looks to old Ben who is busy talking to one of the 
          Corellian pirates.  He notices that several of the gruesome
          creatures along the bar are giving him a very unfriendly 
                    Yes, of course.  I'm so sorry.
                              (Turns to Threepio) 
                    You'd better stay with the speeder.
                    We don't want any trouble.
                    I heartily agree with you sir.
          Threepio and his stubby partner go outside and most of
          the creatures at the bar go back to their drinks.  Ben
          is standing next to CHEWBACCA, an eight foot tall
          savage-looking creature resembling a huge gray bushbaby
          monkey with fierce "baboon-like" fangs.  His large
          yellow eyes dominate a fur-covered face and soften his
          otherwise awesome appearance.  Over his matted, furry
          body he wears two chrome bandoliers, a flak jacket
          painted in a bizarre camouflage pattern, brown cloth
          shorts and little else.  He is a two hundred year old
          WOOKIEE and a sight to behold.  Ben speaks to the
          wookiee pointing to Luke several times during his
          conversation and the huge creature suddenly lets out a
          horrifying laugh.  Luke is more than a little bit
          disconcerted and pretends not to hear the conversation
          between Ben and the giant wookiee.  He is terrified but
          tries not to show it.  He quietly sips his drink, looking
          over the crowd for a more sympathetic ear or whatever.
          A large, multiple-eyed CREATURE gives Luke a rough shove.
                    Negola dewaghi wooldugger?!?
          The hideous freak is obviously drunk.  Luke tries to ignore
          the creature and turns back to his drink.  A short, grubby
          HUMAN and an even smaller RODENT-like beast join the
          belligerent monstrosity.
                    He doesn't like you.
                    I'm sorry.
                    I don't like you either.
          The big creature is getting agitated and yells some
          unintelligible gibberish at the now rather nervous
          young adventurer.
                                   HUMAN (cont'd)
                    Don't insult us.  You just watch
                    yourself.  We're wanted men.  I have
                    the death sentence on twelve systems.
                    I'll be careful then.
                    You'll be dead.
          The rodent lets out a loud grunt and everything at the
          bar moves away.  Luke tries to remain cool but it isn't
          easy.  His three adversaries ready their weapons.  Old
          Ben moves in behind Luke.
                    This little one isn't worth the
                    effort.  Come let me buy you something...
          A powerful blow from the unpleasant creature sends the young
          would-be Jedi sailing across the room, crashing through
          tables and breaking a large jug filled with a foul-looking
          liquid.  With a blood-curdling shriek, the monster draws a
          wicked chrome laser pistol from his belt and levels it at
          old Ben..  The bartender panics.
                    No blasters!  No blasters!
          With an astounding agility, Old Ben's laser sword sparks to
          life and in a flash an arm lies on the floor.  The rodent is
          cut in two and the giant, multiple-eyed creature lies double,
          cut from chin to groin.  Ben carefully and precisely turns
          off his laser sword and replaces it on his utility belt.
          Luke, shaking and totally amazed at the old man's abilities,
          attempts to stand.  The entire fight has lasted only a matter
          of seconds.  The cantina goes back to normal, although Ben is
          given a respectable amount of room at the bar.  Luke, rubbing
          his bruised head, approaches the old man with new awe.
                    This is Chewbacca, he's first-mate on
                    a ship that might suit our needs.
ZA50       EXT. MOS EISLEY CANTINA STREET   DAY                               ZA50
          Threepio paces in front of the cantina as Artoo carries on
          an electronic conversation with another little red R-2 unit.
                    What could be taking them so long?
          A patron comes out of the cantina and approaches two
          stormtroopers in the street.
                    I don't like the looks of this.
ZB50      INT. MOS EISLEY CANTINA - DAY                                       ZB50
          Luke is still giddy and downs a fresh drink as he follows 
          Ben and Chewbacca to a booth where HAN SOLO is sitting.  He
          is a tough James Dean style starpilot about thirty years
          old.  A mercenary in a starship, simple, sentimental and
          cocksure of himself.  A lovely young alien girl has her arms
          around him but the young space rogue sends her bouncing on
          her way as the group approaches.
                    You're pretty handy with that saber old
                    man, not often one sees that kind of
                    sword play on this side of the galaxy.
                    I'm Han Solo, Captain of the Millennium
                    Falcon.  Chewie tells me you're looking
                    for passage to the Alderaan system.
                    Yes indeed.  If it's a fast ship.
                    Fast ship!  You mean you've never heard
                    of the Millennium Falcon?
                    (amused)  Should I?
                    It's the ship that made the Kessel run in
                    less than 12 par-sec's!  I've outrun
                    Imperial starships, not local bulk-
                    cruisers mind you.  These are the big
                    Corellian ships I'm talking about.  I think
                    she's fast enough for you old man.  What's
                    your cargo?
                    No questions.  Is it local trouble?
                    Let's just say we'd like to avoid any
                    Imperial entanglements.
                    These days, that can be a real trick.
                    And it will cost you a little extra.
                    All in ... about ten thousand ... in
                    Ten thousand!  We could almost buy our
                    own ship for that.
                    But could you fly it?
                    (Insulted - starts to get up)  You bet I
                    could.  I'm not such a bad pilot myself...
                    I don't ...
                    (Sits Luke down)  We haven't that much
                    with us.  But, we could pay you two
                    thousand now, plus another fifteen when
                    we reach Alderaan.
          Han ponders this for a few moments.
                    That's seventeen ... alright.  You've
                    got yourselves a ship.  Docking Bay 94.
                    We can take off as soon as you're ready...
                    looks like someone's taking an interest
                    in your handi-craft.
          Ben and Luke turn around to see four Imperial stormtroopers
          looking at the dead bodies and asking the bartender some
          questions.  The Bartender points to the booth.  The storm-
          troopers look over at it but Luke and Ben are gone.  The
          bartender shrugs his shoulders in puzzlement.
A50       EXT. MOS EISLEY STREET  CANTINA                                      A50
          Luke and Ben secure Artoo to the back of the speeder.
                    If the speed of Solo's ship is as fast as
                    his boasting, we should do well.
                    But it will be expensive.
                    I'm afraid you'll have to sell your
                    It's all right.  I don't think I will ever
                    come back to this planet.
AA50      INT. CANTINA - MOS EISLEY                                           AA50
          The stormtroopers walk past Han and Chewbacca giving them
          both a careful check out.  Han turns to the giant Wookiee.
                    Chewie, this charter could save out neck.
                    Seventeen thousand!  Those two really
                    must be desperate.
          As Han and Chewbacca slide out of the booth, a slimy purple-
          faced alien with a short trunk nose pokes a gun in Han's side.  
          He speaks with an electronically translated voice.
                    Going somewhere, Solo?
                    As a matter of fact, I was just going to 
                    see your boss.  Tell Jabba that I have his
                    That's what you said yesterday, but it's
                    too late ... I'm not going back to Jabba
                    with another one of your stories.
                    But I've got the money this time!
                    Then I'll take it now.
          Han sits down and the alien sits across from him holding the 
          gun on him.
                    I haven't got it here with me.  Tell Jabba ...
                    It's too late I think.  Jabba would rather
                    have your ship.
                    Over my dead body.
                    That's the idea, Solo.  You will
                    come outside with me or must I finish
                    it here?
                    I don't think they'd like another
                    killing in here.
                    They'd hardly notice ... get up.
                    I've been looking forward to this
                    for a long time ...
                    I bet you have ...
          Suddenly the slimy alien disappears in a blinding flash
          of light.  Han pulls his smoking gun from beneath the
          table as the other patrons look on in bemused amazement.
                    ... but it will take a lot more than
                    the likes of you to finish me off ...
          Han gets up and starts out of the cantina, flipping the
          bartender some coins as he leaves.
                    Sorry for the mess ...
B50       OMITTED                                    OMITTED                   B50
C50       EXT. MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT - ALLEYWAY                                 C50
          Four heavily armed stormtroopers move menacingly along
          a narrow slum alleyway crowded with darkly-clad creatures
          hawking exotic goods in dingy little stalls.  Men, monsters
          and robots crouch in waste-filled doorways whispering and
          hiding from the hot winds.  One of the troopers checks a
          tightly locked door and moves on down the alleyway.  The
          door slides open a crack and Threepio peeks out.  Artoo is
          barely visible in the background.
                    I would rather have gone with Master
                    Luke then stay here with you.  I don't 
                    quite know what all the trouble is about,
                    but I'm sure it must be your fault.
                    (Artoo beeps) You watch your language.
53        EXT. ALLEYWAY - MOS EISLEY STREET - USED SPEEDER LOT                  53
          Ben and Luke are standing in a sleazy used-speeder lot,
          talking with a tall grotesque, insect-like used-speeder
          dealer.  Strange exotic bodies and spindly legged beasts
          pass by as the insect concludes the sale by giving Luke
          some coins.
                    He says it's the best he can do.  Since
                    the XP-38 came out, they just aren't in
                    It will be sufficient.  I've got enough
                    to cover the rest.
          Ben and Luke leave the speeder-lot and walk down the dusty
          alleyway past a small robot herding a bunch of anteater-like
          creatures.  Luke turns and gives one last forlorn look at
          his faithful speeder as he rounds a corner.  A darkly clad 
          creature moves out of the shadows as they pass and watches
          them as they disappear down another alley.
AA53      INT. DOCKING BAY 94 - DAY                                           AA53
          Jabba the Hut and a half dozen grisly pirates and purple
          aliens stand in the middle of the docking bay.  Jabba is
          the grossest of the salivering hulks and his scarred face
          is a grim testimonial to his prowess as a vicious killer.
                    Come on out Solo!
          A voice from directly behind the pirates startles them and
          they turn around to see Han Solo and the giant Wookiee
          Chewbacca standing behind them with no weapons in sight.
                    I've been waiting for you Jabba.
                    I expected you would be.
                    I'm not the type to run.
                    (Fatherly-smooth)  Han, my boy, there are
                    times when you disappoint me ... why
                    haven't you paid me?  And why did you have
                    to fry poor Greedo like that ... after all
                    we've been through together.
                    You sent Greedo to blast me.
                    (Mock surprise)  Han, why you're the best
                    smuggler in the business.  You're too
                    valuable to fry.  He was only relaying
                    my concern at your delays.  He wasn't
                    going to blast you.
                    I think he thought he was.  Next time
                    don't send one of those twerps.  If you've
                    got something to say to me, come see me
                    Han, Han!  If only you hadn't had to dump
                    that shipment of spice ... you understand
                    I just can't make an exception.  Where
                    would I be if every pilot who smuggled for
                    me dumped their shipment at the first sign 
                    of an Imperial starship?  It's not good 
                    You know, even I get boarded sometimes,
                    Jabba.  I had no choice, but I've got a
                    charter now and I can pay you back, plus
                    a little extra.  I just need some more time.
                    (To his men)  Put your blasters away.  Han,
                    my boy, I'm only doing this because you're
                    the best and I need you.  So, for an extra,
                    say ... twenty percent I'll give you a
                    little more time ... but this is it.  If
                    you disappoint me again, I'll put a price
                    on your head, so large you won't be able
                    to go near a civilized system for the rest
                    of your life.
                    Jabba, I'll pay you because it's my pleasure.
BA53      INT. DEATH STAR - CORRIDOR                                          BA53
          Darth Vader and a stormtrooper commander stride down one of
          the long Death Star corridors, followed by several aides.
                    We've started to search the spaceport
                    at Mos Eisley.  It's just a matter of
                    time before we've found the droids.
                    Send in more men if you have to.  It's
                    her hope of that data being used against
                    us that is the pillar of her resistance
                    to the mind probe.
                    Until then we must waste our time with
                    Governor Tarkin's foolish plan to break
CA53      OMITTED                                            OMITTED          CA53
A53       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           A53
54        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            54
55        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            55
56        EXT. DOCKING PORT ENTRY - ALLEYWAY                                    56
          Chewbacca waits restlessly at the entrance to Docking Bay 94.
          Ben, Luke and the robots make their way up the street.
          Chewbacca jabbers excitedly and signals for them to hurry.
          The darkly clad creature has followed them from the speeder
          lot.  He stops in a nearby doorway and speaks into a small
57        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            57
58        INT. MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT - DOCKING BAY 94                            58
          Chewbacca leads the group into the giant dirt pit that is
          Docking Bay 94.  Resting in the middle of the huge hole is
          a large, round, beat-up, pieced together hunk of junk that
          could only loosely be called a starship.
                    What a piece of junk.  This ship
                    couldn't possibly go above sub-light
          The tall figure of Han Solo comes down the boarding ramp.
                    She may not look like much, but
                    she's go it where it counts.  I've
                    added some special modifications
                    myself.  She'll make point five 
                    beyond light speed.
          Luke scratches his head, it's obvious he's not too sure about
          all this.  Chewbacca rushes up the ramp and urges the others
          to follow.
                    We're a little rushed, so if you'll
                    hurry aboard, we'll be off.
          The group rushes up the gang plank, passes a grinning Han Solo.
AA58      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP                                                AA58
          Chewbacca settles into the pilot's chair and starts the mighty
          engines of the starship.
A58       EXT. MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT - ALLEYWAY                                 A58
          Eight Imperial Stormtroopers rush up to the darkly clad creatures
          and he points to the door of the docking bay.  The troops hold
          their guns at the ready and charge down the docking bay entrance.
B58       INT. DOCKING BAY 94 - MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT                           B58
          Han Solo looks up and sees the Imperial Stormtroopers rushing
          into the docking bay.  Several of the troopers fire at Han as
          he ducks into the spaceship.
                    Chewie!  Deflector shields quick!
                    Get us out of here.
          Han draws his laser pistol and pops off a couple of shots
          which force the stormtroopers to dive for safety.  The
          starship engines whine as Han hits the release button that
          slams the overhead entry shut.
C58       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           C58
59        EXT. MOS EISLEY SPACEPORT - STREET - MORNING                          59
          The half dozen stormtroopers at a check point hear the general
          alarm and look to the sky as the huge starship rises above the
          dingy slum dwellings and quickly disappears into the morning sky.
60        INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                        60
          Han climbs into the pilot's chair next to Chewbacca who chatters
          away as he points to something on the radar scope.
                    It looks like an Imperial cruiser.
                    Our passengers must be hotter than
                    I thought.  Try to hold it off, angle
                    the deflectors until I can make the
                    calculations for the jump to light 
          Han frantically types information into the ship's computer.
          Little Artoo appears momentarily at the cockpit doorway,
          makes a few beeping remarks, then scurries away.
61        EXT. SPACE TATOOINE ORBIT                                             61
          Pan with the pirate starship as it races away form the yellow
          planet, Tatooine, followed by one - two - three huge Imperial
62        INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                        62
          Luke and Ben make their way into the crowded cockpit where
          Han continues his calculations.
                    Stay sharp!  We've got two more coming
                    in, they're going to cut us off.
                    (Sarcastically)  Can't you outrun them?
                    I thought you said this thing was fast.
                    Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find
                    yourself floating home.  We'll be safe
                    enough once we've made the jump into
                    hyperspace.  They can't track us
                    accurately at light speeds.  Plus I 
                    know a few maneuvers that should lose
          The ship shudders as an explosion flashes outside the window.
                    Here's where it gets interesting.
                    Well, how long before you can make the
                    jump to light speed?
                    It'll take a few minutes for the navi-
                    computer to calculate the coordinates.
                    A few minutes!!  At the rate they're
                    gaining ....
                    Traveling through hyper-space isn't
                    like dusting crops, boy.  Without
                    calculations we could pass right
                    through a star or bounce to near a
                    supernova.  And that would end our
                    trip real quick.
          The ship is now constantly battered with laser fire as a red
          warning light begins to flash.
                    What's that?
                    We're losing a deflector shield.  Better
                    strap yourselves in, we're ready to make
                    the jump to light speed.
63        INT. MAIN HOLD AREA                                                   63
          The ship rocks violently as Threepio holds on to his seat for
          dear life.  Artoo sways to and fro under the thundering impact
          of the incoming laser blasts.
                    Was this trip really necessary?  I
                    forgot how much I hate space travel.
          Luke and Ben enter and strap themselves into their chairs.
64        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            64
65        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            65
66        INT. DEATH STAR - CONTROL ROOM                                        66
          Admiral Motti enters the quiet control room and bows before
          Governor Tarkin, who stands before the huge wall screen
          displaying a small green planet.
                    We are entering the Alderaan star system.
                    We await your order.
          Vader enters with Leia and two stormtroopers.
                    Governor Tarkin, I should've expected to
                    find you holding Vader's leash.  I
                    recognized your foul stench when I was
                    brought on board.
                    Charming to the last.  You don't know
                    how hard I found it signing the order
                    to terminate your life.
                    I'm surprised you had the courage to
                    take the responsibility yourself.
                    Princess Leia, before your execution
                    I would like you to be my guest at a
                    ceremony that will make this battle
                    station operational.  No star system
                    will dare oppose the Emperor now.
                    The more you tighten you grip Tarkin,
                    the more star systems will slip through
                    your fingers.
                    Not after we demonstrate this battle
                    station's power.  In a way, you yourself
                    have determined the choice of the planet
                    that will be destroyed first.  Since you
                    are reluctant to provide us with the 
                    location of the rebel stronghold, I have
                    chosen to test the station's destructive
                    power, on your home planet of Alderaan.
                    No!  Alderaan is peaceful.  We have no
                    weapons, you can't ...
                    You would prefer another target?  A
                    military target?  Then name the system.
                    I grow tired of asking this, so it will 
                    be the last time.  Where is the rebel base?
          Leia overhears an intercom announcing the approach to Alderaan.
                    (Softly)  Dantooine ... they're on
                    There, you see Lord Vader?  She can
                    be reasonable.
                               (To the others)
                    Proceed with the operation.  You may
                    fire when ready.
                    Dantooine is too remote to be an
                    effective demonstration ... we will
                    deal with your rebel friends soon
          The small green planet is blown into space dust.  Princess Leia
          is seething with rage.
                    And you call yourselves humans.
                    You are far too trusting ... you will
                    shortly see your hopeless rebellion
                    vanish in a similar fashion.
67        INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - MAIN HOLD AREA                                 67
          Ben falters, seems almost faint, then rubs his forehead as if he
          has a headache.
                    Are you alright?  What is it?  What's
                    I feel a great ebbing in The Force, the
                    cry of a billion voices stopping all at
                    once.  It's the feeling of death.  Some-
                    thing terrible has happened ....
          Ben seems to drift into a trance, then fixes his gaze on Luke.
                    Continue with your exorcise.
          Han enters and begins checking charts and various computer
                    You can stop worrying about your troubles
                    with those Imperial slugs.  I told you I'd
                    lose them.
                            (Nobody says anything)
                    Don't everybody thank me at once.  Anyway,
                    I calculate our arrival on Alderaan at of
                    two hundred.
          Chewbacca and the two robots sit around a lighted table
          covered with many small hologram figures.  Each side of the
          table has a small computer monitor embedded in it.  Chewbacca
          seems very pleased with himself as he rests his lanky fur-
          covered arms over his head.  Artoo immediately reaches up
          and taps the computer with his stubby claw hand, causing one
          of the hologram figures to walk to a new square.  A sudden
          frown crosses Chewbacca's face and he begins yelling gibberish
          at the tiny robot.  Threepio intercedes on behalf of his small
          companion and begins to argue with the huge wookiee.
                    (To Chewie)  He made a fair move.
                    Screaming about it can't help you.
                    (To Threepio)  Let him have it.  It's
                    not wise to upset a wookiee.
                    But, sir, no one worries about upsetting
                    a droid.
                    That's because a droid doesn't rip
                    peoples arms out of their sockets when
                    they lose ... wookiees have been known
                    to do that.
                    I see your point.
                                     (To Artoo)
                    I suggest a new strategy, Artoo.  Let ...
                    the wookiee ... win.
          Luke stands in the middle of the small hold area.  He seems
          frozen in place, a humming laser sword held high over his
          head.  Ben watches him from the corner, studying his move-
          ments.  Han watches with a bit of smugness.
                    Remember, a Jedi warrior can feel The Force
                    flowing from him.
                    You mean that it controls your actions?
                    Partially, but it also obeys your commands.
          Suspended at eye level, about ten feet in front of Luke, a
          chrome baseball covered with antenna hovers slowly in a wide
          arc.  The ball floats to one side of the youth, then to the
          other.  Suddenly it makes a lightning swift lunge and stops
          within a few feet of Luke's face.  Luke doesn't move and the
          ball backs off.  It slowly moves behind the boy, then makes
          another quick lunge, this time emitting a blood red laser
          beam as it attacks, hitting Luke in the leg causing him to
          tumble over.  Han lets loose with a burst of laughter.
                    Hocus-pocus religion and ancient weapons
                    are no substitute for a good blaster at
                    your side.
                    You don't believe in The Force?
                    I've flown from one end of this galaxy to
                    the other and I see a lot of strange
                    things ... too strange to believe that
                    one all powerful force controls everything.
                    No mystical energy field determines my
                    destiny.  I wouldn't listen to him, he's
                    full of simple tricks and mischief.
                    I suggest you try it again, Luke.  This
                    time, let go your conscious self and act
                    on your instinct.
          Ben places a large helmet on Luke's head which covers his eyes.
                    But now I can't even see!  So how can I
                    Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them.
          Han skeptically shakes his head as Ben throws the seeker into
          the air.  The ball shoots straight up in the air, then drops
          like a rock.  Luke swings the laser sword around blindly
          missing the seeker, which fires off a laser bolt which hits
          Luke square on the seat of the pants.  He lets out a painful
          yell and attempts to hit the seeker.
                    Stretch out with your feelings, in the
          Luke stands in one place, seemingly frozen.  The seeker makes
          a dive at Luke and he incredibly manages to deflect the bolt.
          The ball ceases firing and moves back to its original position.
                    You see, you can do it!
                    I'd call it luck.
                    In my experience there is no such thing
                    as luck.
                    Good against "remotes" is one thing.
                    Good against the living is another.
          A small light on the far side of the cabin begins flashing.
          Chewbacca notices it and calls out to Han.
                    We're coming up on Alderaan.
          Han and Chewbacca head back to the cockpit.
                    You know, I did feel something.  I
                    could almost see the "remote."
                    That's good.  You have taken your first
                    step into a larger world.
A67       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                       A67
          The cockpit is alive with humming meters and softly burning
          readouts.  Han and Chewbacca are busy at the controls.
                    Stand by, here we go ... cut in the
                    sub-light engines.
          Han pulls back on a control lever and, outside the cockpit
          window, stars begin streaking past, slow, then stop.
          Suddenly the starship begins to shudder and then violently
          shake about.  Asteroids begin to race toward them battering
          the sides of the ship.
                    What the ....
          The giant wookiee flips off several controls and seems very
          cool in the emergency.  Luke makes his way into the bouncing
                    What's going on?
                    We've come out of hyper-space into a meteor
                    storm or some kind of asteroid collision.
                    It doesn't appear on any of my charts.  Our
                    position is correct ... except ... Alderaan?
                    What about it?  Where is it?
                    That's what I'm talking about.  It's not
                    there.  Alderaan's been .. blown away
                    ... totally.
          Ben moves into the cockpit behind Luke as the ship begins to
          settle down.
                    Destroyed?  How?
                    The Empire.
                    But their entire starfleet couldn't have
                    destroyed the whole planet.  It would
                    take a thousand ships with more fire power
                    than ...
          A signal light starts flashing on the control panel and a
          muffled alarm starts humming.
                    It's another ship.
                    Maybe they know what happened.
                    It's an Imperial fighter.
          Chewbacca barks his concern.  A huge explosion bursts outside
          the cockpit window, shaking the ship violently.  A tiny finned
          Imperial tie fighter races past the cockpit window.
                    It followed us!
                    It couldn't have.
                    No.  It's a short-range fighter.
                    But where'd it come from?  There are
                    no bases near here.
                    It's leaving in a big hurry.  If it
                    identifies us we're in big trouble.
                    Not if I can help it!  Chewie, jam
                    it's transmission.
                    It would be best to let it go.  It's
                    too far out of range.
                    Not for long ....
68-70     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         68-70
71        EXT. PIRATE STARSHIP                                                  71
(B22)                                                                        (B22)
          The pirate starship zooms over the camera and away into the
          vastness of space after the Imperial tie fighter.
72        EXT. IMPERIAL TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                     72
(B23)                                                                        (B23)
          The Imperial tie fighter darts overhead, quickly followed by
          the huge pirate starship.
73        INT. COCKPIT PIRATE STARSHIP                                          73
(B24)                                                                        (B24)
          The tension mounts as the pirate starship gains on the tiny
          fighter.  In the distance one of the stars becomes brighter
          until it is obvious the tie ship is heading for it.  Ben
          stands behind Chewbacca.
                    A fighter of that size could never
                    be this deep into space on its own.
                    It must have gotten lost, been part
                    of a convoy or something ...
                    Well he won't be around to tell
                    anyone about us.
74        EXT. SPACE - PIRATE STARSHIP - IMPERIAL FIGHTER                       74
(B26)                                                                        (B26)
          The Imperial fighter is losing ground to the larger pirate
          starship as they race toward camera and disappear overhead.
A74       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                       A74
(B27)                                                                        (B27)
          The distant star can now be distinguished as a small moon or
                    He's heading for that small moon.
                    I think I can stop him before he gets
                    there ... he's almost in range.
          The small moon begins to take on the appearance of a monstrous
          spherical battle station.
B74       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           B74
C74       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                       C74
(B27 & B27A)                                                          (B27 & B27A)
                    That's no moon, it's a space station.
                    But it's too big to be a space station.
                    I have a very bad feeling about this.
                    Turn the ship around!
                    Yes, I think you're right.  Full
          The pirate starship shudders and the tie fighter accelerates
          away toward the gargantuan battle station.
D74       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           D74
E74       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                       E74
(B28 & B28A)                                                          (B28 & B28A)
          The giant wookiee chatters something to Han.
                    Lock in the auxiliary power!
          The control board begins to go wild.  The Death Star grows
          larger as they continue their approach.
                    Why are we still moving toward it?
                    We're caught in a tractor beam.
                    It's dragging us in.
                    You mean there's nothing you can ...?
                    I'm full power, kid!  It's no use.
                    I'm going to have to shut down.  But
                    they're not going to suck me up like
                    so much space dust without a fight!
          Han starts to get out of his pilot's chair.  Ben Kenobi puts
          a hand on his shoulder.
                    If it is a fight you cannot win ...
                    there are many alternatives to fighting.
75        EXT. PIRATE STARSHIP - DEATH STAR                                     75
(B28 & B31)                                                            (B28 & B31)
          As the battered pirate starship is towed closer to the awesome
          metal moon, the immense size of the massive battle station
          becomes staggering.  Running along the equator of the gigantic
          sphere is a mile high band of huge docking ports into which
          the helpless pirateship is dragged.
76        INT. DEATH STAR - CONFERENCE ROOM                                     76
          Imperial Officer Cass stands before Governor Tarkin and the
          evil Dark Lord Darth Vader.
                                   OFFICER CASS
                    The scout ships have reached Dantooine.
                    They have found the remains of a rebel
                    base ... but they estimate it has been
                    deserted for sometime.  They are conducting
                    an extensive search of the surrounding
                    She lied!  She lied to us!
                    I told you she would never consciously
                    betray the rebellion ... unless she
                    thought she could destroy this station
                    in the process.
                    Terminate her immediately!
                    And lose your only link to the rebel
                    base?  She can still be of value to us.
                    You'll get nothing more out of her.
                    I'll find that hidden fortress if I
                    have to destroy every star system in
                    this sector.
          A quiet beeping tone interrupts the governor.
                    We've captured a freighter entering the
                    remains of the Alderaan system.  It's
                    markings match those of the ship that
                    blasted it's way out of the quarantine
                    on Mos Eisley.
                    They must have been trying to return the
                    stolen data tapes to the princess ... we
                    might be of some help.
77        INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN FORWARD BAY                                    77
          The pirate starship rests in a huge hangar bay of the Death Star.
          Thirty stormtroopers stand at attention in front of the lowered
          main ramp to the starship.  Vader and a commander approach the
          troops as an officer and several heavily armed troops exit the
                    There is no one aboard.  According to
                    the ships log, the crew abandoned ship
                    right after take-off.  It must have been
                    a decoy.  Several of the escape pods
                    have been jettisoned.
                    Did you find any droid?
                    No sir.  If there were any, they must 
                    have also jettisoned.
                    Send a scanning crew on board, I want
                    every part of this ship checked.  I
                    sense something ... a presence I 
                    haven't felt since ...
          Vader turns quickly and exits the hangar.
78        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            78
79        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            79
80        INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - HALLWAY                                        80
          A lone trooper runs through the hallway heading for the exit.
          In a few moments all is quiet.  The muffled sounds of a
          distant officer giving orders finally fade.  Two floor panels
          suddenly pop up revealing Han Solo and Luke.  Ben Kenobi sticks
          his head out of a third locker.
                    Lucky you had these compartments.
                    I use them for smuggling.  I never
                    expected to smuggle myself in them.
                    This is ridiculous.  It isn't going
                    to work.  Even if I could take off,
                    we'd never get past that tractor beam.
                    You leave that to me.
                    I was afraid you'd say that.  You're
                    a damn fool.
                    Who is more foolish ... the fool or
                    the man follows him?
          Han shakes his head, muttering to himself.
81        INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN FORWARD BAY                                    81
          The two crewmen carry a heavy box on board the ship, past the
          two stormtroopers guarding either side of the ramp.
                    The ship's all yours.  If the scanners
                    pick up anything, report it immediately.
          The crewmen enter the pirate starship and a loud crashing sound
          is followed by a voice calling out to the guards below.
                    Hey down there, could you give us a
                    hand with this?
          The stormtroopers enter the ship and a second loud crashing
          sound is heard.
82        INT. DEATH STAR - FORWARD BAY - COMMAND OFFICE                        82
          In a very small command office near the entrance to the pirate
          starship, a gantry officer looks out his window and notices the
          guards are missing.  He speaks into the comlink.
                                   GANTRY OFFICER
                    TX-421.  Why aren't you at your post?
                    TX-421, do you copy?
          A stormtrooper comes down the ramp of the pirate starship and
          waves to the gantry officer and points to his ear indicating
          his comlink is not working.  The gantry officer shakes his
          head in disgust and heads for the door, giving his aide an
          annoyed look.
                                   GANTRY OFFICER
                    Take over.  We've got another bad
                    transmitter.  I'm going to see what I
                    can do.
          As the officer approaches the door, it slides open revealing
          the towering Chewbacca.  The gantry officer in a momentary state
          of shock, stumbles backward.  With a bone-chilling howl, the
          giant wookiee flattens the officer with one blow.  The aide
          immediately reaches for his pistol, but is blasted by Han,
          dressed as an Imperial stormtrooper.  Ben and the robots enter
          the room, quickly followed by Luke, also dressed as a stormtrooper.
                    Between his howling and your blasting
                    everything in sight, it's a wonder
                    the entire station doesn't know we're
                    Bring them on, I prefer a straight
                    fight to all this sneaking around.
          Ben feeds some information into the computer and a map of the
          city appears on the monitor.  He begins to inspect it carefully.
          Threepio and Artoo look over the control panel.  Artoo finds
          something that makes him whistle wildly.
                    Plug him in.  He should be able to
                    read the entire Imperial computer
          Artoo punches his claw arm into the computer socket and the
          vast Imperial brain network comes to life, feeding information
          to the little robot.  After a few moments, he beeps something.
                    The tractor beam is coupled to the main
                    reactor in seven locations.  Most of the
                    data is restricted, but he'll try to get
                    what there is to come through on the
          Ben studies the data on the monitor readout.
                    I don't think there is any way you boys
                    can help in this.  I must go alone.
                    Whatever you say.  I've done more
                    than I bargained for on this trip
                    already.  I think putting that tractor
                    beam out of commission is going to
                    take more than your magic, old man.
                    I want to go with you.
                    Don't be impatient, young Luke.  This
                    requires skills you haven't yet mastered.
                    Your destiny lies along a different path.
                    Stay and watch over the droids.  They
                    must be delivered to the rebel forces or
                    many more star systems will meet the same
                    fate as Alderaan.   Trust your feelings 
                    Luke.  The Force is with you.
          Ben adjusts his laser sword on his belt and silently steps out
          of the command office and disappears down a long gray hallway.
          Chewbacca makes some noises and Han shakes his head in agreement.
                    You said it, Chewie.
                                  (To Luke)
                    Where did you dig up that old fossil?
                    Ben is a great man.
                    Great at getting us into trouble.
                    I didn't hear you give any ideas ...
                    Anything would be better than just
                    waiting here for them to pick us up ...
          Suddenly Artoo begins to whistle and beep a blue streak.  Luke
          goes over to him.
                    What is it?
                    I'm afraid I don't understand myself sir.
                    He says "I found her" and keeps repeating,
                    "she's here".
                    Who ... who has he found?
          Artoo whistles a frantic reply.
                    Princess Leia.
                    The princess?  She's here!?
                    Princess?  What's gong on?
                    Where?  Where is she?
                    Level five.  Detention block AA-23 ...
                    I'm afraid she's scheduled to be
                    No!  We've got to do something.
                    What are you talking about?
                    The droids belong to her.  She's
                    the one in the message.  We've got
                    to help her.
                    Don't get any funny ideas.  The old 
                    man said to wait here.
                    But he didn't know she was here.  If
                    we could just figure a way into that
                    detention block.
                    I'm not going anywhere.
                    If we don't do something, they're
                    going to execute her!  A minute ago
                    you said you didn't want to just
                    wait here and be captured ... and
                    now all you want to do is stay.
                    Marching into the detention area is
                    not what I had in mind.
                    But they're going to execute her!
                    Better here than me ...
                    I've seen her ... she's beautiful!
                    So's life.
                    She's rich.
                    So ... uh ... rich?
                    Yes, powerful and rich and if we were
                    to rescue her, the reward would be
                    more wealth than you can imagine.
                    I don't know ... I can imagine quite
                    a bit.
                    You'll get it!
          Han looks at Chewie who grunts a short grunt.
                    (Shrugging to Chewie)  All right, you'd
                    better be right about this.  What's your
                    plan kid.
                    Give me those binders and tell Chewbacca
                    to come over here.
          Han gives Luke the electric cuffs as Chewbacca comes over.
                    (To Chewie)  Now, I'm going to put these
                    on you and ...
                                (Chewie growls hideously)
                    Now, Han is going to put these on you and ...
          Luke sheepishly hands the binders to Han.
                    Don't worry, Chewie.  I think I know
                    what he has in mind.
          The wookiee has a worried and frightened look on his face as Han
          binds him with electronic cuffs.
                    Luke, sir!  Pardon me for asking ...
                    but, ah ... what should Artoo and I
                    do if we're discovered here.
                    Hope they don't have blasters.
                    That isn't very reassuring.
          Luke and Han put on their armored helmets and start off into the
          giant Imperial Death Star.
83        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            83
84        INT. DEATH STAR - DETENTION AREA - ELEVATOR TUBE                      84
          Han and Luke try to look inconspicuous in their armored suits
          as they wait for a vacuum elevator to arrive.  Troops, bureaucrats
          and robots bustle about ignoring the trio completely.  Only a 
          few give the giant wookiee a curious glance.  Finally a small
          elevator arrives and the trio enter.  A bureaucrat races to get
          aboard also, but is signaled away by Han.  The door to the pod-
          like vehicle slides closed and it takes off through a vacuum
85        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            85
86        INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN HALLWAY                                        86
          Several Imperial officers walk through the wide main passageway.
          They pass several stormtroopers and a robot similar to Threepio
          but with an insect face.  At the far end of the hallway, a
          passing flash of Ben Kenobi appears, then disappears down a
          small hallway.  His appearance was so fleeting that it is hard
          to tell if he was real or just an illusion.  No one in the
          hallway seemed to notice him.
87        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            87
88        INT. DEATH STAR - DETENTION SECURITY AREA                             88
          The giant wookiee and his two guards enter the old gray security
          station.  Guards and laser gates are everywhere.  Han whispers
          to Luke under his breath.
                    This isn't going to work.
                    Why didn't you say so before?
                    I think I did.
          A tall, grim-looking officer approaches the trio.
                    Where are you going with this ... thing?
          Chewie growls a bit at the remark but Han nudges him to shut up.
                    Prisoner transfer from block  TS-138.
                    I wasn't notified.  I'll have to
                    clear it.
          The officer goes back to his console and begins to punch in
          the information.  There are only three other troopers in the
          area.  Luke and Han survey the situation, checking all of the
          alarms, laser gates and camera eyes.  Han unfastens one of
          Chewbacca's electronic cuffs and shrugs to Luke.
          Suddenly Chewbacca throws up his hands and lets out with one
          of his ear-piercing howls.  He grabs Han's laser rifle.
                    Look out!  It's loose!  It'll rip
                    us all apart.
          The startled guards are momentarily dumbfounded.  Luke and Han
          have already pulled out their laser pistols and are blasting
          away at the terrifying wookiee.  Their barrage of laser fire
          misses Chewbacca, but hits the camera eyes, laser gate controls
          and the Imperial guards.  The officer is the last of the guards
          to fall under the laser fire, just as he is about to push the
          alarm system.  Han rushes to the comlink system, which is
          screeching questions about what is going on.  He quickly checks
          the computer readout.
                    We've got to find out which cell
                    this princess of yours is ... here
                    it is ... cell 2187.  I'll hold them
          Luke races down one of the cell corridors.  Han speaks into
          the buzzing comlink.
                    (Sounding official)  Everything is
                    under control.  Situation normal.
                                   INTERCOM VOICE
                    What happened?
                    (Getting nervous)  Uh well ... slight
                    weapon malfunction.  No problem now ...
                    we're all fine thank you.  How about you?
                                   INTERCOM VOICE
                    We're sending a squad up.
                    Uh ... negative, negative.  We have a
                    reactor leak, give us a few minutes 
                    to lock it down.  Large leak ... very
                                   INTERCOM VOICE
                    Who is this?  What's your operating ...
          Han blasts the comlink and it explodes.
                    It was a boring conversation anyway.
                                  (Yelling down the hall)
                    Luke!  We're going to have company!
89        INT. DEATH STAR - CELL ROW                                            89
          Luke stops in front of one of the cells and blasts the door
          away with his laser pistol.  When the smoke clears, Luke sees
          the dazzling young princess-senator, standing before him with
          an uncomprehending look on her face.  Luke is stunned by her
          incredible beauty, and stands staring at her with his mouth
          hanging open.
                    You're even ... more beautiful ...
                    than I
          Luke doesn't go on and there's another pause as she stares at him.
                    (Finally)  Aren't you a little short
                    for a stormtrooper?
          Luke takes off his helmet, coming out of it.
                    What?  Oh ... the uniform.  I've come
                    to rescue you.  I'm Luke Skywalker.
                    You're who?
                    I've come to rescue you.  Ben Kenobi is
                    with me ... we've got your droids ....
                    Ben Kenobi!  Where is he?  Obi-wan!!
89A       INT. CONFERENCE ROOM - DEATH STAR                                    89A
          Darth Vader paces the room as Governor Tarkin sits at the far
          end of the conference table.
                    He is here ...
                    Obi-wan Kenobi!  Impossible.  What makes
                    you think so?
                    A tremor in The Force.  But the only
                    time I've felt it such as this was in
                    the presence of my old master.
                    Surely he must be dead by now.
                    Perhaps ... it was just a feeling.
                    The Jedi are extinct ... their fire
                    has gone out of the universe.  You,
                    my friend, are all that's left of their
          There is a quiet buzz on the comlink and Tarkin answers.
                                   INTERCOM VOICE
                    We have an emergency alert in detention
                    block AA-23
                    The princess!
                    Obi-wan is here ... The Force is intense
                    with him, I can feel it.
                    Put all sections on alert: if you're
                    right, he must not be allowed to escape.
                    Escape may not be Obi-wan Kenobi's plan.
                    He is the last of the Jedi ... and the
                    strongest.  The danger must not be under-
                    estimated.  I must face him alone.
90        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            90
91        INT. DEATH STAR - DETENTION AREA - DUNGEON - HALLWAY                  91
          A series of explosions knock a hole in the wall through which
          several Imperial troops begin to emerge.  Han and Chewie fire
          their laser pistols at them through the smoke and flames.
          They turn and run down the cell hallway, meeting up with Luke
          and Leia running toward them.
                    We can't go back that way!
                    No, it look like you've managed to cut
                    off our only escape route.
                    (Sarcastically)  Begging your forgiveness,
                    your highness ... but maybe you'd prefer
                    it back in your cell?
          Luke takes a small comlink transmitter from his belt.
                    See Threepio!  See Threepio!
                    Yes sir?
                    We've been cut off!  Are there any other
                    ways out of the cell bay? ... What was 
                    that?  I didn't copy!
92-93     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         92-93
94        INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN BAY GANTRY - CONTROL TOWER                     94 
          Threepio paces the control center as little Artoo beeps and
          whistles a blue streak.  Threepio yells into the small comlink
                    I said, all systems have been alerted
                    to your presence, sir.  The main entry
                    seems to be the only way in our out ...
                    all other information on your sector
                    is restricted.
          Someone begins banging on the door.
                    Oh, no!
95        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            95
96        INT. DEATH STAR - CELL ROW                                            96
          Han and Chewbacca are barely able to keep the stormtroopers
          at bay at one end of the hallway.  The laserfire is very
          intense and smoke fills the narrow cell corridor.
                    There isn't any other way out.
                    Well they're closing in on us .. what
                    This is some rescue ... when you came 
                    in, didn't you have a plan for getting
                    He's the brains, sweetheart.
          Luke manages a sheepish grin and shrugs his shoulders.  The
          princess grabs Luke's gun and fires at a small grate in the
          wall next to Han.
                    What do you think you're doing?
                    I've decided it's up to me to save
                    our skins.  Get into that garbage chute
          She jumps through the narrow opening as Han and Chewbacca look
          on in amazement.  Chewbacca says something.
                    No, Chewie ... I don't want you to
                    rip her apart.  I've got an odd
                    feeling ... either I'm beginning to
                    like her, or I'm about to kill her.
                    go on you furry oaf!  I don't care 
                    what you smell.  We don't have time
                    to worry about it now.
          He shoves the wookiee into the tiny opening and the wookiee
          disappears into the darkness followed quickly by Han.  Luke
          fires off a couple of quick blasts, creating a smoky cover,
          then slides into the garbage chute and is gone.
A97       INT. DEATH STAR - GARBAGE ROOM                                       A97
          Luke has tumbled into a large room filled with garbage and muck.
          Han is already stumbling around looking for an exit.  He finds
          a small hatchway and struggles to get it open.  It won't budge.
                    (Sarcastically)  The garbage chute 
                    was a wonderful idea.  What an
                    incredible smell you've discovered.
                    Unfortunately these trash chambers
                    are vacuum sealed.
          He draws his laser pistol and fires at the hatch.  The laserbolt
          ricochets wildly around the small metal room.  Everyone dives
          for cover in the garbage as the bolt explodes almost on top of
          them.  Leia climbs out of the garbage with a rather grim look
          on her face.
                    Put that thing away or you're going to
                    get us all killed.
                    Yes, your worship.  But it won't take
                    long for them to figure out what
                    happened to us.  We had things well
                    under control, until you led us down 
                    It could be worse ...
          A loud, horrible, inhuman moan works its way up from the murky
          depths.  Chewbacca lets out a terrified howl and begins to back
          away.  Han and Luke stand fast with their laser pistols drawn.
          The wookiee is cowering near one of the walls.
                    What was that?
                    I'm not too sure.
                    Something just moved past me.  Watch out.
          Suddenly Luke is yanked under the garbage.
                    It's got Luke!  It took him under!
          Luke surfaces with a a gasp of air and thrashing of limbs with a
          membrane tentacle wrapped around his throat.
                    Blast it!  Blast it!
                    I can't even see it.
          Luke is pulled back in to the muck by the slimy tentacle.
          Suddenly the walls of the garbage receptacle shudder and move
          in a couple of inches.  Then everything is deathly quiet.
          Luke bobs back to the surface.
                    What happened?
                    I don't know, it just disappeared ...
                    I've got a very bad feeling about this.
          Before anyone can say anything the walls begin to rumble and
          edge toward the rebels.
                    Don't just stand there.  Try to brace
                    it with something.
          They place poles and long metal beams between the closing walls,
          but they are simply snapped and bent as the giant trash masher
          rumbles on.  The situation doesn't look too good.  Luke pulls
          out his comlink.
                    Threepio, come in Threepio.
98        OMITTED                                            OMITTED            98
99        INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN GANTRY - COMMAND OFFICER                       99
          A soft buzzer and the muted voice of Luke calling out for See
          Threepio can be heard on Threepio's hand comlink which is
          sitting on the deserted computer console.  Artoo and Threepio
          are nowhere in sight.  Suddenly there is a great explosion
          and the door to the control tower flies across the floor.
          Four armed stormtroopers enter the chamber.  A muffled voice
          can be heard coming from one do the supply cabinets.
                    Help!  Help!  Let us out.
          The troops inspect the dead bodies and release Threepio from
          the supply cabinets.  Artoo follows his bronze companion out
          into the office.
                    They're madmen!  They are heading for
                    the prison level.  They just left, if
                    you hurry, you might catch them.
          The troops hustle off down the hallway, leaving two guards
          to watch over the command office.
                    All this excitement has over run the
                    circuits in my counterpart here.  If
                    you don't mind, I'd like to take him
                    down to maintenance.
          The guard nods and Threepio with little Artoo in tow
          hurries out the door.
A100      INT. GARBAGE ROOM - DEATH STAR                                      A100
          The room gets smaller and smaller.  Chewie is whining and trying
          to hold a wall back with his giant paws.  Han is leaning back
          against the other wall.  Garbage is snapping and popping.
                    One thing for sure, we're all
                    going to be much thinner ...
                    What's happened to Threepio?
                    Try to blast the door again, it's our
                    only hope.
          Han fires, but it is to no avail.
A101      INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN FORWARD BAY - SERVICE PANEL                  A101
          Little Artoo carefully plugs his claw arm into a new wall
          socket and a complex array of electronic sounds spew from
          the tiny robot.
                    Wait a minute, slow down! ... That's
                    better.  They're where?  They what?  Oh
                    no!  They're going to be mashed into
                    conduit before this is over ...
A102      INT. DEATH STAR - GARBAGE ROOM                                      A102
          The walls are only feet apart.  Leia and Han are standing
          sideways.  The princess is frightened.  They look at each
          other, their heads turned sideways.  Leia reaches out and
          takes Han's hand and holds it tightly.  She's terrified
          and suddenly groans as she feels the first crushing pressure
          against her body.
          Meanwhile, Luke is lying on his side, trying to keep his
          head above the rising ooze.  Luke's comlink begins to buzz
          and he rips it off his belt.
                    Are you there, sir?  We've had some
                    Threepio, shut up!  And shut down all
                    the garbage mashers on the detention
                    level ... do you copy?  Shut down the
                    garbage ...
A103      INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN FORWARD BAY - SERVICE PANEL                  A103
          Threepio finishes and then holds his head in agony as he hears
          the incredible screaming and hollering from Luke's comlink.
                    No, shut them all down ... hurry.  Oh
                    no!  Listen to them ... they're dying
                    Artoo!  I curse this metal body of mine.
                    I was not fast enough ... it was my
                    fault ... my poor master ... all of them
                    ... no, no, no!
A104      INT. DEATH STAR - GARBAGE ROOM                                      A104
          But the screaming and hollering is the sound of joyous relief.
          The walls have broken open and they move apart again.
                                   LUKE (Into the comlink)
                    Artoo, Threepio, we are all right!
                    Do you read me?  You did fine!
          Luke moves to the pressure hatch and scrapes some muck off a
                    Open the pressure maintenance hatch on
                    unit 366117891.
          Ben enters a humming service trench that powers the huge
          tractor beam.  The trench seems to be a hundred miles deep.
          The clacking sound of huge switching devices can be heard.
          The old Jedi edges his way along a narrow ledge leading to
          a control panel that connects two large cables.  He carefully
          makes several adjustments in the computer terminal and
          several lights on the board change from red to blue.
          Suddenly a door behind Ben slides open and a detachment of
          stormtroopers marches to the power trench.  Ben instantly
          slips into the shadows as an officer moves to within a few
          feet of him. 
                    Secure this entry area until the alert
                    is canceled.
B105      INT. DEATH STAR - UNUSED HALLWAY                                    B105
          The group exit the garbage room into a dusty unused hallway.
          The Dia Nogu bangs against the opening and a long slimy tentacle
          works its way out of the doorway searching for a victim.  Han
          aims his pistol as Leia makes her way past Chewbacca.
                    Somebody get the big hairy walking
                    carpet out of my way.  No, wait!
                    They'll hear.
          Han fires at the doorway.  The noise of the blast echoes
          relentlessly throughout the empty passageway.  Luke simply
          shakes his head in disgust.
                    Listen, I don't know who are, or
                    where you came from, but from now on
                    you do as I tell you.
          Han is stunned at the command of the petite young girl.
                    Listen, your holiness ... let's get
                    something straight!  I take orders
                    from one person ... me.
                    It's a wonder you're still alive.
          Han watches her start away.  He looks at Luke.
                    No reward in worth this.
          They follow her moving swiftly down the deserted corridor.
106       INT. DEATH STAR - POWER TRENCH                                       106
          A half dozen troops are milling around the entrance to the
          power trench.  Ben carefully moves out of the shadows and
          into the main passageway past several stormtroopers.  They
          don't seem to notice him.  He deftly slips past all of the
          troops and into a main passageway.
107       INT. DEATH STAR - HALLWAY                                            107
          Luke, Han, Chewbacca and Leia run down an empty hallway and
          stop before a bay window overlooking the pirate starship.  Luke
          takes out his pocket comlink.
                    See Threepio ... do you copy?
                    I read you, sir.
                    Are you safe?
                    For the moment.  We're in the main hangar,
                    across from the ship.
                    We're right above you.  Stand by.
          Han is watching the dozen or so troops moving in and out of the
                    Getting back to the ship's going to
                    be like flying through the Five Fire 
                    Rings of Fornax.
                    You came in that thing?  You are braver
                    than I thought!
          Han gives her a dirty look, and they start off down the hallway.
          They round a corner and run smack dab into twenty Imperial
          stormtroopers heading toward them.  Both groups are taken by
          surprise and stop in their tracks.  Before even thinking, Han
          draws his laser pistol and charges the troops, yelling at the
          top of his lungs.  The troops are startled by this assault and
          start to back off.  Han manages to blast off several shots before
          the rest flee in panic.  Planned with his prowess, Han starts
          after them, yelling back to Luke as he goes.
                    Get to the ship!
                    Come back here .. where are you going?
          Han has already rounded a corner and does not hear.  Chewbacca,
          quite upset at his master's disappearance, lets out a mighty
          howl and chases after him.
                    Maybe I was too hard on him.  he
                    certainly has courage.
                    I don't know what good it will do us
                    if he gets himself killed.
          Luke is furious but doesn't have time to think about it, for
          muted alarms begin to go off down on the hangar deck.  Luke
          and Leia start off toward the starship hangar.
108       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           108
109       INT. DEATH STAR - SUB HALLWAY                                        109
          Han chases the ten stormtroopers down a long sub hallway.  He
          is yelling and brandishing his laser pistol.  The troops reach
          a dead end and are forced to turn and fight.  Han stops a few
          feet from them and assumes a defensive position.  He is ready
          to blast them.  The troops begin to raise their laser guns.
          Soon all ten troopers are moving into an attack position in
          front of the lone starpirate.  Han's determined look begins
          to fade as the troops begin to advance.
110       INT. DEATH STAR - SUB HALLWAY                                        110
          Chewbacca runs down the sub hallway in a last ditch attempt
          to save his bold captain.  Suddenly he hears the firing of
          laser guns and yelling.  Around the corner shoots Han, pirate
          extraordinaire, running for his life, followed by a host of
          furious stormtroopers.  Chewbacca turns and starts running the
          other way also.
A110      INT. DEATH STAR - HALLWAY                                           A110
          Luke fires at the advancing troops and the pair rush down
          a narrow sub hallway, chased by the stormtroopers.  They
          quickly reach the end of the sub hallway and race through
          an open hatchway.
B110      INT. CENTRAL CORE SHAFT - DEATH STAR                                B110
          Luke races through the hatch onto a narrow bridge that spans
          a huge deep shaft that seems to go into infinity.  The bridge
          has been retracted into the wall of the shaft and Luke almost
          rushes into the abyss.  He stops so quickly, Leia bangs into
          him sending both of them close to death.  A blast from a
          stormtrooper's laser bolt explodes over their heads reminding
          them of the oncoming danger.  Luke draws his laser pistol and
          fires back at the advancing troops.
                    I think we made a wrong turn.
          Leia reaches over and hits a switch that pops the hatch door
          shut with a resounding boom, leaving them precariously perched
          on a short piece of bridge overhang.  Luke blasts the controls
          with his laser pistol.
                    That's a shielded door, but it won't
                    hold them long.
                    We must get across to the passageway.
                    Find the extension control for the
          They look for an exterior bridge control while the stormtroopers
          on the opposite side of the hatch begin making ominous drilling
          and pounding sounds.
                    They're coming through!
                    I'm afraid the controls are on the
                    other side!
          Luke notices something on his stormtrooper utility belt.  He
          pulls out a thin nylon cable, swings it across the metallic
          gorge and it wraps itself around an outcropping of pipes.  He
          tugs on the rope to make sure it is secure, then grabs the
          princess in his arms.  Leia looks at Luke, then kisses him
          quickly on the lips.  Luke is very surprised.
                    Just for luck.  We're going to need it.
          Luke pushes off and they swing across the treacherous abyss to
          the corresponding hatchway on the opposite side.  Just as Luke
          and Leia reach the far side go the canyon, the stormtroopers
          break through the hatch and begin to fire on the escaping duo.
          Luke returns the fire before ducking into the tiny sub hallway,
          closing the hatch behind him.
111       INT. DEATH STAR - HANGAR PASSAGEWAY                                  111
          Ben hides in the shadows of a narrow passageway as twenty or
          thirty stormtroopers rush past him in the main hallway.  He
          checks to make sure they're gone, then runs down the hallway
          in the opposite direction.  Darth Vader appears at the far
          end of the hallway and starts after the old Jedi.
112       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           112
113       INT. DEATH STAR - CORRIDOR - BLAST SHIELD DOOR                       113
          Han and Chewbacca run down a long corridor with several troopers
          hot on their trail.  At the end of the hallway a multi-layered
          series of doors begins to close in front of them.
                    Hurry Chewie!
          The young starpilot and his furry companion race past the huge
          door just as they are closing and manage to get off a couple
          of laser blasts at the pursuing troops before the five layers
          of door finally slam shut.
                    That ought to hold them for awhile.
114       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           114
115       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           115
          Ben hurries along one of the tunnels leading to the starship
          hangar.  Just before he is about to reach the hangar.  Darth
          Vader steps into view at the end of the tunnel not more than
          ten feet away.
                    I have been waiting, Obi-wan Kenobi.
                    We meet again at last.  The circle
                    is now completed.  When I left you,
                    I was but a learner, but now I am
                    the master.
                    You still have much to learn.
          Ben Kenobi lights his laser sword and moves with elegant ease
          into a classical offensive position.  The fearsome Dark Knight
          ignites his laser sword and takes a defensive stance.  The two
          galactic warriors stand perfectly still for a few moments,
          sizing each other up and waiting for the right moment.  Ben
          seems to be under increasing pressure and strain, as if an
          invisible weight were being placed upon him.  He shakes his
          head and blinking, tries to clear his eyes.
                    Your powers are weak ... old man, you
                    should never have come back.
                    You only know half The Force, Darth.
                    you perceive its full power as little
                    as a spoon perceives the taste of food.
          Ben makes a sudden lunge at the huge warrior but is checked by
          a lightning movement of the Sith.  A masterful slash-stroke by
          Vader is blocked by the old Jedi.  Another of the Jedi's blows
          is blocked, then countered.  Ben moves around the Dark Lord
          and starts backing into the massive starship hangar.  The two
          powerful warriors stand motionless for a few moments with
          laser swords locked in mid-air, creating a low buzzing sound.
117       INT. DEATH STAR - MAIN FORWARD BAY - STARSHIP                        117
          Threepio looks around at the troops milling about the starship
          entry ramp.
                    Where could they be? ... Oh, no!
          Threepio ducks out of sight as a trooper looks over toward him.
          When the robot ventures another peek, he spots Han and Chewbacca
          in a tunnel on the other side of the starship.  Han surveys the
          troops around the starship.
                    Didn't we just leave this party?
          Luke and the princess join Han and Chewie.
                    What kept you?
                    We ran into some old friends ...
                    Is the ship all right?
                    Seems OK ... if we could get near it.
          They look up and see Ben and Vader emerging from the hallways
          on the far side of the Docking Bay.  The troops also see the
          battling knights.
                    Now's our chance.
          Threepio ducks out of sight as the seven stormtroopers who were
          guarding the starship rush past them heading toward Ben and the
          Sith Knight.  He pulls on Artoo.
                    Unplug yourself.  We're going.
          Ben sees the troops charging toward him and realizes that he is
          trapped.  Vader takes advantage of Ben's momentary distraction
          and brings his mighty laser sword down on the old man.  Ben
          manages to deflect the blow and swiftly turns around.
                    Prepare to meet The Force, Obi-wan.
                    This is a fight you cannot win, Darth.
                    I have grown much since our parting.
                    If my blade finds its mark, you will
                    cease to exist.  But, if you cut me
                    down, I will only become more powerful.
                    Heed my words.
                    Not this time ... I am the master now.
          Vader brings his sword down, cutting Old Ben in half.  Ben's
          cloak falls to the floor in two parts, but Ben in not in it.
          Vader is puzzled at Ben's disappearance and pokes at the empty
          cloak.  As the guards are distracted, the adventurers and the
          robots race to the starship.  Luke see Ben cut in two and
          starts for him.
          He starts firing wildly at the troops.  Han pops off a couple
          of shots, one of which hits the safety lock on the blast door,
          causing it to slam shut, cutting off Vader.
                    Come on!
          Luke starts for the advancing troops as Han runs up the ramp.
                    It's too late!
                                   BEN'S VOICE
          Luke looks around to see where the voice came from, but only
          see Princess Leia running up the ramp.
                    Come on!
          Luke takes aim and blasts a couple of troops before racing up
          the ramp.
118       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                       118
          Han pulls back on the controls and the ship begins to move.
          The dull thud of laser bolts can be heard bouncing off the
          outside of the ship as Chewie adjusts his controls.
                    I hope that old man managed to knock
                    out that tractor beam, or this is
                    going to be a very short ride.
AA118     INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - HOLD AREA                                   AA118
          Luke sits with his head in his hands.  Princess Leia puts a
          cloak around him protectively.
                    There wasn't anything you could have
                    I can't believe he's gone.
A118      EXT. DEATH STAR - NEAR EQUATOR - SPACE                              A118
          The pirate starship powers away from the Death Star docking
          bay and disappears into the vastness of space.
A119      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - HOLD AREA                                    A119
          Han rushes into the hold area where Luke is sitting with the
                    Come with me kid, we aren't out of 
                    this yet.
          An explosion shakes the ship.
A120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORTS - COCKPIT                           A120
(B37)                                                                        (B37)
          Luke settles into one of the two main laser cannons mounted
          in large rotating turrets on either side of the ship.
B120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORTS - COCKPIT                           B120
(B38)                                                                        (B38)
          Han climbs through a hatch and activates the laser cannons
          on his side of the ship.
C120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORTS - COCKPIT                           C120
(B39)                                                                        (B39)
          Chewbacca and Leia search the heavens for the attacking tie
          fighters.  The wookiee pulls back on the speed controls.
                    Here they come!
D120      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            D120
(B40)                                                                        (B40)
          POV. out the front of the cockpit as an Imperial tie fighter
          races overhead and away into the blackness of space.
E120      INT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            E120
(B41)                                                                        (B41)
          CU. Imperial tie pilot, the stars whip past behind the
          Imperial pilot's head as he adjusts his maneuvering "joy stick."
F120      EXT. PIRATE STARSHIP - SPACE                                        F120
(B42)                                                                        (B42)
          POV. from tie fighter as it races past the pirate starship.
G120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      G120
(B43)                                                                        (B43)
          A tie fighter races up through Han's gunport and his laser
          gun flashes as he fires at the Imperial ship.
H120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      H120
(B44)                                                                        (B44)
          Luke lowers his glare reflector and, with a burst of powerful
          electronic charge, opens up on the enemy craft.
J120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                      J120
(B45 & B46)                                                            (B45 & B46)
          POV. out of the cockpit window as a tie fighter powers overhead
          and away.  Chewbacca and Leia watch for a second fighter.
K120      EXT. SPACE                                                          K120
(B47)                                                                        (B47)
          Full Shot.  Two tie fighters dive down through the frame toward
          the pirateship.
L120      EXT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      L120
(B48)                                                                        (B48)
          CU. Han from outside the gunport as he fires at the descending
          Imperial fighters.
M120      EXT. SPACE - TIE FIGHTER                                            M120
(B49)                                                                        (B49)
          A tie fighter drifts past to the left of the frame against a
          star background.
N120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP                                                N120
(B50)                                                                        (B50)
          CU. over Luke's shoulder as he fires at an unseen fighter.
                    They're coming in too fast!
O120      EXT. SPACE - PIRATE STARSHIP - TIE FIGHTERS                         O120
(B51)                                                                        (B51)
          Pan with pirateship as two tie fighters charge through the
          background.  Laserbolts streak from all the craft.
Q120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP                                                Q120
(B52)                                                                        (B52)
          CU. Chewbacca.  The ship shudders as a laserbolt hits very
          close to the cockpit.  The wookiee chatters something to Leia.
R120      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            R120
(B53)                                                                        (B53)
          Full shot of a tie fighter as it moves fast through the frame
          firing on the pirate starship.
S120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - MAIN PASSAGEWAY                              S120
          CU. a laserbolt streaks into the side of the pirateship causing
          a control panel in the main passageway to blow out creating a
          shower of sparks.  Little Artoo starts toward the inferno as
          the ship lurches violently, throwing poor Threepio into a
          cabinet full of small computer ships.
T120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      T120
(B54)                                                                        (B54)
          CU. over Luke's shoulder as his gun follows an unseen Imperial
          tie fighter.
U120      EXT. SPACE - TIE FIGHTER                                            U120
(B55)                                                                        (B55)
          A tie fighter races toward camera from the vastness of space.
          Pan with it as it passes at an incredible speed.
V120      EXT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      V120
(B56)                                                                        (B56)
          CU. of Han from outside the gunport as he fires furiously at
          the tie fighter.  The constant flashing of deflected laser-
          bolts reflects in the turret bubble.
W120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      W120
(B57)                                                                        (B57)
          View over Han's shoulder through the gunport as a tie fighter
          explodes into a million flaring bits.  Han turns and gives
          Luke a victory wave which Luke gleefully returns.
X120      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            X120
(B58)                                                                        (B58)
          An Imperial tie fighter storms over the top of the pirateship
          past its transmitter dish.
Y120      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - MAIN PASSAGEWAY                              Y120
          A fine white powder spray issues forth from Artoo's head as
          the sparkling flames rage around him.
Z120      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - PIRATE STARSHIP                                  Z120
(B59)                                                                        (B59)
          Pan with a tie fighter as it zooms past the pirateship.
A121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      A121
(B60)                                                                        (B60)
          POV. over Luke's shoulder as he hits one of the fighters with
          a concentrated barrage of laser bolts and it explodes.  He
          flashes Han a big grin.
B121      EXT. TIE FIGHTER                                                    B121
(B61)                                                                        (B61)
          A tie fighter flies past the pirate starship.
C121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                      C121
(B62)                                                                        (B62)
          Leia watches the computer readouts and searches the heavens for
          more tie fighters.
                    There are still two more of them
                    out there.  We've lost the lateral
                    controls and starboard deflector
                    Don't worry, she'll hold together.
                                (Looking around)
                    You hear me ship?!  Hold together!!
D121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      D121
(B63)                                                                        (B63)
          CU. Han through the gunport window as he fires at a tie fighter.
E121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      E121
(B64)                                                                        (B64)
          POV. over Luke's shoulder as he fires at a tie fighter
          racing up through the frame.
F121      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            F121
(B65)                                                                        (B65)
          POV. out the cockpit of a tie fighter coming from overhead.
G121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                      G121
(B66)                                                                        (B66)
          CU. Leia as she watches the tie ship fly over.
H121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      H121
(B67)                                                                        (B67)
          POV. over the shoulder of Han as a tie fighter heads right
          for him, them zooms overhead.
J121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - TIE FIGHTER                                  J121
(B68)                                                                        (B68)
          POV. over Luke's shoulder as he fires on a tie fighter diving
          below the pirateship.
K121      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - PIRATE STARSHIP                                  K121
(B69)                                                                        (B69)
          Full shot of a tie fighter diving past the pirate starship.
L121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      L121
(B71)                                                                        (B71)
          CU. of Han as he fires his powerful laser cannons.
M121      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            M121
(B72)                                                                        (B72)
          Full shot tie fighter diving and twisting toward the pirate
N121      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            N121
          A tie fighter races past in the background.
P121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      P121
(B74)                                                                        (B74)
          POV. over Luke's shoulder as he fires at a tie fighter
          coming toward him and racing overhead.
Q121      EXT. TIE FIGHTERS - SPACE                                           Q121
(B75)                                                                        (B75)
          Full shot of two tie fighters diving and twisting.
R121      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - GUNPORT                                      R121
(B76)                                                                        (B76)
          POV. over Luke's shoulder as he fires at a tie fighter.
S121      EXT. TIE FIGHTER - SPACE                                            S121
(B77 & B78)                                                            (B77 & B78)
          Full shot of a tie fighter racing toward camera, one of
          Luke's laserbolts hits it and it explodes into dust.
A122      INT. COCKPIT - PIRATE STARSHIP                                      A122
          Leia and Chewbacca congratulate each other.
                    We've made it!
A123      INT. GUNPORT - PIRATE STARSHIP                                      A123
          Luke and Han congratulate each other on their victory.
A124      INT. DEATH STAR - CONTROL ROOM                                      A124
          Vader strides into the control room where Tarkin is watching
          the huge view screen.  A sea of stars is before him.
                    Are they away?
                    They've just made the jump to hyper-space.
                    I'm taking an awful chance Vader.  This
                    had better work.  Are you sure the homing
                    beacon is secure aboard their ship?
                    Have no fear.  This will be a day long
                    remembered.  It has seen the end of the
                    end of the Jedi and will soon see the
                    end of the rebellion.
A125      INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                      A125
          Han is at the controls of the ship.  Chewie moves into the
          aft section to check the damage as the princess enters the
          cockpit with a determined look on her face.
                    What do you think, sweetheart?  Not a
                    bad bit of rescuing.  You know, sometimes
                    I amaze even myself.
                    That doesn't sound too hard.  At least
                    the information in R-2 is still intact.
                    What's that droid carrying that's so
                    important anyway.
                    The technical readouts of that battle
                    station.  I only hope that when the
                    data is analyzed, it's weakness can 
                    be found.  I'm afraid it's not over yet.
                    It is for me.  I'm not doing this for
                    your revolution ... and I'm not doing
                    it for you ... Princess.  I expect to
                    be well paid.
                    (Sadly)  You needn't worry about your
                    reward.  If money is all that you
                    love ... that is what you will receive.
          She turns and, as she starts out of the cockpit, she passes
          Luke coming in.
                    (Quietly)  Your friend is indeed a
                    mercenary.  I wonder is he really
                    cares about anything ... or anybody.
                    (After she's gone)  I do ... I care.
          Luke sits in the co-pilot's seat.  He and Han stare out at the
          vast blackness of space.
                    What do you think of her, Han?
                    I try not to.
                    (Under his breath)  Good ...
                    Still, she's got a lot of spirit.  I
                    don't know, do you think it's possible
                    for a princess and a guy like me ...
          Luke says it with finality and looks away.  Han smiles at
          young Luke's jealousy.  They both stare at the stars and think
          about it.
126       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           126
127       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           127
128       EXT. SPACE AROUND FOURTH MOON OF YAVIN                               128
          The battered pirate starship drifts into orbit around the
          emerald green fourth moon of Yavin.
129       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           129
130       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           130
131       EXT. FOURTH MOON OF YAVIN                                            131
          Rotting in a forest of gargantuan trees, an ancient temple
          lies shrouded in an eerie mist.  The air is heavy with the
          fantastic cries of unimaginable creatures.
132       EXT. MASASSI OUTPOST - JUNGLE TEMPLE                                 132
          Luke and the group ride into the massive temple on an armored
          military speeder.
A132      INT. MASASSI - MAIN HANGAR DECK                                     A132
          The military speeder stops in a huge spaceship hangar, set
          up in the interior of the crumbling temple.  Willard,
          the commander of the rebel forces rushes up to the group and
          gives Leia a big hug.  Every one is pleased to see her.
                    (Holding Leia)  You're safe!  We had
                    feared the worst.
          Willard composes himself, steps back and bows formally.
                    When we heard about Alderaan, we were
                    afraid that you were ... lost along
                    with your planet.
                    We don't have time for our sorrows, Commander.
                    The battle station has surely tracked us here
                    ...   (looking pointedly at Han)  It's the
                    only explanation for the ease of our escape.
                    You must use the information in this R-2
                    unit to plan the attack.  It is our only
133       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           133
134       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           134
135       INT. MASASSI - WAR ROOM BRIEFING AREA                                135
          Dodonna and Ben stand before a large electronic wall display.
          Leia and several other senators get to one side of the giant
          readout.  The low ceilinged room is filled with starpilots,
          navigators and a sprinkling of Artoo-type robots.  Everyone is
          listening intently to what Dodonna is saying.  Han and Chewbacca
          are standing near the back.
                    The battle station is heavily shielded
                    and carries more firepower than half
                    the star fleet ... but its defenses
                    are designed around direct large scale
                    assault.  A small one man fighter 
                    should be able to penetrate its
                    defense screen.
          Red Leader, a roguish looking man in his early thirties
          stands and addresses Dodonna.
                                   RED LEADER
                    Pardon me for asking, sir, but what
                    good are "snub" fighters going to be
                    against that?
                    Well, the Empire doesn't think a one
                    man fighter is any threat, or they
                    would have a tighter defense.  But,
                    an analysis of the plans provided by
                    Princess Leia have revealed a weakness
                    in the battle station.  A small thermal
                    exhaust port right below the main port.
                    It is an unshielded shaft that runs
                    directly into the reactor system.  A
                    direct hit will set up a chain
                    reaction that will destroy the station.
          A murmur of disbelief runs through the room.
                    Your approach will not be easy.  You
                    must maneuver straight in
                    down this shaft, level off in the
                    trench and skim the surface to this
                    point.  The target is only two meters
                    across.  It will take a very precise
                    hit at exactly ninety degrees to get
                    into the reactor system.  And only a
                    direct hit will set up a chain
                    reaction.  The shaft is ray shielded,
                    so you'll have to use proton torpedoes.
          Luke is sitting next to WEDGE ANTILLES, a hot-shot pilot about
          sixteen years old.  Artoo is sitting next to a little R-2
          robot who lets out a long whistle of hopelessness and
                    A two meter target at maximum speed
                    with a torpedo yet!  That's impossible
                    even for the computer.
                    But it's not impossible.  I used to bulls-
                    eye womp-rats in my T-16 back home.  They
                    are not much bigger than two meters.
                    With all that firepower directed at us,
                    this will take a little more than a
                    barnyard marksmanship, believe me.
                    Yellow squadron will cover for red on
                    the first run.  The green will cover for
                    blue on the second.  Any questions?
          A muted buzz moves throughout the room, but there are no
                    Then man your ships and may The Force be
                    with you.
136       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - MAIN HANGAR DECK                              136
          Luke, Threepio and little Artoo enter the huge spaceship hangar
          and hurry along a long line of gleaming spacefighters.  Flight
          crews rush around loading last minute armament and unlocking
          power couplings.  In an area isolated from this activity, Luke
          finds Han and Chewbacca loading small boxes onto an armored
          speeder.  Han is deliberately ignoring the activity of the
          fighter pilots' preparations.  Luke is quite saddened at the
          sight of his friend's departure.
                    You got your reward.
                                (Han just nods)
                    And you're leaving then.
                    That's right, kid.  I've got some old
                    debts to pay off and even if I didn't
                    I don't think I'd be fool enough to
                    stick around here.  You're pretty good
                    in a scrap kid, why don't you come with
                    us ... I could use you.
                    (Getting angry)  Why don't you look
                    around?  You know what's about to
                    happen ... what they're up against.
                    They could use a good pilot, but you're
                    turning you back on them.
                    What good's a reward if you're not
                    around to spend it.  Attacking that
                    battle station isn't my idea of
                    courage ... it's more like suicide.
                    Take care of yourself, Han.  But I
                    guess that's what you're best at,
                    isn't it.
          Luke goes off and Han hesitates, then calls to him.
                    Hey, Luke, ... may The Force be with you.
          Luke turns and sees Han wink at him.  Luke lifts his hand in a
          small wave and then goes off.  Han turns to Chewbacca.
                    What're you looking at?  I know what
                    I'm doing.
          Luke reaches his ship, where Princess Leia is waiting for him.
                    Are you sure this is what you want?
                    More than anything.
                    Then what's wrong?
                    It's Han, I thought he would change 
                    his mind.
                    A man must follow his own path.  No
                    one can choose it for him.
                    I only wish ... Ben were here.
          Leia gives Luke a little kiss, turns and goes off.
                    May The Force be with you.
          As Luke heads for his ship, another pilot rushes up to him and
          grabs his arm.
                    Luke!  I don't believe it!  How'd
                    you get here ... are you going out
                    with us?!
                    Biggs!  Of course, I'll be up there
                    with you!  Listen, have I got some
                    stories to tell you ...
          Blue Leader, a rugged handsome man in his forties, comes up
          behind Luke and Biggs.  He has the confident smile of a born
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Are you ... Luke Skywalker?  Have
                    you been checked out on the Incom
                    Sir, Luke is the best bushpilot in
                    the outer rim territories.
          Pilot Leader pats Luke on the back as they stop in front of
          his fighter.
                                   PILOT LEADER
                    I met your father once when I was just
                    a boy, he was a great pilot.  You'll
                    do all right.  If you've got half of
                    your father's skill, you'll do better
                    than all right.
                    Thank you, sir.  I'll try.
          Luke makes a short bow from the waist as Blue Leader hurries
          to his own ship.
                    I've got to get aboard.  Listen, you'll
                    tell me your stories when we come back.
                    All right?
                    I told you I'd make it someday, Biggs.
                    (Going off)  You did, all right.  It's
                    going to be like old times Luke.
                    We're a couple of shooting stars that'll
                    never be stopped!
          Luke laughs and shakes his head in agreement.  Then he runs
          to his ship.  There Luke's ground crew has hoisted little Artoo
          into a socket on the back of the one-man starship fighter.
          Threepio is watching his little friend being rigged.  It's
          an emotion filled moment as Artoo beeps goodbye.
                    Hold on tight.  You've got to come
                    back ... you wouldn't want my life
                    to get boring would you?
          Luke climbs aboard the sleek, deadly spacecraft.  Blue Leader
          gives his ground crew the signal that he is starting his ion
          engines.  Luke's CREW CHIEF pats him on the helmet and has to
          yell to be heard over the ion engines.
                    That R-2 unit of yours seems a 
                    little beatup.  Do you want a new one?
                    Not on your life ... that droid and
                    I have been through a lot.  All
                    secure, Artoo?
          The little droid, who is now part of the exterior shell of the
          starship, beeps that he is fine.
137       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                      137
          The princess sits quietly before the giant display showing
          the planet of Yavin and her four moons.  The red dot that
          represents the Death Star moves ever closer to the system.
          A series of green dots appear around the fourth moon.
          Dodonna stands behind the princess with several other field
                    The red signal is on the station, it's
                    moving into our system.
                    The ships are away.
138       EXT. FOURTH MOON OF YAVIN - MASASSI OUTPOST - JUNGLE                 138
          All that can be seen of the fortress is a lone guard standing
          on a small pedestal jutting out above the dense jungle.  The
          muted, gruesome crying sounds that naturally permeate this
          eerie purgatory are overwhelmed by the thundering din of ion
          rockets as four silver starships catapult from the foliage in
          a tight formation and disappear into the morning cloud cover.
139       EXT. SPACE AROUND FOURTH MOON OF YAVIN                               139
(82)                                                                          (82)
          Long Shot.  The small green Fourth Moon slowly moves behind the
          massive yellow surface of Yavin in the foreground, as four X wing
          fighters flying in formation zoom toward us and out of frame.
          They are followed by twenty more distant ships, which are merely
          points of light.
139A      EXT. SPACE - ANOTHER ANGLE                                          139A
(82A)                                                                        (82A)
          Tracking Shot.  The massive surface of Yavin slowly moves toward
          the upper left part of the frame as the camera orbits the planet.
          Light from a distant sun creates an eerie atmospheric glow
          around the huge planet.  A small bright speck appears out of
          the ozone haze and begins to move toward us.  Four Y ships and
          four X ships flying in formations (X in front) settle ominously
          in the foreground and very slowly pull away from the tracking
          camera as the orbiting speck grows brighter.
140       INT. BLUE LEADER STARSHIP - COCKPIT                                  140
(82B)                                                                        (82B)
          CU.  Blue pilot leader lowers his visor and adjusts his gun
          sights, looking to each side at his wing men.  (One distant
          Y wing in background).
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Blue boys, this is Blue Leader.  Adjust
                    your selectors and check in.  Approaching
                    target at one point three parsec ...
141       OMITTED                                            OMITTED           141
142       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     142
(83)                                                                          (83)
          Tracking Shot.  Behind three of the X wing fighters, the Death 
          Star grows brighter and the faintest hint of surface is
          suggested.  The huge planet of Yavin is almost out of frame.
143       INT. BLUE LEADER STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      143
(83A)                                                                        (83A)
          CU.  Pilot leader looks to his left.
                                   PILOT LEADER
                    This is it boys.  Blue Two, you're out
                    too far, close it up, Wedge.
144       INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          144
(83B)                                                                        (83B)
          CU.  Wedge with his brightly painted helmet looks up to his right
          and makes some adjustment on his control panels.  One Y wing
          fighter moves down through the background.
                    Sorry Boss, my ranger seems to be
                    a few points off ... I'll have to
                    go on manual.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Stand by to lock "S-Foils" in
                    attack position.
                    Blue Two standing by.
                    Blue Three standing by.
                                   JOHN D
                    Blue Four standing by.
                    Blue Five standing by.
                    Blue Six standing by.
                                   BLUE LEADER
145       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     145
(84)                                                                          (84)
          Tracking Shot with the rebel ships.  The large wings on the
          fighters unfold, turning them into an X shaped dart.  The
          Death Star now appears to be a small moon growing rapidly
          in size as the rebel fighters approach.  We can now vaguely
          perceive the complex patterns on the metallic surface.  A
          large dish antenna is built into the surface on one side.
146       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                     146
(84A)                                                                        (84A)
          CU.  Luke adjusts his controls as he concentrates on the
          approaching Death Star.  The ship begins to be buffeted
                                   PILOT LEADER
                    We're passing through their magnetic 
                    shields, hold tight.  Lock down your
                    control units.  Switch your deflector
                    shields on ... double front.
A146      EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    A146
(84B)                                                                        (84B)
          CU.  As the shaking and buffeting grows stronger, little R-2
          riding on the back of the fighter gets jostled quite a bit.
          Luke holds on to his controls for dear life, then suddenly
          all the turbulence is gone and everything is deathly calm.
                                   PILOT LEADER
                    Keep the channels quiet until we've
                    reached the surface.
147       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     147
(85)                                                                          (85)
          Tracking Shot.  As the fighters move closer to the Death Star
          (which now almost fills the frame) the awesome size of the
          gargantuan Imperial space fortress is revealed.  The vast
          complicated surface is ringed at the equator by thousands of
          huge docking ports.  Half of the deadly space station is in
          shadow and this area sparkles with thousands of small lights,
          running in thin lines, and occasionally grouped in large
          clusters.  (Somewhat like L.A. at night as seen from a
          weather satellite).
148       INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          148
(85A)                                                                        (85A)
          CU. Wedge.  Blue Two is amazed and slightly frightened at the
          awesome spectacle.
                    Look at the size of that thing!
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Cut the chatter Blue Two!  Accelerate
                    to attack speed.
149       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     149
(86)                                                                          (86)
          Tracking Shot.  The Death Star is now an immense surface.
          A huge band of docking ports dot the equator.  The glow
          from the X wing after burners intensifies as they double
          their power.  The Blue squad pulls away from the camera as
          they jam down to the shadowed surface.
150       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           150
(86A)                                                                        (86A)
          CU. Luke.  Grim determination sweeps across Luke's face as
          he flips several switches above his head and adjusts his
          computerized target readout.
151       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           151
(86B)                                                                        (86B)
          CU.  Little Artoo sits snuggled in his nest behind the cockpit
          watching the awesome planet whip by.
(87)      OMITTED                                            OMITTED          (87)
152       INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    152
(88)                                                                          (88)
          CU.  Blue Leader looks around at his wing men.  The left side
          of the background is filled with swiftly moving Death Star
          surface, as viewed from a rather high altitude.  Two Y wing
          fighters bob back and forth in the background.  He moves his
          computer targeting device into position.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Red Leader, this is Blue Leader.  We're
                    in position.  You can go right in.  The
                    exhaust shaft is further to the north.
                    We'll keep them busy down here.
153       INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                     153
(89)                                                                          (89)
          CU. Red Leader.  The Y wing fighter is filled with various
          computer readouts and displays.  Red Leader looks screen left
          to the passing Death Star surface, which rotates into horizontal
                                   RED LEADER
                    We're starting for the target shaft now.
                    Dutch, stand by to take over is anything
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    I'm going to cut across the axis and try
                    to draw their fire.  May The Force be
                    with you.
154       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     154
(90)                                                                          (90)
          Long Shot.  The two squads of rebel fighters peel off.  The
          Y ships rise out of the top of the frame.  The X wing ships
          dive towards the Death Star surface.  A thousand light glow
          across the dark gray expanse of the huge station.
155       EXT. SPACE - ANOTHER ANGLE                                           155
(91)                                                                          (91)
          Full Shot.  Three X wing fighters dive through the frame
          towards the Death Star surface, crossing the horizon line
          of the huge station.
156       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      156
(92)                                                                          (92)
          Alarm sirens scream as soldiers scramble to large turbo
          powered laser gun emplacements.  Electronic drivers rotate
          the huge guns into position as the crew adjusts their
          targeting devices.
157       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      157
(93)                                                                          (93)
          Men and robots of various shapes and sizes run to their battle
          stations.  The sound of distant guns pounding away are replaced
          by the shudder of a nearby artillery battery opening up.
158       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      158
(94)                                                                          (94)
          A squad of Imperial troopers rush down a hallway in close
          formation passing a gunnery crew opening fire.
159       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      159
(95)                                                                          (95)
          Imperial officers yell orders through the smoke and confusion.
          Several more armored officers run up to the group, still putting
          on helmets and equipment.
160       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     160
(96)                                                                          (96)
          Long Shot.  Laser bolts streak through the star filled night.
161       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           161
(97)                                                                          (97)
          CU. Luke.  He nosedives radically starting his attack on the
          monstrous fortress.  The Death Star surface streaks past the
          cockpit window.
                    This is Blue Five, I'm going in.
                    I'm right behind you, Blue Five.
162       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                     162
(98)                                                                          (98)
          POV. Gunsight Shot.  Laserbolts streak from Luke's weapons
          creating a huge fireball explosion on the dim surface.
163       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                     163
(99)                                                                          (99)
          CU. Luke.  Terror crosses his face as he realizes he won't
          be able to pull out in time to avoid the fireball.
                    Pull out.  Luke, pull out!
A163      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    A163
(100)                                                                        (100)
          POV. Shot from Luke's ship.  The huge explosion continues to
          climb from the surface, and the ship dives into it.
B163      EXT. SURFACE OF DEATH STAR                                          B163
(101)                                                                        (101)
          Full Shot.  The explosion dominates the frame.  Finally
          Luke's ship emerges from the fireball, with the leading
          edges of his wings slightly scorched.
C163      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          C163
(102)                                                                        (102)
          CU. Luke.  He adjusts his controls and breathes a sigh of
          relief.  Flak bursts outside the cockpit window.
                    Are you all right, Luke?
                    I got a little cooked, but, I'm OK.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Blue Five, give yourself more lead time,
                    or you're going to blast yourself out
                    of the sky.
                    Yes sir, I've got the hang of it now.
D163      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      D163
(103)                                                                        (103)
          Long Shot.  The surface of the Death Star is pock marked
          with explosions.  Laserbolts criss-cross the sky in all
          directions.  Three x wing fighters pass low over-head, dodging
          the explosions.  Three Y wing ships skim the horizon far in
          the background.
E163      EXT. DEATH STAR SURFACE                                             E163
(104)                                                                        (104)
          Full Shot.  Two ships scream low over the camera firing on a
          power terminal.  It explodes, generating weird electrical arcs
          that leap off the station's surface.
F163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     F163
(105)                                                                        (105)
          Walls buckle and cave in.  Troops and equipment are blown in
          all directions.  Stormtroopers stagger out of the rubble.
G163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     G163
(106)                                                                        (106)
          Standing in the middle of the chaos, a vision of calm and
          foreboding, is Darth Vader.  One of his astro-officer aides
          rushes up to him.
                    We count at least thirty rebel ships,
                    Lord Vader.  But they're so small
                    they're evading our turbo-lasers.
                    Get the crews to their fighters.  Lift
                    off immediately.  We'll have to destroy
                    them ship to ship ...
H163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     H163
(107)                                                                        (107)
          Ready room chaos.  Red scramble lights are flashing.
          Imperial starpilots already in their space suits, grab
          helmets and space packs as they scramble out the door.
I163      EXT. DEATH STAR                                                     I163
(108)                                                                        (108)
          Full Shot.  An X wing fighter (Wedge)  skims close to the
          surface of the Death Star, maneuvering among gun towers and
          projecting superstructures.
J163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     J163
(109)                                                                        (109)
          Smoke belches from the giant laser guns as they wind up their
          turbine generators to create sufficient power.  The crew rushes
          about preparing for another blast.  Even the troopers head
          gear is not adequate to protect them from the over-whelming
          noise of the monstrous weapon.  One trooper bangs his helmet
          with his hand in an attempt to stop the ringing.
K163      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   K163
(110)                                                                        (110)
          CU.  Blue Leader flies through a heavy hail of flak.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Luke, let me know when you are off the
L163      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          L163
(111)                                                                        (111)
          CU. Luke.  Pilot leaders X wing flies past Luke as he puts
          his nose down and starts his attack dive.
                    I'm on my way in now ...
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Watch yourself!  There's a lot of fire
                    coming from the right side of that
                    deflection tower.
                    I'm on it.
M163      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      M163
(112)                                                                        (112)
          Full Shot.  Luke flings his X wing into a twisting dive across
          horizons and down onto the dim gray surface.
N163      EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    N163
(113)                                                                        (113)
          POV. Shot from Luke's guns.  Laserbolts streak toward the
          onrushing Death Star surface.  Several small radar emplacements
          erupt in flame.  Laser fire erupts from a protruding tower on
          the surface.
O163      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          O163
(114)                                                                        (114)
          CU. Luke.  The blurry Death Star surface races past the cockpit
          window as a big smile sweeps across Luke's face at the success
          of his run.  Flak thunders on all sides of him.
P163      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      P163
(115)                                                                        (115)
          Full Shot.  The Death Star superstructure races past Luke as
          he maneuvers his craft through a wall of laser fire and peels
          away from the surface towards the heavens.
Q163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     Q163
(116)                                                                        (116)
          The thunder and smoke of the big guns reverberates throughout
          the massive structure.  Many soldiers rush about in the smoke
          and chaos, silhouetted by the almost continual flash of
R163      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          R163
(117)                                                                        (117)
          Pan Shot.  Biggs dives through a forest of radar domes,
          antennae and gun towers as he shoots low across the Death
          Star surface.  A dense barrage of laser fire streaks by on
          all sides.
S163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     S163
(118)                                                                        (118)
          Imperial star pilots dash in unison to a line of small
          auxiliary hatches that lead to Imperial tie fighters.
T163      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     T163
(119)                                                                        (119)
          Technical crews scurry here and there loading last minute
          armaments and unlocking power cables.
U163      INT. TIE SHIP - DEATH STAR                                          U163
(120)                                                                        (120)
          Vader slides into his cramped one man craft and tightens a
          second set of eye shields.  Technical personnel rush all
          around him making last minute adjustments, the impression
          is that of a champion boxer between rounds.
164       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                      164
(121)                                                                        (121)
          Princess Leia, surrounded by her generals and aides, paces
          nervously before a lighted computer table.  On all sides 
          technicians work in front of many lighted glass walls.
          Dodonna watches quietly from one corner.  One of the officers
          working over a screen speaks into his head set.
                                   CONTROL OFFICER
                    Squad leaders, we've picked up a new group
                    of signals.  Enemy fighters coming your way.
165       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           165
(122)                                                                        (122)
          CU.  Luke looks around to see if he can spot the approaching
          Imperial fighter.
                    My scope's negative.  I don't see
166       INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    166
(123)                                                                        (123)
          CU. Blue Leader.  The Death Star surface sweeps past as he
          searches the sky for the Imperial fighter.  Flak pounds at
          this ship.
                                   PILOT LEADER
                    Keep us your visual scanning.  With all
                    this jamming, they'll be on top of you
                    before your scope can pick them up.
167       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       167
(124)                                                                        (124)
          Long Shot.  Silhouetted against the rim lights of the Death
          Star horizon, four ferocious Imperial tie ships dive on the
          rebel fighters.  Two of the tie fighters peel off and drop
          out of frame.  Pan with the remaining two tie ships.
168       INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           168
(125)                                                                        (125)
          CU.  Biggs panics when he discovers a tie ship on his tail.
          The horizon in the background twists around as he peels off,
          hoping to lose the Imperial fighter.
                    Biggs!  You've picked one up ...
                    watch it!
                    I can't see it!  Where is he?!
169       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     169
(126)                                                                        (126)
          Full Shot.  Biggs zooms off the surface and into space, closely
          followed by an Imperial tie fighter.  The tie ship fires
          several laserbolts at Biggs, but misses.
170       INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           170
(127)                                                                        (127)
          CU.  Biggs sees the tie ship behind him and swings around,
          trying to avoid him.
                    He's on me tight, I can't shake him ...
                    I can't shake him.
171       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     171
(128)                                                                        (128)
          Full Shot.  Biggs, flying at high altitude, peels off and dives
          toward the Death Star surface, but he is unable to lose the tie
          fighter, who sticks close to his tail.
172       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           172
(129)                                                                        (129)
          CU.  Luke is flying upside down.  He rotates his ship around
          to a normal altitude as he comes out of his dive.
                    Hang on Biggs, I'm coming in.
173       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     173
(130)                                                                        (130)
          Full Shot.  Biggs and the tailing tie ship dive for the surface,
          now followed by a fast gaining Luke.  After Biggs goes out of
          the frame, pan with Luke chasing the Imperial fighter.
174       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       174
(131)                                                                        (131)
          Medium Shot.  In the foreground the Imperial fighter races
          across the Death Star surface, closely followed by Luke in
          the background.
A174      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      A174
(132)                                                                        (132)
          Full Shot.  Tie fighter in foreground, pan with Luke as he
          dives toward the surface.
175       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           175
(133)                                                                        (133)
          CU.  Luke rotates his ship as the Death Star blurs past the
176       INT. COCKPIT CONTROL PANEL - INSERT                                  176
(133A)                                                                      (133A)
          The electronic sights line up on the computer readout.
177       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           177
(133A)                                                                      (133A)
                    Got him!
178       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           178
(133A)                                                                      (133A)
          POV.  Shot from Luke's X wing of the tie ship exploding in
          a mass of flames.
(134)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (134)
(135)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (135)
179       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     179
(136)                                                                        (136)
          Full Shot.  Wedge rolls his ship and dives toward the Death
          Star surface, passing a tie ship going in the other direction.
180       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       180
(137)                                                                        (137)
          Full Shot.  Blue Leader soars up from the Death Star surface.
181       INT. JOHN D's STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         181
(138)                                                                        (138)
          CU.  John D, a young pilot with a scar across one eye, adjusts
          his targeting device.
                                   JOHN D
                    I'm on one!  I've got one!
182       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     182
(139)                                                                        (139)
          Full Shot.  A tie ship races by camera followed by John D.
183       INT. JOHN D's STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         183
(140)                                                                        (140)
          POV. shot over John D's shoulder.  The tie ship attempts to
          outmaneuver the young rebel, to no avail.  John D closes on
          the Imperial craft as it skims the surface.
(141)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (141)
184       INT. JOHN D's STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         184
(142)                                                                        (142)
          CU.  John D reaches up and pulls the trigger of his laser
185       EXT. JOHN D's STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                   185
(143)                                                                        (143)
          POV. Gunsite.  The ship is blown to oblivion and spirals down
          toward the Death Star.
186       INT. JOHN D's STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         186
(143A)                                                                      (143A)
          CU. John D.  A gleeful expression crosses his face at his good
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Good shooting, Blue Six ... watch it,
                    you've got one on your tail.
          John D's smile instantly disappears from his face as he looks
          around, but can't see the ship behind him.  His ship shudders
          as a laserbolt explodes nearby, creating flak out the cockpit
187       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     187
(144)                                                                        (144)
          Full Shot.  John D's x wing races past camera, closely chased
          by an Imperial tie ship firing both guns.
188       INT. JOHN D's STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         188
(145)                                                                        (145)
          CU. John D.  The inside of the cockpit explodes as John D is hit.
                                   JOHN D
                    I'm hit!  I'm hit!
189       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     189
(146)                                                                        (146)
          Full Shot.  John D's x wing explodes in a fiery ball, parts
          flying in all directions.
190       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                      190
(146A)                                                                      (146A)
          Threepio, Princess Leia and her generals listen and watch
          the battle on a huge view screen.  (Gunsite POV.)  Suddenly
          the image flickers and goes dead, but the sound remains,
          technicians rush to and fro trying to fix it.
                    The high band receiver has failed.  It
                    will take some time to fix ...
                    Switch to audio.
          Everyone moves about quietly listening to the battle over the
                                   BLUE LEADER (V.O.)
                    Tighten it up.  Blue Two, tighten it up.
                    Watch those towers.
                                   WEDGE (BLUE TWO) (V.O.)
                    Heavy fire, boss.  Twenty-three degrees.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    I see it.  Pull in.  Pull in.  We're
                    picking up some interference.
                                   BIGGS (BLUE THREE) (V.O.)
                    I can't believe it ... I've never seen
                    such fire power!
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Pull in, Blue Five.  Pull in.  Luke,
                    do you read me?  Luke?
                                   LUKE (V.O.)
                    I'm all right, chief.  I've got a
                    target.  I'm going in to check it out.
                                   BIGGS (BLUE THREE) (V.O.)
                    There's too much action down there, Luke.
                    Get out.  Do you read me, Luke?  Pull out.
          In the war room, Leia stands frozen as she listens and worries
          about Luke.
                                   BLUE LEADER (V.O.)
                    Break off, Luke.  Acknowledge.  We've
                    hit too much interference.  Luke, I
                    repeat, break off!  I can't see him.
                    Blue Six, can you see Blue Five?
                                   WEDGE (V.O.)
                    I've lost Luke.  There's a heavy fire
                    zone on this side.  My scanner's
                    jammed.  Blue Five, where are you?                    Luke, are you all right.
                                   BIGGS (V.O.)
                    He's gone.  No wait.  There he is.
                    Fin damage, but Luke's all right.  The
                    kid's fine.
          A sigh of relief sweeps across the war room.  Leia holds onto a
          chair and composes herself, knowing Luke is safe.
(147)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (147)
191       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      191
(148)                                                                        (148)
          Smoke belches from the huge guns as troopers struggle to hook
          up more power cables.
192       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      192
(149)                                                                        (149)
          Troopers riding a big gun, brace themselves as it fires and
          recoils causing the entire room to shudder.
193       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     193
(150)                                                                        (150)
          Long Shot.  Laserbolts blast through the night sky.
194       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      194
(151)                                                                        (151)
          Troopers carry exhausted comrades out of the gunport as fresh
          gunners jump in to the huge weapon.
(152)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (152)
195       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     195
(153)                                                                        (153)
          Full Shot.  Luke dives out of the stars toward the Death Star
          surface, past two tie ships in the background.
196       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - SPACE                               196
(154)                                                                        (154)
          CU.  Luke maneuvers his ship as the twisting blurry surface of
          the Death Star zooms by outside the cockpit.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Stick close Blue Five, where are you
                    My scopes picked up a lateral stabilizer,
                    I'm going to try for it.
197       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                     197
(155)                                                                        (155)
          POV Shot from Luke's gunsite.  Luke skims the Death Star
          surface as his laser homes in on a small projection, which
          explodes in a spectacular ball of fire.
198       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                      198
(155A)                                                                      (155A)
          Full Shot.  The Princess is beside Threepio and seems angry
          and scared at the same time.
                    (Under her breath)  Why is Luke taking
                    so many chances?!
                                   LUKE (V.O.)
                    Got it ... I'm moving south for the
                    other one.
                                   BIGGS (V.O.)
                    Watch your back, Luke.  Watch your
                    back!  Fighters above you, coming in.
          Leia strains to hear more clearly.  Threepio listens nervously
          to the continuing battle.
                    Help him Artoo, and keep holding on.
199       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       199
(156)                                                                        (156)
          Luke continues his dive as a tie fighter appears on his tail,
          and begins to close fast.
200       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           200
(157)                                                                        (157)
          CU. Luke as he spots the tie fighters behind him and soars
          away from the Death Star surface.
201       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       201
(158)                                                                        (158)
          Full Shot.  Wedge dives across the horizon toward Luke and the
          tie fighter.
202       INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          202
(159)                                                                        (159)
          CU. Wedge, as the Death Star whips below him.
                    I'm on him Luke ... hold on.
203       INSERT - FIRING SWITCH                                               203
(160)                                                                        (160)
          CU. Wedge's hand as he activates the firing switch on the
          compact rebel fighter.
204       EXT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    204
(161)                                                                        (161)
          POV. Shot from Wedge's gun camera as the tie ship explodes
          against the stars.  Luke's ship can be seen far into the
205       INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           205
(162)                                                                        (162)
          CU.  Biggs races along against a star background.
                    Thanks Wedge.
                    Good shooting, Wedge ... Blue Six, I'm
                    going in.  Cover me, Porkins.
                    I'm right with you, Blue Three.
206       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     206
(163)                                                                        (163)
          Full Shot.  Biggs' X wing peels off and dives toward the Death
          Star surface.
207       EXT. BIGGS' GUNSITE - DEATH STAR SURFACE - SPACE                     207
(164)                                                                        (164)
          POV. Biggs' gunsite as his lasers hit the Death Star surface
          blowing up a small tower.  Lasers stream toward camera from
          the surface.  A chain reaction is set off creating a series
          of explosions leaping across the surface of the fortress
          from terminal to terminal.
208       INT. PORKINS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - DEATH STAR                        208
(165)                                                                        (165)
          CU. Porkins (Blue Pig).  The Death Star horizon rotates outside
          the cockpit, as the control panels inside Pig's ship go wild.
                    I've got a problem here ... my
                    converter is running wild ...
                    Eject, eject, Blue Six, do you read?
                    I'm all right.  I can hold it.  Give
                    me a little room, Biggs.
                    Pull up ... pull up.
209       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       209
(166)                                                                        (166)
          Full Shot.  Biggs and Porkins race over a mechanical surface
          gun emplacement, which follows them relentlessly.  Flak and
          explosions are everywhere.
210       INT. PORKINS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         210
(167)                                                                        (167)
          CU. Porkins.  His cockpit explodes over the low altitude
          horizon of the Death Star.
211       INT. DEATH STAR                                                      211
(168)                                                                        (168)
          Full Shot Plate.  Porkins' X wing comes apart in a million
          flaming pieces against the stars, as Imperial troops watch from
          a gun emplacement in the foreground.
212       INT. DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                                      212
(169)                                                                        (169)
          Troops rush toward the scene of the crash.
213       INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           213
(170)                                                                        (170)
          CU. Biggs.  He reacts to the destruction of his comrade and
          wing man.
214       INT. CONTROL ROOM - MASASSI TEMPLE                                   214
(170A)                                                                      (170A)
          General Dodonna approaches the princess and speaks in a calm,
          hushed voice.
(171)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (171)
215       INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                     215
(172)                                                                        (172)
          CU.  Red Leader peels off and starts toward the long trenches at
          the Death Star surface pole.  The background rushes towards us.
                                   RED LEADER
                    Blue Leader, this is Red Leader.  We are
                    starting our attack run.  The exhaust
                    port is marked and locked in.  No flak,
                    no enemy fighters up here ... look's
                    like we'll get a smooth run at it.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    I copy Red Leader.  We'll try to keep
                    them busy on this end.
216       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     216
(172)                                                                        (172)
          Full shot.  Three Y wing fighters of the red group dive out
          of the stars toward the Death Star surface.
217       INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                     217
(174)                                                                        (174)
          POV. Shot from Red Leader as he approaches the surface and
          pulls out to skim the surface of the huge station.  The ship
          moves into a deep trench.  The surface streaks past in front
          of them.
218       INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    218
(175)                                                                        (175)
          CU.  Blue Leader looks around to see if any enemy ships are
          near.  He makes some adjustments to his control panel.
                                   RED LEADER
                    There it is boys ... remember, when you
                    think you're close, go in closer before
                    you drop that rock.  Switch all power
                    to front deflector screens.
A218      INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    A218
(176)                                                                        (176)
          Over shoulder POV. Shot.  Red Leader races down the enormous
          trench that leads to the exhaust port.  Laserbolts begin to
          race toward him in increasing numbers, occasionally exploding
          near the ship, causing it to bounce about.
                                   RED TWO
                    A little aggressive aren't they?
                                   RED LEADER
                    How many guns do you think, Red Five?
B218      INT. RED FIVE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      B218
(176A)                                                                      (176A)
          CU.  Red Five is a pilot in his early fifties with a very
          battered helmet that looks like it's been through many battles.
                                   RED FIVE (POPS)
                    I'd say about twenty guns.  Some on
                    the surface and some in the towers.
C218      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      C218
(177)                                                                        (177)
          Full Tracking Shot.  Three Y wings skim the Death Star surface
          deep in the trench as laserbolts streak past on all sides.
D218      EXT. DEATH STAR SURFACE - GUN EMPLACEMENT                           D218
(178)                                                                        (178)
          Full Shot.  An exterior surface gun blazes away at the
          oncoming rebel fighters.
E218      INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    E218
(179)                                                                        (179)
          POV. from Red Leader's ship as it skims the blurred canyon
          surface, heading into a vertical wall of laser fire, which
          creates almost a slit-scan effect.
219       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       219
(180)                                                                        (180)
          Low Angle Tracking Shot. The three Y wing fighters race
          toward camera and zoom over head through a hail of laser fire.
A219      INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP                                          A219
(181)                                                                        (181)
          CU.  Red Leader pulls his computer targeting device down in
          front of his eye.  Laserbolts continue to batter the rebel craft.
                                   RED LEADER
                    Switch to targeting computer.
B219      INT. RED TWO'S STARSHIP                                             B219
(181A)                                                                      (181A)
          CU.  Red Two, a younger pilot about Luke's age, pulls down
          his targeting eye viewer and adjusts it.  His ship shudders
          under the intense laser barrage.
                                   RED TWO
                    Computers locked and I'm getting a signal.
C219      INT. RED FIVE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      C219
(181B)                                                                      (181B)
          CU.  Red Five adjusts the targeting device in front of him.
          He seems oblivious to the laser flak.  He is very cool and
          sure of himself.
                                   RED FIVE (POPS)
                    No doubt about it, this is going to
                    be some trick.
D219      INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    D219
(182)                                                                        (182)
          POV. over Red Leader's shoulder.  As the fighter begins to
          approach the target area, suddenly all the laser fire stops.
          An eerie calm clings over the trench as the surface whips
          past in a blur.
                                   RED TWO (V.O.)
                    What's that?  They stopped?
                                   RED LEADER
                    I don't like it.
E219      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      E219
(183)                                                                        (183)
          Full Tracking Shot.  The three Y wings drive through the
          narrow trench flat out.  There is now no laser fire to slow
          them down.
F219      INT. RED FIVE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      F219
(184)                                                                        (184)
          CU. Red Five as he looks behind him.
                                   RED FIVE (POPS)
                    Stabilize your rear deflectors.  Watch
                    for enemy fighters.
                                   RED LEADER
                    There they are.  Coming in.  Three
                    marks at two ten.
          In the background a computer voice can be heard calling out
          the distance to the target.  Red Five spots something.
                                   RED LEADER
                    We're sitting ducks down here.
                                   RED FIVE (POPS)
                    We'll have to ride it out.
G219      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    G219
(185)                                                                        (185)
          Full Shot.  Three Imperial tie ships in precise formation
          dive almost vertically toward the Death Star surface.
H219      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    H219
(186)                                                                        (186)
          CU.  Darth Vader calmly adjusts his control stick as the stars
          whip past in the window above his head.
                    3-8-104 I'll take them myself.  Cover me.
I219      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - ANOTHER ANGLE                          I219
(187)                                                                        (187)
          POV. Gunsite.  Vader lines up Red Two in his targeting computer.
J219      INT. RED TWO'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                       J219
(188)                                                                        (188)
          CU. Red Two.  The cockpit explodes around Red Two.
(189)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (189)
K219      INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    K219
(190)                                                                        (190)
          CU. Red Leader.  The Death Star races by outside the cockpit
          window as he adjusts his targeting device.
                                   RED LEADER
                    (Panicked)  We're trapped down here.  I
                    can't maneuver.  I'm too close ... loosen
                    it up.
                                   RED FIVE (POPS)
                    (Calmly)  Stay on target.  Stay on target.
(191)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (191)
L219      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      L219
(192)                                                                        (192)
          Full Shot.  The three tie fighters race along in the trench
          in a tight formation.
M219      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER                                          M219
(193)                                                                        (193)
          CU.  Vader calmly adjusts his targeting computer and pushes the
          fire button.
(194)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (194)
(195)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (195)
N219      INT. RED LEADER'S STARSHIP                                          N219
(196)                                                                        (196)
          CU. Red Leader panicked.
                                   RED LEADER
                    It's no good, I'm hit, I'm hit.
(197)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (197)
(198)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (198)
(199)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (199)
220       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       220
(200)                                                                        (200)
          (Use Board 189)  Full Shot.  Red Leader explodes in a ball of
          flames throwing debris in all directions.
A220      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    A220
(200A)                                                                      (200A)
          POV. from Vader's ship as the Y wing fighter peels off and
          heads toward space.  The horizon drops away as Vader follows.
B220      INT. RED FIVE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      B220
(201)                                                                        (201)
          CU. Red Five as he moves in on the exhaust port.
                                   RED FIVE (POPS)
                    Red Five to Blue Leader.  Aborting run,
                    under heavy fire.  Tie fighter came out 
                    of nowhere ... I can't ... wait!
C220      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT                                C220
(202)                                                                        (202)
          CU. Vader as he adjusts his control stick, then presses the
          firing button.
D220      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    D220
(203)                                                                        (203)
          Full Shot.  One of the engines explodes on Red Five's Y winged
          fighter, blazing and out of control he dives past the horizon
          toward the Death Star surface, passing a tie fighter during his
E220      INT. RED FIVE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      E220
(204)                                                                        (204)
          CU. Red Five, a veteran of countless campaigns, spins toward
          his death.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Are you all right?
                                   RED FIVE
                    Lost Tiree ... lost Dutch ... they come
                    from behind, can't maneuver in the trench
                    ... sorry, it's your baby now ... so long,
                    Dave ... (static)
F220      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   F220
(205)                                                                        (205)
          CU. Blue Leader reacts to the loss of his old friend.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Blue Boys, this is Blue Leader.  Rendezvous
                    at mark six point one.  All wings report in.
                                   BLUE TEN
                    Blue Leader, this is Blue Ten, I copy.
                                   BLUE TWO (WEDGE)
                    This is Blue Two.  I'm flying towards you.
G220      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          G220
(206)                                                                        (206)
          CU.  Luke looks back and sees an Imperial tie fighter on his
          tail.  His ship wobbles as he tries to maneuver away from it.
                    This is Blue Five, I have a problem here,
                    I'll be right with you.
H220      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    H220
(207)                                                                        (207)
          Full Shot.  Luke takes evasive action diving toward the
          surface.  The tie ship drops in behind him as Luke continues
          his dive then soars up, leaving the Death Star far below.
I220      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          I220
(208)                                                                        (208)
          CU. Biggs flying at high altitude.  Biggs spots his friend in
                    I see you Luke, stay with it.
J220      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    J220
(209)                                                                        (209)
          Full Shot.  At an incredible speed, Biggs' fighter drops
          through the frame racing for Luke.
K220      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          K220
(210)                                                                        (210)
          CU. Luke with tie ship in the background.  The tie ship fires
          a laser at Luke, which streaks over head causing the entire
          fighter to shudder.
                    Blasted, Biggs.  Where are you?
L220      INT. TIE FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                              L220
(211)                                                                        (211)
          POV. of Luke racing toward the horizon, from over the tie pilot's
          shoulder.  He fires another laser at Luke and watches his
          targeting device intently waiting for Luke to get in the cross
          hairs.  Suddenly he looks up in surprise as Biggs drops into
          view just ahead and races toward him, firing both guns.  The
          tie fighter explodes in a fiery hell.
M220      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          M220
(212)                                                                        (212)
          CU.  Luke peels off and heads for Blue Leader.
                    Good move Biggs.
(213)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (213)
(214)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (214)
(215)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (215)
N220      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    N220
(216)                                                                        (216)
          CU. Biggs.  The horizon twists wildly behind his head.
                    I'm just getting started ...
221       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           221
(217)                                                                        (217)
          POV. of Space from behind Luke's shoulder as Biggs races
          past Luke doing a victory roll.
                    Just point me at the target.
A221      INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                     A221
(218)                                                                        (218)
          Dodonna moves to the intercom as he fiddles with the computer keys.
                    (Into intercom)  Blue Leader, this is
                    base one.  Double check your attack.
                    Have your wing men hold back and cover
                    for you.  Keep half of your group out of
                    range to make the next run.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Copy base one ... Blue Ten, Blue Twelve,
                    join with me.
B221      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    B221
(219)                                                                        (219)
          Long Shot.  Three X wings level off over the Death Star surface.
          (Blue Leader, Ten and Twelve).
C221      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   C221
(220)                                                                        (220)
          CU.  Blue Leader looks over at his wing men.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Blue Five, this is Blue Leader.  Luke
                    take Blue Two and Three.  Hold up here
                    and wait for my signal to start your run.
D221      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          D221
(221)                                                                        (221)
          CU. Luke flying high over the Death Star surface.
                    May The Force be with you.  Biggs, Wedge,
                    let's close it up.
E221      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    E221
(222)                                                                        (222)
          Long Shot.  Luke, Biggs and Wedge fly in formation high above
          the Death Star surface.
F221      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   F221
(223)                                                                        (223)
          CU. Blue Leader.  The high altitude horizon twists as Blue
          Leader starts his dive toward the Death Star surface.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Blue Ten, Blue Twelve, stay back until
                    we spot those fighters, then cover me.
G221      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      G221
(224)                                                                        (224)
          Full Shot.  Blue Leader's x wing drops down to the surface
          leading to the exhaust port.
H221      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                      H221
(225)                                                                        (225)
          Full Shot.  X-Ten and X-Twelve drop toward the Death Star surface.
I221      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                      I221
(226)                                                                        (226)
          Long Shot panning with Blue Leader in the trench.  Blue Ten
          and Twelve keep moving further and further behind, until they
          drop out of frame.
J221      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   J221
(227)                                                                        (227)
          CU. Blue Leader.  The silence of the deep trench is spooky.
          Blue Leader looks around rather nervously, then double checks
          his instruments.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    This doesn't seem right ...
                                   BLUE TEN
                    You should be able to see it by now.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    The magnetic disruption down here is
                    unbelievable.  I think my instruments
                    are off.  Is this the right trench?
K221      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      K221
(228)                                                                        (228)
          Tracking Full Shot.  Blue Leader's X wing races toward camera
          and zooms overhead.  Blue Ten and Twelve can be seen far in
          the distance, as vaguely articulated points of light.
L221      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   L221
(229)                                                                        (229)
          POV. from inside Blue Leader's ship.  As laserbolts begin to
          stream toward him from the end of the trench, the rebel craft
          begins to shudder under the turbulence.
M221      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      M221
(230)                                                                        (230)
          Blue Ten and Twelve blast through the wall of laser fire in
          the deep trench leading to the exhaust port.
N221      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   N221
(231)                                                                        (231)
          CU. Blue Leader.  Laserbolts streak around him in all directions.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    It's not going to be easy with that tower
                    there.  Stand by to close up when I tell
O221      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      O221
(232)                                                                        (232)
          Full Shot looking down on Blue Leader as he plows through
          the trench filled with laser fire.
222       EXT. DEATH STAR - GUN EMPLACEMENT                                    222
(233)                                                                        (233)
          Full Shot.  A huge remote control laser cannon fires at the
          approaching rebel fighters.
A222      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    A222
(234)                                                                        (234)
          Full Shot.  Laser streak across the black heavens.
B222      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   B222
(235)                                                                        (235)
          POV. from inside Blue Leader's fighter as he roams down the
          trench.  Suddenly the laser stops.
(236)                                                                        (236)
          CU.  Blue leader looks around to watch for the tie fighters.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    This is it.  Keep your eyes open for
                    those fighters.
D222      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      D222
(237)                                                                        (237)
          Full Shot.  Blue Ten and Twelve race along through the now
          silent trench.
E222      INT. BLUE TEN'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      E222
(237A)                                                                      (237A)
          CU.  Blue Ten looks around for the Imperial fighters.
                                   BLUE TEN
                    All short and long range scopes are
                    blank.  There is too much interference
                    ... Blue Five, can you see them from
                    where you are?
F222      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          F222
(238)                                                                        (238)
          CU.  Luke looks down at the Death Star surface far below.
                    No sign of ... wait!  Coming in point
                    three five.
G222      INT. BLUE TEN'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      G222
(239)                                                                        (239)
          CU.  Blue Ten looks up and see the Imperial fighters.
                                   BLUE TEN
                    I see them.
H222      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      H222
(240)                                                                        (240)
          Full Shot.  Three tie fighters dive in a tight formation.
          The sun reflects off their dominate solar fins, as they
          loop toward the Death Star surface.
I222      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   I222
(240A)                                                                      (240A)
          CU.  Blue Leader pulls his targeting device in front of his
          eye and makes several adjustments.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    I'm in range.  Targets ready ... coming up ...
                    just hold them for a few seconds.
J222      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - TRAVELING                              J222
(241)                                                                        (241)
          CU. Vader adjusts his control lever and dives on the X wing
                    Close up the formation.  I'll take
                    them myself.
(242)                                                                        (242)
          POV. from Vader's tie ship as he rapidly approaches the
          two X wings of Blue Ten and Twelve.  Vader's laser cannon
          flashes below the view of the front porthole.
L222      INT. BLUE TWELVE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   L222
(243)                                                                        (243)
          CU.  Blue Twelve as his ship explodes filling the cockpit
          with smoke and flames.
M222      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      M222
(244)                                                                        (244)
          Full Shot.  Blue Twelve explodes against the wall of the trench.
N222      INT. BLUE TEN'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                      N222
(244A)                                                                      (244A)
          CU.  Blue Ten works at his controls furiously trying to
          avoid the fighter behind him.
                                   BLUE TEN
                    I can't hold them.  You'd better let
                    it loose.  We're closing on you.
223       INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    223
(245)                                                                        (245)
          CU.  Blue Leader is concentrating on his targeting device.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    We're almost home.  Steady, steady.
A223      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      A223
(246)                                                                        (246)
          Full Shot.  Blue Leader and Blue Ten race through the trench.
                                   BLUE TEN
                    They're right behind me.
B223      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   B223
(246A)                                                                      (246A)
          CU.  Blue Leader takes careful aim and watches his computer
          targeting device.
C223      INSERT                                                              C223
(246B)                                                                      (246B)
          CU. computer targeting device as it lines up the target
          in the cross hairs and fires.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Almost there, almost there ...
                    torpedoes away, torpedoes away.
(247)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (247)
D223      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      D223
(248)                                                                        (248)
          Tracking Full Shot looking into trench as the two X wings
          pull up and zoom out the top of the frame, just before a
          huge explosion billows out of the trench.
(248A & B)TWO ADDITIONAL ANGLES TO STORYBOARD 248.                      (248A & B)
E223      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   E223
(248C)                                                                      (248C)
          CU. Blue Leader as he looks back at the receding Death Star.
          (Tiny explosions visible in the distance).
                                   BLUE TEN
                    It's a hit, we've done it!!!
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    No, we haven't.  It didn't go in.
                    It just exploded on the surface.
(249)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (249)
F223      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      F223
(250)                                                                        (250)
          Full Shot.  Vader and his two wing men race down the trench
          and zoom overhead.
G223      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER                                          G223
(251)                                                                        (251)
          CU. Vader as he pulls back on his control stick and the
          horizon zips through the port behind his head.
                    Take them ...
H223      INSERT - TRIGGER                                                    H223
(252)                                                                        (252)
          CU. Vader's hand pulls the trigger of his laser cannon.  The
          ship shudders as the laserbolt screams away.
(253)                                                                        (253)
          POV. from Vader's ship as Blue Ten explodes, blowing debris
          toward camera.
(253A)                                                                      (253A)
          CU. Vader as he swings his ship around for his next kill.
                    I'll take him, you go back.
K223      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR - TIE FIGHTER                      K223
(254)                                                                        (254)
          Full Shot.  Vader peels off in pursuit as Blue Leader's
          X wing passes the Death Star horizon.
L223      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          L223
(255)                                                                        (255)
          CU. Luke as he tries to spot Blue Leader.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Blue Five, this is Blue Leader ...
                    Move into position, Luke.  Start
                    your attack run, stay low and wait
                    until you're right on top of it ...
                    it's not going to be easy.
                    Are you all right?
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    They're on top of me ... but I'll
                    shake them.
                    Blue Five to Blue pack ... let's go!
M223      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    M223
(256)                                                                        (256)
          Full Shot.  High Altitude.  The Death Star surface rushes
          toward the ships as they peel off and dive toward the trench.
N223      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   N223
(256A)                                                                      (256A)
          CU. Blue Leader flying over the medium altitude Death Star
          surface, glances back at Darth Vader, and dives to avoid him.
O223      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    O223
(257)                                                                        (257)
          Full Shot.  Vader passes Blue Leader firing a laserbolt
          that creates a small explosion in one engine.
P223      EXT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                             P223
(258)                                                                        (258)
          CU.  An R-2 unit scrambles back to the engine on Blue Leader's
          X wing fighter in an attempt to repair it.
Q223      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   Q223
(259)                                                                        (259)
          CU.  Blue Leader watches his readouts which are going wild.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    R-2, shut off the main feed to the star-
                    board engine.  Hang on tight, this could
                    get rough.
(260)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (260)
R223      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          R223
(261)                                                                        (261)
          CU.  Luke looks down at the Death Star surface.
                    Blue Leader, we're right above you.
                    Turn to point oh five and we'll
                    cover for you.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    I've lost my starboard engine.
                    We'll come down.
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    Stay there.  Get set up for your
                    attack run.
                    Are you all right?
                                   BLUE LEADER
                    I think so ... stand by.
S223      INT. BLUE LEADER'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                   S223
(261A)                                                                      (261A)
          POV. behind Blue Leader's shoulder as he plows into the
          Death Star surface.
(262)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (262)
T223      EXT. SPACE - DEATH STAR                                             T223
(263)                                                                        (263)
          Long Shot Tracking over high altitude of Death Star surface
          as Blue Leader buys it, creating a tremendous explosion far
          below.  (Luke's POV.)
U223      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    U223
(264)                                                                        (264)
          CU. Luke looking out the window of his X wing at the
          explosion far below.  (Off screen).  For the first time
          he feels the helplessness of his situation.
                                   LUKE (Quietly)
                    We've lost Blue Leader ...
(265)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (265)
(266)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (266)
(267)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (267)
V223      INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                     V223
(268)                                                                        (268)
          Dodonna and Princess Leia listen intently to the talk between
          pilots.  The room is grim after Blue Leader's death.  Princess Leia
          nervously paces the room.
                    (To Dodonna)  Can they go on?
                    They must.
                    We've lost so many.  Without Blue
                    Leader, how will they regroup?
                                   LUKE (V.O.)
                    Close it up, Wedge.  Biggs, where
                    are you?
                                   BIGGS (V.O.)
                    Coming in, right behind you.
                                   WEDGE (V.O.)
                    OK Boss, we're in position.
          Dodonna looks at Leia.  He seems concerned.
W223      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    W223
(269)                                                                        (269)
          Full Shot.  The three X wing fighters are lined up over the
          Death Star surface.  The blurred horizon streaks by in the
X223      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          X223
(270)                                                                        (270)
          CU. Luke with vertical Death Star horizon in background.  He
          struggles with one of his controls which seems to be malfunctioning.
                                   BEN'S VOICE
                    Trust your feelings, Luke.
          Luke isn't sure if he heard the voice or not.  He taps his
          helmet intercom.  His puzzled look gives way to concentration
          as he starts his run.
                    Wedge, Biggs, we're going in.  We'll
                    go in full throttle.  That should keep
                    those fighters off us.
Y223      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          Y223
(270A)                                                                      (270A)
          CU. Biggs.  Same blurred background.
                    We'll stay back far enough to cover
                    you.  At that speed will you be able 
                    to pull out in time?
Z223      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         Z223
(271)                                                                        (271)
          CU. Wedge.  The horizon twists as he begins to pull out.
                    It will be just like Beggars Canyon
                    back home.
                    I'm right with you, boss.  Let's go ...
224       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     224
(272)                                                                        (272)
          Full Shot.  Luke and Biggs peel off against a background of
          stars and dive out of frame.
A224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          A224
(273)                                                                        (273)
          X wing POV. as Luke dives toward the Death Star surface.  At
          the last possible moment, he pulls out of his dive and skims
          the metallic terrain.  Laser fire begins to stream toward
          camera from the horizon.
B224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    B224
(274)                                                                        (274)
          CU. Luke.  Flak and laserbolts flash outside the cockpit
                    We seem to have upset them.
                    This is fine.  I can see everything.
                    My scope shows the tower, but I can't
                    see the exhaust port.  It must be
                    awfully small.  Are you sure the
                    computer can hit it?
C224      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      C224
(275)                                                                        (275)
          Full Shot.  Luke's X wing streaks through the trench leading
          to the exhaust port.  Flak and lasers are everywhere.  Pan
          with him as he goes.
D224      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                      D224
(276)                                                                        (276)
          Full Shot of Biggs and Wedge as they charge through the trench.
          Pan up with them as they pull away.
E224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          E224
(277)                                                                        (277)
          POV. out window of Luke's X wing as he approaches the target.
          The laserbolts streaming past suddenly stop.
F224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    F224
(278)                                                                        (278)
          CU. Luke.  He looks around for the Imperial tie fighters.
          He thinks for a moment and then moves his targeting device
          into position.
                    Watch yourself.  Increase your speed
                    full throttle.
                    What about that tower?
                    You worry about those fighters.  I'll
                    worry about the tower.
G224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    G224
(279)                                                                        (279)
          POV. through computer sight as it marks off the distance
          to the target.
H224      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         H224
(280)                                                                        (280)
          CU. Wedge as he looks up and sees the tie ships.
                    Coming in ... point three.
I224      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      I224
(281)                                                                        (281)
          Full Shot.  Vader and his wing men zoom toward camera.
J224      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    J224
(282)                                                                        (282)
          CU.  Vader adjusts his controls.
                                   VADER'S WINGMAN
                    They're making the approach too fast.
                    Stay with them.
                                   WINGMAN ONE
                    They're going too fast to get a fix.
(283)                                                                        (283)
          POV. over Vader's shoulder at Biggs' X wing flying down trench.
                    They'll have to slow down before they
                    reach that tower ...
L224      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      L224
(284)                                                                        (284)
          Full Pan Shot across trench wall as Biggs and Wedge race
          after Luke.
M224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          M224
(285)                                                                        (285)
          CU. Luke looking into targeting device.
                    Almost home.
N224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    N224
(286)                                                                        (286)
          CU. computer readout as it homes in on the target and fires
          at the exhaust port.
                    Torpedoes away!  Pull up.  Pull up.
O224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    O224
(287)                                                                        (287)
          POV. from Luke's ship as the torpedoes head for the exhaust 
          port and explode, harmlessly to one side.
(288)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (288)
P224      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      P224
(289)                                                                        (289)
          Full Shot.  The explosion billows out of the trench.  A tie
          fighter races out of the fire ball.
Q224      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    Q224
(290)                                                                        (290)
          CU. Vader as he moves in on the three X wings.
                    Take them.
R224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          R224
(291)                                                                        (291)
          CU. Luke as he soars above the Death Star trying to evade
          Darth Vader.
                    Wedge, Biggs, split up ... it's the
                    only way we'll shake them.
S224      EXT. DEATH STAR SURFACE                                             S224
(292)                                                                        (292)
          Full Shot.  Luke, Biggs and Wedge's X wings dive toward the
          Death Star surface, and split up.  Luke's ship goes off camera
T224      EXT. SPACE - TIE FIGHTERS                                           T224
(292A)                                                                      (292A)
          Full Shot of the Imperial tie fighters in pursuit.  They
          go after Luke.
U224      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    U224
(292B)                                                                      (292B)
          CU. Vader as he fires on Luke.
                    The Force is strong with this one.
                    I'll take him myself.
V224      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      V224
(293)                                                                        (293)
          Full Shot.  Luke's X wing zooms overhead as a laserbolt
          streaks past him, kicking one of his wings close to the
W224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          W224
(294)                                                                        (294)
          CU. Luke.  The left engine begins to spark as he fights to
          regain control of his wavering ship.  He dives down into the
                    I'm hit ... but not bad ... Artoo, see
                    what you can do with it.
X224      EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP                                                X224
(295)                                                                        (295)
          CU.  Artoo pops out of his nest and starts to repair the
          damaged engine fin.  The canyon wall rushes by in the background
          making his delicate task seem even more precarious.
Y224      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          Y224
(296)                                                                        (296)
          POV. from inside Luke's cockpit as he maneuvers through some
          protruding towers in the trench.
                    Hang on back there.
Z224      EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    Z224
(296A)                                                                      (296A)
          CU. Artoo as the ship bobs and waves past the towers.
225       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       225
(297)                                                                        (297)
          Full Shot Tracking with Luke's X wing as it streaks across
          the trench surface.  Flak and lasers erupt from the Death
          Star surface.  Artoo is working on the back engine.
A225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          A225
(298)                                                                        (298)
          CU. Luke as the flak and lasers streak around him.
                    I think you've got it Artoo, I thin
                    that's it ... just try to lock it down.
B225      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    B225
(299)                                                                        (299)
          Lasers streak across the star filled sky.
C225      INT. DEATH STAR                                                     C225
(300)                                                                        (300)
          Medium Shot.  An Imperial gunner fires away at Luke's ship.
D225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          D225
(301)                                                                        (301)
          CU. Luke looks around in all directions.  The lasers and flak
          pound all around him.
                    I think we lost those fighters, Artoo.
                    Blue Group, this is Blue Five.  Are
                    you clear?
E225      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      E225
(302)                                                                        (302)
          Full Shot.  Luke's X wing flies up out of the laser infested
          trench and zooms out of the top of the frame.
F225      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         F225
(303)                                                                        (303)
          CU.  Wedge flies high over the Death Star.
                    I'm up here waiting, boss.
                    I'm on my way ... Blue Three are you
                    clear?  ... Biggs.
G225      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          G225
(303A)                                                                      (303A)
          Biggs flies high over the Death Star.
                    I've had some trouble, but I think
                    I've lost him ...
H225      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    H225
(304)                                                                        (304)
          Full Shot.  Biggs speeds over the high altitude horizon.
I225      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                    I225
(304A)                                                                      (304A)
          An Imperial tie fighter drops in behind him, and he peels
          off and dives for the Death Star surface, trying to avoid it.
J225      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    J225
(305)                                                                        (305)
          CU. Biggs as he twists out of his dive.
                    Hold on Luke, I'll be right there.
(306)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (306)
(307)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (307)
K225      INT. WAR ROOM - MASASSI OUTPOST                                     K225
(308)                                                                        (308)
          Princess Leia returns her general's worried and doubtful
          glances with a solid grim determination.  Threepio seems
                    Hang on Artoo, hang on!
L225      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    L225
(309)                                                                        (309)
          Full Shot.  Luke and Wedge's X wing fighters close up high
          on the Death Star surface.
M225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          M225
(310)                                                                        (310)
          CU. Luke, high over the Death Star looks around for Biggs.
                    We're goin' in Biggs, join up ... Biggs
                    are you all right?  ... Biggs.  Wedge,
                    do you see him anywhere?
          Luke looks out of his cockpit down to his right.
N225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    N225
(311)                                                                        (311)
          POV. out Luke's window of Wedge's X wing bobbing along right
          next to Luke's ship.
O225      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         O225
(312)                                                                        (312)
          CU. Wedge looks up to his left a Luke.
                    Nothing ... wait a little longer,
                    he'll show.
P225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          P225
(313)                                                                        (313)
          CU.  Luke makes one final look around.
                    We can't wait, we've got to go now ...
                    I don't think he made it.
                    (Radio breaking up)  Hey you guys,
                    what are you waiting for?
          Luke looks behind him to his right.
Q225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    Q225
(314)                                                                        (314)
          POV. inside Luke's cockpit of Biggs' X wing roaring past
          the cockpit window and pulling out ahead of Luke.
R225      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          R225
(315)                                                                        (315)
          CU. Biggs as he looks back at Luke.
                    Don't ever give up on old Biggs ...
(316)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (316)
S225      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    S225
(317)                                                                        (317)
          Full Shot of the three X wings in formation above the Death
          Star surface.  The horizon races by behind them.
SS225     INT. DEATH STAR CONTROL ROOM                                       SS225
          An officer approaches Governor Tarkin.
                    Sir, we analyzed their attack plan,
                    and there is a danger.  Should we
                    make plans to evacuate?  Your ship
                    is standing by.
                    Evacuate!  On our moment of triumph?
                    I think you overestimate their chances.
T225      INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - WAR ROOM                                     T225
(318)                                                                        (318)
          Everyone seems frozen in place as they wait for Luke to make
          his run.  One of the generals shakes his head.  The Princess
          moves next to Dodonna and he gives her a reassuring look.
U225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          U225
(319)                                                                        (319)
          CU. Luke as he starts his dive.  The Death Star surface races
          up behind him.
                    We're goin in.
                                   BEN'S VOICE
                    Let go ... Luke.
          Luke looks up to see where the voice is coming from.
V225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    V225
(320)                                                                        (320)
          Luke dives toward the Death Star surface, then at the last
          minute, levels off and skims the surface.  Lasers start to
          stream toward him.
W225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    W225
(321)                                                                        (321)
          CU. cockpit control board, light and shadows dance across
          the humming dashboard.
X225      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    X225
(322)                                                                        (322)
          CU. Luke.  Lasers and flak burst around him everywhere.
                    Artoo, that stabilizer has broken 
                    loose again.  See if you can't
                    lock it down.
226       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP                                                 226
(323)                                                                        (323)
          CU. Artoo.  Ignoring the bumpy ride, flak and lasers, Artoo
          struggles to repair the engines.
A226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          A226
(324)                                                                        (324)
          POV. out Luke's window.  Lasers and flak streak by, buffeting
          the ship, as he approaches the target.
B226      EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                    B226
(325)                                                                        (325)
          Full Shot as Luke streaks out of the distance and over the
          camera.  Biggs and Wedge can be seen as light points far in
          the distance.  Lasers are everywhere.
C226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          C226
(326)                                                                        (326)
          CU. Luke as he thinks about using the targeting device and
          then rather hesitantly pulls it down in front of his eye.
          Lasers and flak burst around him.
D226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          D226
(327)                                                                        (327)
          POV. out Luke's cockpit window.  As he approaches the target,
          suddenly the lasers and flak stop.  The X wing races toward
          its destiny in the now silent and eerie trench.
E226      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         E226
(328)                                                                        (328)
          CU. Wedge riding low in the trench, looks up and sees Vader
          and his men approach.
                    Here we go again.
F226      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      F226
(329)                                                                        (329)
          Full Shot.  Vader and his men zooming across the Death Star
G226      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                    G226
(330)                                                                        (330)
          CU. Vader as he adjusts his control stick.
(331)                                                                        (331)
          POV. out Vader's window as he races through the trench.  Far
          in the distance Biggs and Wedge try to cover for Luke.  Vader
          gains on the two X wings.
I226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          I226
(332)                                                                        (332)
          CU. Luke looking into his targeting device.  He moves it away
          for a moment and ponders its use.  He looks back into the
          computer targeter.
J226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    J226
(332A)                                                                      (332A)
          CU. computer targeting device as it calculates the ship's
          relationship to the exhaust port.
K226      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          K226
(333)                                                                        (333)
          CU. Biggs as he looks around at the tie fighter.
                    Hurry Luke.  They're coming in
                    much faster this time.  We can't
                    hold them.
L226      INT. VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          L226
(334)                                                                        (334)
          Close shot of tie fighter racing overhead.
M226      INT. VADER'S FIGHTER - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    M226
(334A)                                                                      (334A)
          CU. Vader as he squeezes the fire button on his controls.
N226      INT. BIGGS' STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          N226
(335)                                                                        (335)
          CU. Biggs as the cockpit explodes around him.
                    Wait ... wait ...
O226      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      O226
(336)                                                                        (336)
          Full Shot as Biggs ship bursts into a million flaming bits and
          scatters across the surface.
P226      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         P226
(336A)                                                                      (336A)
          CU. Wedge as he reacts to Biggs' death and frantically looks
          around for the tie fighters.
                    We lost Biggs.
Q226      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      Q226
(337)                                                                        (337)
          Full Shot of Luke's X wing streaking through the trench.
R226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          R226
(338)                                                                        (338)
          CU. Luke, reacting to Biggs death.  His eyes are watering but
          his anger is also growing as he repeats his friends boast ...
                    We're a couple of shooting star, Biggs
                    ... and we'll never be stopped.
          The trench races behind him.  His ship shakes a little.
                    Close it up, Wedge.  You can't do
                    anymore good back there.  Artoo,
                    try to increase the power.
S226      EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    S226
(339)                                                                        (339)
          CU. Artoo as he moves to repair the damaged stabilizer.
T226      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                      T226
(340)                                                                        (340)
          Full Shot Luke racing through the trench as Wedge pulls up
          alongside of him.
U226      EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                      U226
(341)                                                                        (341)
          Full Shot.  The three tie fighters zoom through the trench
          after the X wing fighters.
V226      INT. VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          V226
(342)                                                                        (342)
          CU. Vader as he takes aim on Luke and talks to his wing man.
                    I'm on the leader, take the other ones ...
W226      INT. VADER'S FIGHTER - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                    W226
(343)                                                                        (343)
          POV. through Vader's scope as he tries to take aim on Luke's
          constantly bobbing and weaving X wing.  Luke is right in front
          of Wedge on his left side.
X226      INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          X226
(344)                                                                        (344)
          CU. Luke concentrating on his targeting device, hardly noticing
          the laserbolts streaking around him from Vader's ship.  The X
          wing shudders under the impact of a flak burst.
Y226      EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                    Y226
(344A)                                                                      (344A)
          CU. Artoo as the flak explodes around him.
Z226      INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                         Z226
(344B)                                                                      (344B)
          CU. Wedge.  His ship wavers as he struggles to gain control as
          there are several small electrical flashes as the control panel
          explodes.  He gets the ship under control.
                    I've got a malfunction Luke ... I can't
                    stay with you ...
                    O.K. Wedge, get clear.
                    Sorry ...
227       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       227
(345)                                                                        (345)
          Full Shot.  The two X wings charging through the trench.
          Wedge peels off and rises out of frame.
228       INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - TRAVELING                               228
(346)                                                                        (346)
          POV. from Vader's ship as he bears down on Luke, who maneuvers
          his ship around trying to avoid the tie fighters.  Artoo can
          be seen adjusting the rear deflectors.
A228      INT. DARTH VADER'S FIGHTER - ANOTHER ANGLE                          A228
(347)                                                                        (347)
          CU. Vader as he fires on the X wing.
229       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                     229
(347A)                                                                      (347A)
          CU. Artoo as a large burst of flak engulfs him, leaving a
          smoking shell of twisted metal where little Artoo once stood.
          The arms go limp on the smoking little droid.
230       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       230
(348)                                                                        (348)
          Full Overhead Pan.  Three tie fighters charging away down the
          trench toward Luke.
231       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                       231
(349)                                                                        (349)
          Full Shot tracking behind one of Vader's wing men as a laser-
          bolt streaks in and blasts it to smithereens.  Flaming
          debris rushes past camera.
232       INT. TIE FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                               232
(350)                                                                        (350)
          CU. Vader's other wing man as he looks up to see what's going on.
                                   WING MAN
                    Wha ...
233       INT. TIE FIGHTER - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                         233
(351)                                                                        (351)
          Full shot wing man's POV.  Out of the sun charges Han Solo
          in his pirate mantor-ship heading right for the tie ships.
234       INT. TIE FIGHTER - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                         234
(352)                                                                        (352)
          CU. Vader's wing man panics at the sight of the pirate ship
          diving for him, and yanks back on his control stick in an
          attempt to avoid collision.
235       EXT. SURFACE OF THE DEATH STAR                                       235
(353 &                                                                      (353 &
 353A)    Full Tracking Shot looking down on the tie fighters racing         353A)
          through the trench.  Han swoops over in the foreground,
          causing the wing man to peel off, hitting Vader as he goes.
          There is a small explosion where the two giant colored fins
          collide.  As soon as the wing man leaves frame, his ship
          explodes.  Vader starts spinning out of frame.
236       INT. VADER'S FIGHTER - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           236
(354)                                                                        (354)
          CU. Vader.  The impact of the collision throws Vader out of
          control and creates havoc on his control board.  He looks
          around frantically trying to salvage his situation.
(355)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (355)
237       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     237
(356)                                                                        (356)
          Full Shot of Vader's ship spinning out of control with a bent
          solar fin, heading for deep space.
238       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                     238
(357)                                                                        (357)
          Full Shot of pirate starship as it swings around and heads
          back toward Luke.  Stars and Death Star horizon in the background.
239       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           239
(358)                                                                        (358)
          CU. Han and Chewbacca grinning ear to ear.
                    You're all clear, kid.  Now blow
                    this thing so we can go home.
(359)     OMITTED                                            OMITTED         (359)
240       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           240
(360)                                                                        (360)
          CU. Luke as he looks up and smiles, then looks back into the
          targeting device.
                                   BEN'S VOICE
                    Luke ... trust me.
          He has second thoughts, then moves it away.  A grim determination
          sweeps across his face as he closes his eyes and starts to mumble
          to himself.
                                   BASE (V.O.)
                    Base to Blue five, your targeting device
                    is switched off.  What's wrong?
241       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - ANOTHER ANGLE - TRAVELING                     241
(360A)                                                                      (360A)
          CU. Luke's hand switches the computer targeting to  manual and
          pushes the button.
242       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     242
(361)                                                                        (361)
          Long Shot Tracking POV. of the torpedoes shooting toward the
          Death Star surface.  The exhaust port is not visible at this
          distance and the torpedoes seem to simply disappear into the
          surface and not explode.
243       EXT. DEATH STAR - EXHAUST PORT                                       243
(362)                                                                        (362)
          Stand by Insert (Tracking POV.)  Close shot of torpedoes going
          into exhaust port.
244       INT. WEDGE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                          244
(363)                                                                        (363)
          CU. Wedge flying high over the Death Star surface looking
          down at the exhaust port.
                    You did it!  You did it!  They went
                    right in ...
245       INT. PIRATE STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           245
(363A)                                                                      (363A)
          CU. Han and Chewbacca high over Death Star.  Chewbacca is
          howling for joy.
                    Good shot, kid.  That was one in
                    a million ...
246       INT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - COCKPIT - TRAVELING                           246
(363B)                                                                      (363B)
          CU. Luke as he rises high above the Death Star.  (The horizon
          drops away to stars).  His ship shudders from distant rumbling,
          muted explosions.
                    Glad you were here to see it ... now
                    let's get some distance before that
                    thing goes supernova.
247       EXT. LUKE'S STARSHIP - TRAVELING                                     247
(363C)                                                                      (363C)
          CU. a blackened, smoldering Artoo still clings to Luke's ship.
248       EXT. SPACE AROUND YAVIN                                              248
(364)                                                                        (364)
          Long Shot Yavin.  Several X wing, Y wing and the pirate ship
          race over the camera toward Yavin in the distance.
249       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR                                     249
(365)                                                                        (365)
          Long Shot.  The rebel ship racing out of frame leaving the
          moon-like Death Star alone against a blanket of stars.
          Several small flashes appear on the surface.
250       EXT. SPACE AROUND THE DEATH STAR - ANOTHER ANGLE                     250
(366)                                                                        (366)
          Long Shot.  The Death Star supernova creating a spectacular
          heavenly display.
251       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - MAIN HANGAR                                   251
          Luke climbs out of his starship fighter and is cheered by a
          throng of ground crew and pilots.  The fried little Artoo is
          lifted off the back of the ship and carried off under the
          worried eyes of Threepio.
                    Oh my!  Artoo?  Can you hear me?
                    Say something.  You can repair
                    him can't you?
                    We'll do our best.
                    You must repair him!  Sir, if any 
                    of my circuits or gears will help,
                    I'll gladly donate them.
          Han, Chewbacca and Luke are slapping one another on the back
          and congratulating themselves.
                    I knew you'd come back!  I just
                    knew it!  I would've been nothing
                    but space dust if you hadn't
                    sailed in like that Han!
                    Well I couldn't very well let a
                    flying farmboy go up against that
                    battle station by himself.  Besides,
                    I felt terrible about it Luke ...
                    leaving you to take all the credit
                    and get all the reward.
          They all laugh, Luke turns to see Leia rushing toward them.
                    You did it Luke!  You did it.
          She hugs Luke and he spins her around.  And then she goes over
          to Han.  She grabs him, hugging him and laughing.
                    And you ... I knew there was more
                    to you than money.
          Luke makes a short glance up to the ceiling, almost expecting to
          see Ben there.  A warm smile crosses his face.
252       INT. MASASSI OUTPOST - MAIN THRONE ROOM                              252
          Luke, Threepio, Han and Chewbacca enter the huge ruins of the
          main temple.  Hundreds of troops are lined up in neat rows.
          Banners are flying and at the far end stands a vision in white,
          the beautiful young Senator Leia.  Luke and the others
          solemnly march up the long aisle and kneel before Senator Leia.
          From one side of the temple marches a shined up and fully
          repaired Artoo-Detoo.  He waddles up to the group and stands
          next to Threepio who is rather awestruck by the whole event.
          Chewbacca is confused.  Dodonna and several other dignitaries
          sit on the left of Princess Leia.  Leia is dressed in a long,
          white dress and is staggeringly beautiful.  She rises and
          places a gold medallion around Han's neck, then repeats the
          ceremony with Luke.  They turn and face the assembled troops,
          who all bow before them.
                                                              FADE OUT
          END CREDITS


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